Covering Every Niche With The Pearl Premium Wordpress Theme

One of the challenges of using a WordPress theme is to customize it to fit the needs of your industry and your brand. Of course, themes often come with "demo" packages that are supposed to make it easier.

More often, they simply swapped some photos and made minor changes to the original layout. It does not relieve the burden of having to reshape things.

This is what makes the WordPress Pearl theme a real breath of fresh air. They took a stand against "fake" demos. Instead, each demo included with the theme is tailored to the specific needs of that industry. Each demo does not just look at the room, it also has its own features. This approach translates into a much better starting point for your project.

 Pearl Is A True Multi-Niche Wordpress Theme

Demos representing the major industries

Pearl gives you access to demos from a wide range of industries. They are easy to customize and will adapt to your exact specifications. Plus, they come with key features already included. Here is just a sample of what is available:


Financial and consulting firms can bring a professional look with essential functionality. Included is an appointment booking module and a personalized case type "Case" that will allow you to show your successes.

 Pearls Industry


Set up your own shop powered by WooCommerce in style. The layout is incredibly clean and friendly. Plus, 360-degree product views will impress your customers. All this makes for a user-friendly shopping experience.

 Pearl Shop


Startup presents an ideal way to present your product or service in a one page format. With a bold and wide look, you'll find smooth scrolling animations and a floating carousel module to help you create buzz.

 Pearl Startup


Adapted to the needs of non-profit organizations, this demo includes a gift module integrated with PayPal. Set different levels of donations and display them prominently on your site.

 Charity Organization Of Pearls


Designed as a simple but effective way of showcasing the work of a project, a full-width advanced portfolio module is amazing on desktop and mobile screens. Users can scan to reveal projects in a carousel-like format that works with both touch-sensitive devices and a mouse.

 Human Resources

This is only a small part of the top quality demo themes available. To view the complete list of demos, as well as an overview of those that will come in the near future, visit the Pearl Demo Gallery .

High functionality meets high performance

Unlike many themes that simply activate tons of deformed features by default, Pearl allows you to turn on and off various modules as needed. They understand that each industry has its own needs, but that performance matters to everyone. Whatever demo you choose, you will not be bothered by unnecessary features.

Yet, there are common elements that every website must be successful. Pearl offers a powerful array of features, such as:

More than 200 custom content modules

Pearl's Content Module Library provides you with beautiful, functional pieces that will bring your content to life. Articles like maps, timelines, FAQs, charts, testimonials, calls for action, media players and price charts are all just a click away. And you can easily move, edit and customize them to your specifications.

250+ page templates

This is a massive collection of ready-to-use template pages that can be imported to your site. Models include Careers, Our Team, Gallery, Blog, Shop and many more.

Pearl Slider

Built on AngularJS, Pearl Slider allows you to create responsive sliders with minimal effort. Enjoy the ability to customize slides and add beautiful seamless transitions.

Mega Pearl Menu

Use the Pearl Mega menu to create complex menu layouts. You can easily add columns and fill them with various types of content. In addition, you can choose between a full-width or boxed menu size. It's all you need to help users find what they're looking for.

Creator of pearl head

Create custom headers with drag-and-drop ease. This module is built on AngularJS and gives you the freedom to create virtually any type of layout.

Advanced Theme Options

With a user-friendly interface, Pearl's theme options offer precise control over the look and layout of your website. Change design elements such as fonts, colors and layouts in the blink of an eye. You also have the option to enable or disable different types of publications with one click.

 Building A Better Website With Pearl

Building a Better Website with Pearl

With Pearl, you can really enjoy the convenience of a predefined theme while having the opportunity to create a highly personalized website. Between the huge selection of demos, content modules and templates, you'll have everything you need to create something special.

And, if you need help, StylemixThemes offers 24/7 support, including live chat. In addition, you will have access to detailed thematic documentation, support forums and free updates for life.

Take a copy of Pearl today and experience the power and efficiency that it can bring to your projects.

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