Videos are excellent sources for attracting and engaging visitors to your website. Video embedding can also help your page rank higher in Google searches.

Videos can benefit you by reaching a larger audience. There are lots of people who would rather watch videos than reading blog entries or who enjoy diversity.

Furthermore, some topics are better suited to video demonstrations (especially tutorials and demonstrations). Videos can also assist you in standing out and distinguishing your blog from others.

The very first step is to create a video. After a long period of hard work, it’s time to share what you’ve created by posting it either on social media or email newsletters and, of course, your website. In the past, video embeds on WordPress took a bit of creativity or the use of extra plugins. That has changed since the introduction of WordPress 2.9. WordPress enables effortless embedding videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Yet, incorporating videos into your blog can be a technical challenge. Here, we’ll discuss how to embed video in WordPress blog posts, pages, and sidebar widgets.

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What is the best way to embed Youtube videos in WordPress blog posts and pages?

WordPress has a great feature called auto-embeds. It allows your website to receive the embed code from popular video hosting providers automatically. It’s as simple as pasting the video URL into the WordPress editor. For example, you can copy the YouTube URL for a video you want to embed. If you want to add a video from a website that isn’t on this list, you’ll need the video’s full HTML embed code.
To get the HTML embed code, there are two ways

1. oEmbed Method

oEmbed is a protocol for embedding videos, pictures, text, and other media. It provides the source URL for the media to be embedded. It’s the simplest way to embed videos in WordPress, and it doesn’t need any coding skills. The steps are as follows:
1. Go to YouTube.
2. Locate the video you’d like to embed.
3. Copy the video’s URL by hovering your mouse pointer over the URL bar.
4. Now navigate to the visual editor in WordPress.
5. WordPress will embed the video if you paste the URL.

Using the Iframe Method

You can personalize how your video appears on your post or page using the second technique. Follow the steps below do this:

1. On a YouTube video, click the Share option above the subscribe button.
2. Select Embed from the menu.
3. You’ll be given the iframe code as well as several choice boxes.
4. You can embed a YouTube video that starts at a certain time in the first box. To change the time, first, watch the video and then pause at the desired point. By ticking the other options, you can also include player controls. Such as volume, play/pause, and fast-forward button.
5. Copy the Iframe code and paste it into the text editor in WordPress.
6. Switch back to visual mode to check whether the embedded video is working or not.

Using the Old Classic Editor to Embed Videos in WordPress

If you’re still using the old WordPress classic editor, you can use the same method to embed the videos.

Copy and paste the URL from a video hosting provider such as YouTube into the editor. You’ll see a preview of the video if you’re using the visual editor.

Image Showing How To Embed Video In Classic Editor

But, you will be unable to use the width change and other settings. Because these settings are available in the new WordPress block editor.

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How to Use WordPress Sidebar Widgets to Embed Videos

Embed videos in WordPress sidebar widgets in the same way you do for a WordPress page or post. Add the ‘Text’ widget to a sidebar by going to Appearance » Widgets. You must paste the video URL into the content field of the widget settings. WordPress will fetch the embed code and display the video preview.

Image Showing How To Use Wordpress Sidebar Widgets To Embed Videos

Click the ‘Save’ button to save your widget settings.

You may now view the video embedded in the WordPress sidebar widget on your website.

List of White-listed video services for WordPress auto-embeds:

Speaker Deck

YouTube Embed Plugins- Some Interesting Features

YouTube embed plugins can greatly enhance the functionality of your website. Here are a few of the many features available to you:

  • Improve the privacy and consent choices for videos embedded on your website using these tools.
  • Options for embedding huge galleries and having them play when a visitor lands on your page. Or start a video when a visitor clicks the play button.
  • The ability to lazy load your videos so that they don’t take up too much of your site’s bandwidth.
  • You can adjust the colors, sizes, and general aesthetic of your videos using the visual settings menu.
  • Shortcodes can place videos in areas like widgets and posts, giving you more freedom.
  • Viewing videos in a lightbox and various alternative video presentations.
  • When users browse over your videos, you may use these tools to create hover and motion effects.
  • Pull videos from a variety of sources, including social network accounts and YouTube. This is a fantastic way to create a video channel on your own website.
  • People will be more likely to share your videos if you include social media buttons.
  • Plugins for creating and inserting whole YouTube playlists. As well as formatting and design tools available.

YouTube by EmbedPlus

Image Showing Youtube Embed Plugin

EmbedPlus YouTube plugin allows you to personalize the videos. And you can embed your videos on your WordPress site in a variety of ways. The plugin includes gallery functionality as well. It allows you to import your playlists or channel lists to your site. The galleries are mobile-friendly and ready for you to personalize. Then, depending on their demands, your users can browse and search for certain videos.

Many other features come equipped with the EmbedPlus YouTube plugin. For pricing, most of the plugin’s fundamental functionality is free.

You can, for example, use your branding to replace part of YouTube’s colors and logos while including a YouTube live broadcast on your website. The premium version costs $19.99 and gives you access to the YouTube plugin for life.

Some of the plans come with support, as well as some unique features. Automatic video SEO markup and faster page loading are a few of them. The comprehensive gallery customization and the mobile compatibility check are the other features. It lets you see how people are watching the videos on their smaller devices.

EmbedPlus plugin is one of the most effective methods because:

  • The plugin’s basic functions are free, and most people will need not upgrade beyond that.
  • Even the premium versions are inexpensive. You only have to pay once (unless you want ongoing customer support).
  • The free edition includes Tools for creating playlists and galleries. You may also embed YouTube live streams on your website so that visitors can watch them right there.
  • The YouTube plugin features a lovely design interface. You have a lot of options for customizing, things like colors and sizes.
  • You may also schedule the playback of your videos and change the volume for your customers. Some webmasters, for example, may wish to start their videos as soon as visitors arrive on their sites.

WP YouTube Lyte

Image Showing Wp Youtube Lyte Plugin

The main purpose of the WP YouTube Lyte plugin is to lazy load your embedded YouTube videos. It helps your website load as quickly as possible. Now, lazy loading is done with images. But this plugin takes things a step further by focusing on YouTube videos. Lazy loading only loads the media that the user is currently viewing. As a result, your server isn’t investing unnecessary effort to load all the videos on your page or website.

As a result, the website should load faster, and performance should enhance.

There are no prompts to upsell you or try to persuade you to buy add-ons or premium editions. As because the WP YouTube Lyte plugin is absolutely free.

The plugin does not lazily load videos in the same manner that most image lazy loaders do. The plugin works by inserting a tiny version of the video onto the page. Essentially just an image of the video thumbnail.

YouTube does not offer up the “heavier” version. Unless the user clicks on the thumbnail that requests it. This is especially critical if you plan to have many videos or large galleries on the same page.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

  • Until the visitor selects to watch the video, the WP YouTube Lyte plugin delivers a lightweight embed of the YouTube video. The full version of the YouTube video plays after you click.
  • It boosts your website’s performance, especially if you have a high number of videos on a single page.
  • Because the plugin doesn’t make any requests to YouTube’s servers, it helps you follow GDPR.
  • You may use shortcodes to embed optimized YouTube videos throughout your website.
  • It has been tested on all mobile devices. This assures that lazy loading will not degrade YouTube’s mobile performance.

Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

Image Showing Video Gallery Plugin

The Video Gallery tool lets you create a beautiful gallery of YouTube videos. It is ideal for individuals who don’t have any professional abilities or creativity skills. This plugin is unique as it supports videos from sites such as Vimeo and Wistia. You may also create an unlimited number of galleries using these video services. Not only that, but all the videos you add to your galleries are mobile-friendly.

With galleries, the search features are excellent. Requiring visitors to search and browse for certain videos. Also, engaging them with simple navigation on where to discover videos.

The plugin includes several themes. And you’ll have lots of personalization tools to play with once you’ve installed one.

The basic plugin is free, but you may upgrade to a premium version for a small fee. At the time of writing, the commercial edition costs $45, but the developers do run a few specials.

If you upgrade to the premium version, most of the features are around changing the gallery’s appearance. You might want to change the icon colors, borders, or font styles, for example. The premium plugin includes all these options.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

  • This is a user-friendly gallery plugin. It comes with themes and gallery layouts for creating your galleries.
  • The free version includes many personalization features. You could, for example, use lightbox effects or a hover effect to get users to click on your videos.
  • All the galleries that you add to your website are mobile-friendly.
  • Flexibility with placing your YT videos online, there’s a limitless shortcode generator available.
  • The plugin supports a variety of video formats, including YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and MP4 videos.
  • You can have as many videos as you like in your galleries.
  • You can completely customize and trademark your galleries. The premium edition isn’t too pricey.

Feed Them Social

Image Showing Feed Them Social Plugin

When it comes to YouTube embedding, the Feed Them Social plugin takes a unique approach. You can choose which social video feeds you want to display on posts, pages, or anywhere else on your website after installing the plugin. It’s an excellent option for a business that wants to emphasize specific celebrity pages or tutorials related to a blog or product.

The free plugin allows you to read and show your Facebook page’s feeds. It also allows you to show album covers and photographs. You can include as many feeds as you like. You’ll need to buy the premium version if you want to limit the number of things that come in from each source. This starts at $50 for a single site. But depending on what you want, the developers have other options that could end up costing you more. Extensions for Facebook reviews, combined streams, and carousels, for example, are available.

Although the plugin appears to focus on Facebook videos and media feeds. It also supports Twitter, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can use this to display your YouTube channel on a website or to group a group of YouTubers into a single gallery.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

  • You may use the plugin to search and add your favorite social network video feeds to your website.
  • You can combine as many feeds as you wish into one attractive gallery.
  • These feeds are all mobile-friendly and color-customizable.
  • People can use the free version to post their films on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all good places to start when selecting videos for your website.
  • If you want to get even more creative, the Feed Them Social plugin’s creators provide a variety of extensions. Things like merged streams and carousels.


Image Showing Youtuwp Plugin

The YotuWP plugin is a great method to get your YouTube videos on your WordPress site in a simple and elegant way. It’s small, simple to use yet, powerful enough to accommodate unique usernames’ galleries, playlists, channels, and videos. It’s even possible to submit a single video from a single source. There are connectors for YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia, as well as grid, list, and mixed gallery layouts.

Most of the features you’ll need are in the free version. But it’s designed for individuals who want hardly any approach to get their YouTube videos online. Without messing with complicated settings.

The premium edition starts at $14 per year. It includes features like:

  • Carousel and masonry layouts
  • 12 hover icons
  • Replacements for titles and descriptions
  • Custom text for buttons

In brief, the premium version removes all the branding from YouTube videos. Making them more suited for your own website. But, many people either don’t care or don’t need to spend money on this.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

  • YotuWP is a clean, minimalist style that makes your videos seem great. It’s ideal for beginners or people who don’t want all the features provided by other plugins.
  • You can display your movies in a variety of gallery layouts, such as a mixed gallery or a list.
  • The plugin allows you to take movies from a variety of sources. You might, for example, want to retrieve all the videos from a single playlist. Or, you might pick videos from a specific username or channel.
  • There are both large and small videos accessible. All the size adjustments are made in the plugin. Thus, providing you with an easy-to-use interface for getting videos online.
  • Modals, popups, and lightboxes are among the distinctive display possibilities available.
  • The premium version still gives you access to sophisticated customizing features. Not only that but for a premium plugin, $14 per year is a steal.


Image Showing Videozoom Plugin

Although Videozoom does not have a free version, it is well worth a try. This is due to the fact that Videozoom is a full WordPress theme rather than a plugin. It’s included because some people create websites using YouTube galleries as their primary focus. As a result, installing a theme with that type of functionality rather than a plugin makes sense. The theme aids in displaying a collection of videos from various sources on the internet. For example, you want to launch your own YouTube channel and host all your videos on your website. This could be a wonderful choice.

This is also true if you intend to curate videos from other sources. Videozoom includes a versatile slider for showcasing your most essential or recent videos. You can also embed videos directly from YouTube or host them yourself.

Although this is not a free theme, the $69 price tag is reasonable given the number of features included. You might also think about paying the $99 membership cost to get access to all WPZoom’s themes.

Videozoom offers a quick option for presenting your videos. It also ensures that they are live and ready to be found by search engines.

You’ll also get:

  • Translation-ready tools
  • Regular theme updates
  • A one-click demo content importer

This way, you don’t have to start from zero with the theme.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

  • Because it’s a full WordPress theme, you’ll have all the embed tools you need to make an impression on your visitors right away.
  • There are two skins available: dark and light. This allows you to personalize your website and consider how your viewers would like to watch the videos.
  • If you’re a developer, the WPZoom membership gives you access to over 40 WordPress themes.
  • It’s simple to embed YouTube videos, and you can even upload your own local videos to your server.
  • A video thumbnail is created after you submit a video or link from YouTube.
  • All the interfaces are rather lovely, with a mobile-friendly design. It allows your films to play instantly and look exactly like they would on YouTube.

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Image Showing Arve Advanced Responsive Video Embedder Plugin

It has a solid reputation for reliably displaying videos on your website. As you may have discovered while uploading videos to your website, something always goes wrong, whether it’s a minor or major issue.

This plugin accomplishes the task while also supporting a variety of other video sources besides YouTube. You might wish to use a video from TED, Twitch, or Comedy Central as an example. You won’t always be able to discover the same videos on YouTube in these cases. As a result, you must instead get the URL from the original source website.

This is a plugin that works with dozens of other websites while maintaining a responsive video viewing experience.

The free version of the plugin displays your videos in a decent manner. It includes a WYSIWYG editor that eliminates the need for shortcodes. The titles, descriptions, and other upload information are then shown on the videos so that search engines can index them and viewers can understand what they are about.

The majority of people who install the plugin will be satisfied with the free version, although an upgrade for $35 is available. One of the main benefits of the premium version is the ability to block links on your computer.

This implies that users will not be taken away from your website if they click on the Youtube link. There’s also a lazy load option, as well as a lightbox, hover style, and a variety of play icons. Hence, the Pro edition isn’t that pricey, so it’s not a bad decision if you truly need one of these features.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

The ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder can play almost any video you may find on the internet. You should be fine as long as the website you’re getting from uses iframe embed tags. You can also easily embed YouTube videos into your website.

Shortcodes are not required because of the WYSIWYG support. As a result, you may personalize your video display and embed videos in your posts and websites.

It’s an SEO-friendly plugin that displays information about your website’s videos. You can, for example, make the titles and descriptions visible to your users.

Shortcodes are an option in the plugin if you want them.

When a user visits your website, the videos can begin playing automatically.

Although it may not be necessary for everyone, the paid version includes lazy loading and the ability to block YouTube links. This gives you more flexibility and optimization.

WpDevArt YouTube Embed, Playlist, and Popup

Image Showing Wpdevart Youtube Embed Logo

For beginners, this plugin offers a straightforward installation and easy embedding process. The entire purpose of this plugin is to provide a simple technique for embedding without having to know any code. No technical experience is required to add video in WordPress. But, this plugin offers some unique features such as the ability to include videos in widgets, vary the size of your films, and change the colors. The Pro edition of the plugin contains the most remarkable capabilities, despite the fact that it is free.

In the Pro edition, you’ll discover features for:

  • Making YouTube playlists
  • Showing your videos in popups
  • Using button shortcodes in posts and pages

You may also give each movie its own set of parameters, which opens up a world of possibilities for videos. There are more related videos, as well as thumbnails of various sizes. The plugin’s Personal version costs $12 and includes premium customer help, which could be useful. You’ll need a Business or Developer license, which starts at $24 if you want to use the plugin on several sites.

Why is this plugin one of the best options for integrating and embedding YouTube videos in WordPress?

  • The WpDevArt YouTube Embed plugin is an easy method to embed your YouTube videos without complicated features. It’s simple to set up, and all your videos will look great on mobile devices.
  • YouTube videos can be embedded in posts, pages, and widgets using this plugin.
  • Although the plugin is small, it includes a lot of customization options. It includes the ability to change the size of videos, autoplay options, and looping.
  • You can change the color of the progress bar, and you can start playing videos as soon as someone visits your website.
  • The Pro version is reasonably priced and includes a few features that you might find useful. For example, it put videos in popups and showcase related videos to encourage users to look at more of your site’s content.


Image Showing Yourchannel

The YourChannel plugin could easily be at the top of this list in terms of functionality and feature set uniqueness. If you have a large number of videos on your own YouTube channel, you might consider using the plugin. The plugin allows you to grab your full channel and upload it to your website after installation. YourChannel, unlike some of the other plugins on this list, simulates what you’d see if you were watching a YouTube channel. It also includes the ability to broadcast single videos and an autoplay capability.

The visual builder is helpful for creating the look you want for your YouTube channel. There are also seven different video thumbnail designs to choose from when it comes to presenting your favorite videos. The free edition includes everything, including translation tools.

If you want to proceed with the Pro version, a personal license costs only $15. This includes a year of customer support as well as a huge variety of features, such as the ability to assign the number of videos to show.

There are many features in the Pro edition that are worth looking at. It includes a search channel feature, a display of video duration, and color-changing tools.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

  • The free version allows you to view a full YouTube channel in the same way that it appears on YouTube.
  • You may display objects like banners, playlists, and individual videos without using any coding or complex embed tools.
  • All the videos are responsive and grouped in a way that allows you to sort through them.
  • The premium edition is both powerful and cost-effective.
  • Themes, video comments, video start time, and player navigation are only a few of the more interesting premium features.
  • The free version’s caching will undoubtedly improve your website’s page load times.
  • The free edition also includes a lovely lightbox that immerses users in your videos.

YouTube Gallery

Image Showing Youtube Gallery Plugin

Because of its name, the YouTube Gallery plugin is rather self-explanatory. It performs an excellent job of integrating a list of YouTube videos and presenting them in a stylish gallery or list. We enjoy it if you find a gallery plugin and discover that the display isn’t very attractive. But, the YouTube Gallery plugin makes it simple and appealing without requiring much effort on your part.

The majority of functions are available in the free version. Also, the creator does not appear to market the Pro version too much. But, if you want any of the add-ons and complete customer support, the pro version is a great choice.

Customer service is clearly a bonus. But you also get improved SEO tools, bulk upload possibilities, and a shortcode builder for better video insertion, among other things.

This plugin is probably not for you if you plan on having one or two videos. It is, nonetheless, a necessary solution for people attempting to post dozens of videos to their website and preferring to use YouTube videos. You can also curate your videos on YouTube from a variety of sources. One of the main reasons this plugin works so well is that the galleries may be easily adjusted.

It includes grid galleries and lists, as well as sizing modifiers and shortcode generators.

Why is this plugin one of the most effective methods for integrating and embedding YouTube in WordPress?

A collection of your films is displayed in a sleek, stylish manner by the plugin.

The basic plugin is free, but for $99.99, you can get dozens of extra functions.

Your videos are shown in a four-column responsive arrangement in the main gallery. There isn’t a lot of editing to be done.

For your users to grasp what the video is about, the video content is revealed on the video page.

The plugin includes two sidebar widgets for displaying short videos across several pages. Featured YouTube videos and recent YouTube videos are displayed in these widgets.

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Which of These WordPress Plugins Should You Use to Embed YouTube?

When trying to figure out how to embed YouTube in WordPress, you’ll notice that a lot of these plugins are very similar. We’ve divided down each plugin into its best aspects, but it’s still a little complicated. Based on your specific circumstances, we’ve provided our best choices below. You can then choose two or three of them to test on your own website. Video gallery plugins need testing because some individuals prefer certain layouts over others.

You might also discover that one plugin conflicts with your theme or other plugins.

  • Choose YouTube by EmbedPlus for the best all-around YouTube embed plugin.
  • Consider using WP YouTube Lyte to lazy load all your embedded YouTube videos.
  • Consider Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery to create a nice gallery for your videos.
  • Feed Them Social is a tool for extracting videos from social networks. As well as including social sharing buttons on videos.
  • The YotuWP plugin is a good alternative if you want a variety of gallery layouts.
  • Getting started with video websites and want a full YouTube gallery theme. The Videozoom theme is ideal for such individuals.
  • Want a WYSIWYG editor to shortcodes to try the ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder.
  • Consider WpDevArt YouTube Embed, Playlist, and Popup for a very basic YouTube embed tool.
  • Use YourChannel to grab a whole YouTube channel and display it exactly as it appears on YouTube.
  • If you want to try out a different gallery plugin, the YouTube Gallery plugin is fantastic.

Why am I unable to upload my videos to WordPress?

You certainly can, but we strongly advise against it.

Shared WordPress hosting accounts are used by the majority of small blogs and videos. They can consume a lot of server resources and databases. Your website is more likely to crash if your video receives a lot of traffic.

Second, you’re losing out on the traffic that YouTube viewers generate.

YouTube is not only the world’s most popular video hosting site but also the world’s second most popular search engine. Also, it is the world’s second most popular social network after Facebook.

If you don’t want to publish your videos to YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion are good alternatives.


Videos add value to your website by enriching the content. Although you can upload your videos, it is preferred that you embed them. Why not give it a shot now that you’ve learned how to embed videos on your website and have a list of plugins to manage them?

There’s no excuse not to get started with multimedia blogging and reach a whole new audience because WordPress makes embedding videos so effortless. We hope that this article has shown you how to embed videos in your WordPress blog posts easily.


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