Do you want your users to be able to delete wordpress account? Your WordPress website gives visitors the option of creating an account. But it is generally up to the web developer to allow users to delete their WordPress account. Or, visitors should be allowed to delete their profiles.

This option has several advantages, but also some drawbacks. Every website does not offer a way to remove an account. Email addresses and user-created content are stored in WordPress user accounts.

If you allow user registration on your WP site, users decide they no longer want their account. Therefore, they must manually request that it be deleted. The following steps outlined in this article let you know how to delete WordPress account.

Why should you allow users to delete WordPress account?

There are a variety of reasons why a user would desire to delete their WordPress account.

This could be due to:

  • Email spam
  • A disagreement in the comments area
  • A disagreement with the content authors’ opinion
  • Dislike for their present username

But the visitor cannot delete their account. The visitor must contact the web developer to get their account deleted to do so. That adds to the web developer’s workload. Giving the option is a terrific method. It ensures that deleting their information is not your duty.

Giving a visitor the option to delete their account might not be the best idea.

Visitors can be unpredictable. Also, they may delete their accounts on the spur of the moment for any reason. They will then attempt to contact you to get their account reinstated in some way. It also means you have one less email subscriber on your list.

This can harm your email marketing strategy. This is because getting individuals to sign up in the first place is challenging. A site developer’s email address is precious. Providing the visitor the opportunity to delete it is not a popular alternative.

As a result, many websites do not give users this option.

How can I allow users to delete their accounts in WordPress?

Step 1: Download and install Delete Me.

Users with a specified user role can delete their own account using the Delete Me plugin. The administrator determines which user roles have this capability. You can adjust this on a role-by-role basis.

Because we want users to be able to delete their accounts, we’ll use the Subscriber role. This is where the majority of registered users are located. All user content will be deleted and moved to the trash when an account is deleted.

As you can expect, this might be a problem if the incorrect user role, such as Author, is deleted. As a result, exercise extreme caution when granting this option.

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On the left-hand admin panel, go to Plugins and select the Add New option.

How To Allow Users To Delete Wordpress Account (2021)

In the available search box, type Delete Me. This will bring up a list of more plugins that you might find helpful.

Image Showing Search In The Search Box

Scroll down until you see the Delete Me plugin, then click the “Install Now” button to activate it.

Image Showing Click On Install Now Button

Step 2: Assigning Roles to Users

Although the plugin is operational at the time of activation, no user roles have been granted the power to delete their accounts. As a result, following installation, the first step is to enable that option.

Select Delete Me from the Settings menu on the left-hand admin panel.

Image Showing Click On Settings &Amp; Select Delete Me Option

You can configure every feature of the plugin on this page.

The first set of checkboxes represents the responsibilities on your website. If any of the boxes are ticked, that role will be able to deactivate their account.

Super Admin and Administrator level positions have the authority to delete other accounts by default. Thus, their accounts should not be destroyed without thought.

To enable the delete account option for the specified role, check the appropriate box.

Image Showing Click On Appropriate Box.

Once you save, the specified user roles will have the authority to remove their accounts.

Step 3: Custom-tailored Process

You’ll find various options for what happens to users during and after the deletion process on the second part of this page.

Note: For most websites, the default choices are more than adequate. But, building an exit page is something I would recommend—the plugin defaults to returning users to your homepage. But displaying a goodbye page informing them that their account has been deleted will seem better.

This section is also color-coded, which is worth mentioning. If anything is green, it is the default value; if it is yellow, it has been modified.

Customize what you believe is required in this section.

Image Showing Customize The Deletion Process Text

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Adjustments” button once you’ve completed all the necessary changes. You may also click the “Restore Default Settings” option to reset the plugin’s settings if something goes wrong.

Image Showing Click On Save Changes Button

Congratulations, you’ve made it possible for users to delete their accounts.

Users who have their accounts deleted will be able to re-register using the same email address. But, any content related to the old account, such as posts and comments, is removed and cannot be recovered.

Adding a link to delete your account to your custom user profile page

This is how you may allow users to delete their WordPress accounts if you use a custom user profile page.

Insert the following shortcode into your personalized profile page template:

[plugin_delete_me]Delete Your Account[/plugin_delete_me]

Note: When a user deletes their account. Then, all their content (posts, pages, and custom post kinds) is deleted and moved to the trash.

A user can create a new account with the same email address, but it will not recover their content. But, if the content is not completely deleted, you can recover it as a site administrator.

Allow your users to manage their accounts.

Giving a visitor the option to deactivate their account is simple. But getting them to sign up is more complicated. As a result, you should think about whether this option is worthwhile.

The amount of subscribers to your website is crucial, and most web developers, despite seeing that number drop. But, in truth, the vast majority of websites do not provide the option to remove user accounts. Also, those that do make the process more complicated than it is worth.

As a result, the number of subscribers will not decrease.


We hope the article has shown you how to allow users to delete their WordPress accounts.



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