Freelancers often find themselves wondering how to be more productive. They are looking for ways to do more work in the same amount of time or do the same amount of work in less time.

This frustration is often based on the inability to stay focused. Freelancers are not tied to strict schedules and do not work under supervision.

An obvious solution is to become more disciplined. However, this advice is about as useful as being told to "work smarter". This is unless, of course, you are given a direction on how to do it.

The following three productivity techniques can make a difference for you. They are easy to put into practice, and you can start today!

Productivity Technique # 1: With Be Theme's pre-built websites, you can finish a customer's website in 4 hours

pre-built websites is not only awesome; at 300+ and in cash, it's the biggest on the market. Not only can you find the right tool in minutes, but you can install it with one click.

You do not need to worry about writing code or creating wireframes. You just need to choose your pre-built website.

Be Theme's powerful assortment of pre-built websites will allow you to create a website in 4 hours. How does it work for productivity?

Here is what other freelancers have to say:

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10 Be Pre-built designs that you could use for to build a website running in a few hours

Be Salmon

Large food presentation pictures are guaranteed to capture the attention of the user, as is the customer testimonials section. Users also appreciate how the interactive menu helps navigation.


A bold, professional appearance with before and after images is what customers and users want to see in a website representing a niche of this type. The price list for services encourages users to answer a call for action.


Features include a standard menu for events and meetings and a catchy countdown timer. A "clean" design like this, always supports the need for easy navigation of a user.


Luxurious imagery, soft design, and a general sense of elegance and professionalism is what can make n & # Any Web site serving this successful niche. The integrated eShop will impress the customer and will constitute a real productivity booster for the designer.


Bold images and color combinations used to attract and engage the audience to whom this site refers. Its intuitive icons make navigation easier, and the integrated eShop does the rest


A Creative Website Serving D & ## 39, a pop culture deserves a hip design like this one. The built-in video and audio player will keep users interested, and the section describing the concert and album release announces regular visitors


It's amazing how big pictures like this in the online menu can attract customers. This pre-built website also has a company photo gallery, and an informative page about us.


This meadow The main features of the website contribute to the success of the online presence of a creative company . They include an impressive gallery, a video presentation, and a simple and clean design.


Important features on a site devoted to this niche include an intuitive menu for an eLearning platform, the ability to navigate easily through a calendar of events, and the use of large video vignettes of attention.


A simple and clean design like this one, is always a good design approach for this niche. It is easy to navigate and find and read important information.

Productivity Technique # 2: Be more flexible instead of imposing a strict schedule

Being more disciplined can make you more productive. Yet taking a "nose-to-the-wheel" approach can sometimes do more harm than good. Working on a schedule (which is not always easy for a freelancer) has its positives, but it is too easy to do too much.

As an independent, you can manage your flexibility at work . That way, you will generally be better off in terms of productivity.

What does it mean to be flexible?

When you work on a task and get stuck; Take a break . Go outside for fresh air; take your dog for a walk; Enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend.

Your subconscious mind will continue to work your problem. It does a better job without your "conscious" interference. With this approach, you are much more apt to experience these rewarding moments "Got it!"

Being flexible can also mean working on a list of things to do rather than on a very specific list. . Make a list of what you want to do, but not the steps to take to get things done. People are more likely to stick to specific tasks than to more general tasks. This can lead to frustration and the inability to do anything.

Technical Productivity # 3: Calculate how much a lack of productivity can cost you each day

There is no doubt that you are familiar with the adage that is "money". In fact, you can, without much effort, calculate how much a lack of productivity can cost you every day.

The hard part is to keep track of the time you spend on each task will work one day, which may give you clues about your productivity, but does not tell you much about how you can be more productive.

A better approach is to keep track of those times when you are not productive when you should be, for example, when you find yourself procrastinating or wasting your time.That's what you need to know

] These unproductive periods are habits that you have acquired which slow down the process . But, you can do something. These do not include walking your dog or taking a cup of coffee, or taking a 15-minute break to clear your mind!

You could work on an hourly basis or a fixed base on a mission. In any case, you can usually calculate the cost per hour you charge. Now, it is simply a matter of adding up the hours that you have wasted rather than working. That will tell you what costs you to procrastinate or be unproductive !

Write this time on a sticky note, and update it periodically. That way, you can see the progress you make as you strive to become more productive.


Here are three effective techniques you can use to increase your productivity. They will help you improve as a freelance web designer:

Let Be Theme help you create websites in as little as 4 hours (or less)

Do not Work with strictly segmented schedules or detailed lists to make. Instead, be more flexible in your approach to your work

Calculate how much procrastination costs you. You will quickly become motivated to do something

What is the best part of these techniques? They do not force you into a productivity-enhancing scheme. You are free to choose the path that suits you best or your lifestyle.

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