How to Embed Actual Tweets in WordPress Blog Posts

Do you want to Embed Actual Tweets in WordPress directly? Twitter is a popular and widely used social networking site. Athletes, musicians, authors, actors, politicians, and a variety of other people use it.

Although tweets are generally short, they frequently contain information that people like to dissect and analyze in-depth. As a result, many websites focus solely on tweets and use them as the primary content source for their blogs and headlines.

The Twitter widget is one of several ways to integrate Twitter into WordPress. For example, you can quickly cite tweets in your blog entries and make them more engaging by embedding them in your blogs.

Many famous blogs and news websites have begun to incorporate tweets from organizations and individuals into their articles.

It adds authenticity to the quotes while also allowing readers to follow the entire conversation for extra information.

We’ll discuss how to Embed  Actual Tweets in WordPress Posts/Blog and pages in this article.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Embedding Actual Tweets in WordPress Posts

It’s simple to include third-party services in your blog articles with WordPress. YouTube videos, tweets, and other social media posts are all examples of this.

This functionality makes use of the Embed technique. Enter the URL of a third-party website, and WordPress will contact them for an embed code.

Only whitelisted Embed services can be added to WordPress, and Twitter is one of them.

A built-in Twitter embed block in the WordPress block editor allows you to effortlessly include tweets into your posts and pages.

To begin, go to Twitter and look for the tweet you wish to embed. Then, on the right, click the down arrow button and select the ‘Copy link to Tweet’ option.

Image Showing WordPress Beginner

Then, modify the WordPress post or page where you want the tweet to appear.

Click the[ + ] symbol to add a new block to the post edit screen, then choose the Twitter block from the Embeds section.

Image Showing Post Edit

The Twitter Embed block has now been added to the post edit area. In the block settings, insert the tweet URL that you copied before.

Image Showing Embed

WordPress will now fetch and display the actual tweet in the content of your article.

Image Showing Block

To see a live preview of your post, save it or publish it. On our demo website, it looked like this.

Image Showing Sample Post

Pro Tip: When you paste the Tweet URL into a paragraph block, WordPress will convert it to a Twitter embed block.

How to Use the Classic WordPress Editor to Embed Tweets

If you’re still using the older WordPress editor, you’ll have to copy and paste the tweet link into the post editor.

The classic editor, unlike the block editor, is a single text box that contains all of your content. As a result, you must paste the tweet URL in a new line in the editor.

Image Showing New Post

When you’re done, it’ll open your post editor and load the real tweet.

Image Showing Tweet

Remember to save or amend your modifications before previewing your post or page.

How Do I Embed the Most Recent Tweets in WordPress Automatically?

You can manually embed tweets in your articles in WordPress by default. However, you can only add one tweet at a time.

What if you wanted to highlight recent tweets from your account, another user’s account, or a hashtag?

Smash Balloon Custom Twitter Feeds can help with this. It enables you to simply embed a Twitter feed with gorgeous layouts and a variety of customization possibilities.

The Smash Balloon Custom Twitter Feeds plugin must first be installed and activated.

Note that a free version of the custom Twitter feeds plugin is also available. Because the pro version offers more features than the free version hence, we’re showcasing it.

After you’ve activated your account, go to Twitter Feeds » License and enter your license key. This information can be found on the Smash Balloon website under your account.

Image Showing Custom Twitter Feeds

After that, you must click ‘Activate License’ and then ‘Save Changes.’

After that, go to Twitter Feeds » Configure and connect your Twitter account by clicking the big blue icon.

Image Showing Twitter Feeds Configure

You’ll be directed to the Twitter website, where you’ll be asked to log in. To proceed, click the ‘Authorize App’ option after you have logged in.

Image Showing Twitter Feed to access your account

You’ll be taken back to your website, where the Access Token and Access Token Secret fields will be filled in. Make sure to save the changes you’ve made.

How to Display Your Twitter Feed In WordPress?

Once the plugin is installed, use it to add the most recent tweets to any WordPress post or page.

Make a change to the post or page where you want the Twitter feed to appear. To add the Twitter Feed block to your page, click the (+) icon on the post edit screen.

Image Showing Twitter Feed in WordPress

The block will automatically load recent tweets from your Twitter account as soon as you add them. You may now save your post or page and go back to it to check out your Twitter feed.

Image Showing My Twitter Feed

You now have a feed of your Tweets that is updated automatically whenever you Tweet.

If you want, you may even make your feed display a certain hashtag. Here’s how you’d go about it.

Return to Twitter Feeds » Twitter Feeds and selects your Feed Settings from the drop-down menu. Then pick the ‘Hashtag’ option and type your desired hashtag into the form.

Image Showing Feed Type Hashtag

Make sure you save your modifications before returning to your site. You’ll see a list of Tweets using your chosen hashtag.

Image Showing #wpbeginner

How to Customize Twitter Feed in WordPress?

Smash Balloon Twitter Feed lets you display Twitter feeds in a variety of layouts, each with its own set of customizing options.

Go to the Twitter Feeds > Customize tab to view your first set of display options for your feed. You can get to the section you want to change using the quick links at the top.

Image Showing Customize

Let’s begin by going to the layouts tab. You can choose from a variety of styles here, including list, carousel, and masonry.

Image Showing Layout

You may also toggle the visibility of other elements such as the header, Twitter links, reply and retweet actions, and more. When you’re finished, remember to click the Save Changes button to save your changes.

You may now go to your Twitter feed page and see how your changes have been reflected in the feed.

Image Showing My Twitter Feed

If you’re using the classic editor, copy and paste the [custom-twitter-feeds] shortcode wherever you want your feed to appear on your page or post.

To display your Tweets in your sidebar or bottom, you can use the shortcode or the Twitter Feed widget. Navigate to Appearance » Widgets and drag the Twitter Feed widget to your sidebar or wherever you’d like.

Image Showing Appearance Widgets

How to Create Multiple Twitter Feeds in WordPress?

What if you want to show multiple Twitter feeds on a single page or post? Using the provided shortcodes, you can accomplish this.

Go to Twitter Feeds > Twitter Feeds and click on the ‘Display Your Feed’ button.

Image Showing Display Your Feed

You’ll find a number of shortcode examples on this page that you can use.

For example, to display six recent tweets from OptinMonster, simply use the shortcode [custom-twitter-feeds screenname=optinmonster num=6].

Change the ‘screenname’ to your preferred Twitter handle. Then, in the ‘num=6’ option, enter any number you wish to display the number of Tweets.

After that, you’ll use the shortcode block to add it to your post by clicking (+) and then selecting the shortcode widget.

Image Showing Widgets Shortcode

Then, within the block settings, paste the shortcode and save your post or page.

Image Showing shortcode

You may now save or publish your post and check it out on your website.

Image Showing OptinMonster


Websites frequently leave out their sources, which, to be honest, weakens their cases. It is critical to establish where the information comes from to increase the credibility of your claim.

Now you know how to embed a tweet in the WordPress Block Editor. And we hope that this step-by-step article helped you in embedding tweets into your WordPress post.

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