This topic might not be familiar to some people, but the image URL is not new for people who already know about this. If you are also wondering about “how to get an image URL in WordPress?” Here we will solve your doubts and share the easy ways to find an image URL.

So, next time someone asks you to put the image URL, you will indeed have enough skills to get the one.

Keep on reading! This article will give you a depth review and ways to get the URL and image from the URL.

Finding Image URL in WordPress Media Library

WordPress is the most straightforward platform to get a systematic approach for everything. So, when you think finding an image URL in WordPress is a troublesome job, you are wrong.

Every image has a unique URL called a WordPress image URL path. It is similar to a blog post URL. Usually, the image URL includes the domain name after that wp-content/upload/, followed by the date and image name.

WordPress gives you the option of custom URL under the category of action links. Action links are those that give us the desired results. You can make changes through the edit image button. You’ll see this in the FAQs section.

You have a website called, and you have uploaded the image called flower.png. So, the image address will look something like this. Now, let’s check out how to get an image URL in WordPress step by step.


Initially, you have to log in to the WordPress dashboard by putting wp-admin after your site name. Once you enter the admin panel in the left corner, you will see the Media option. Here choose the Library option from the Media (Media>Library). In the dashboard, you can also check the server space occupied by the media.


In the Media Library, you will see the list of images you have uploaded till now. So, find the image that you want the image URL for.


Once you have the image you are looking for, click on it. As soon as you click on the image, thorough details will pop up. On the left corner, you can view the preview of the picture. On the contrary, the right side will show you the complete details related to the image.

The details you will encounter – Uploaded date, uploader name, file name, file type, file size, dimensions, alt text, title, caption, description, and file URL. In the file URL, you will see your image URL.

Further, you can also go through the view attachment page and edit more details.


Now, you can copy the link and share it with anyone, anywhere you want. Then, copy the image address and paste it into the browser. This way, you can see the full-size image.

By following the above-discussed steps, you can find the file URL, video URL, or URLs of any other uploaded documents on WordPress.

Finding WordPress Image URL from Front-end

The above-discussed steps help us get any image URL regardless of publication. But what if you want the published image URL? In this scenario, the first question that strikes our mind is how to find a URL of a picture?

So, the answer to this question is pretty uncomplicated. The basic steps you have to follow are to go to the page or post from which you want an image. Once you have seen the image, Right-click on the image, and from the list, click on the open an image in a new tab. The image will open in a new tab, and in the address bar, you have the image URL. Isn’t it much more accessible?

This way, you have effortlessly got the answer of how to get a URL of an image.

Finding Image URL from Inspect Element

How to get an image link when the site has disabled the image URL? Yes, this is where the real problem begins. You might have observed that you cannot find the image URL on many websites. It happens because websites owners have disabled this option.

In this situation, how to get a URL of an image? The easiest solution is using the Inspect Element technique, which is well familiar to most of us. However, you rarely have heard about it.

Not an issue! After reading this segment, you will surely understand this concept well.

So, here are the steps that you have to follow:

  • Visit the page/post from which you want the image URL.
  • Right Click and select the Inspect Element or press “CTRL + Shift + I,” or you can even press “F12”.
  • You can see source code, CSS, images, font, icons, height in pixels, and other elements.
  • Click on the arrow shown called “Select an element and inspect it option” or use the short cut keys “CTRL + Shift + C.”
  • Select the image to get the image link.
  • You’ll get the code where the image URL is also present.

So, this is the image address you are looking for. It doesn’t matter how many image URLs you want, a single image or multiple images. By following this method, you can easily find out the URL of any image.

Finding the URL of GIFs, Videos, and PDFs in WordPress

As mentioned earlier, all the media, like GIFs, Videos, PDFs, are saved in the Media Library of WordPress. So, you have to follow the same steps mentioned to find the image URL.

  • Login to the website’s WordPress admin panel
  • Go to Media>Library
  • Click on the GIF, Video, PDF to get the link
  • Now, you will get complete info about the selected item, including the URL.

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Yes, getting an image URL is that easy. Getting high-resolution images is a troublesome job as you can not directly get the photos from Google. If you do so, you are violating Google’s terms and conditions. As per Google’s terms and conditions, you can not copy the images until you credit the image’s owner.

Therefore, many clients ask you to put the image URLs to avoid copyright issues. It helps you get the URL of any shot regardless of its size, color, and copyright.

So, do not forget to check our essential points on;

  • How to find out image URL in WordPress Media Library?
  • Get the image URL from the front-end in no time.
  • Know the ways to get the image URL through Inspect Element technique.
  • Last, get the URLs of GIFs, PDFs, Videos.

We will end this article by concluding that you have got value from our writing and your answers.


How to change the image URL in WordPress?

Follow the below steps to change the image URL in WordPress:

  • Go to the Media>Library
  • Click on the image you want to change the URL
  • Select the Display Settings section
  • Now, click on the link To and select the Custom URL option.
  • Here, you can change the image URL, edit the image button, check image attachment details.
  • So, change the image URL and get a custom URL of your choice.

How to Get URLs of Images You Upload in WordPress?

  • Open a page or post you’d like to get the image URL. Now, right-click on the image whose URL you’d like to get.
  • Select the “Open image in new tab” option.
  • Now, you can see the picture in a new tab. The address you see in an address bar is your image URL.

What Is the WordPress Media Library?

In WordPress, Media Library is a place where you can find out all your uploaded media, whether published or not. It includes images, audio, videos, documents, and GIFs. You can view this by entering the WordPress dashboard.


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