Are you not getting the proper solutions to link your website with hosting services? Or are you looking for the best podcast plugins for WordPress?

We assure you that you will get the best solution and podcast plugins by the end of this article. But, before that, know a few facts; what the podcast is? Why do we need podcast plugins? Or why do we need podcasts plugins for WordPress? and more.

So, without wasting much time, let’s start with WordPress. It helps promote your podcast, heighten your audience, and grow your podcast income. As a result, it has become the most popular blogging platform for many podcasters.

You will see the numerous WordPress plugins that you can install and run a podcast. However, selecting one plugin out of the best becomes a blessing in disguise. Once you choose the best podcast plugin, you can do the following work for your enterprise. So, let’s see the following podcast plugins and more.


How to start Podcasting with WordPress?

WordPress is beneficial to podcasters because WordPress is flexible and easy to use with many beautiful templates and plugins. But, firstly, you need a domain and WordPress hosting to create a website and start a podcast.

So, it’s better, to begin with, Google Cloud Hosting. It is because they are one of the well-known hosting companies in the world. You can start there for free, but they charge different prices on various products.

After signing up, you have to install WordPress. Now, you can set up your podcast.

So, before that, are you aware of podcast plugins and their uses? We guess many of us know this very well. And if not, then don’t worry, we have the following short information on it. So, please take a look at that.

What is the WordPress Podcast Plugin & What Can it do for You?

Today WordPress podcasts have reached over a million in the last couple of years. Also, Google will start a podcast plugin, including podcast episodes in SERPs, because of the popularity of this content.

Do you know what that means? You can get the advantage of creating and adding podcast episodes to your WordPress site. Isn’t this exciting? Along with this, it can help you to grow your ranking chances on Google and the rest of the search engines. What do you need more?

You can connect your website with the hosting services with a WordPress Podcasting Plugin to save your podcast files, and it helps you set a podcast player on the site. Another benefit of these plugins is sharing and leading capture alternatives.

Besides that, WordPress plugins help reach your content to multiple audiences and increase your subscriber base. So, now you know that it is the best of both worlds. So, now let’s move on to what we need in podcast plugins!

What to look for in WordPress podcast plugins?

Podcasting is a widespread option nowadays. It means you can share your ideas, thoughts, views, messages, and more with the public out there. Therefore, these podcasts are shared through feed-in audio or video.

It may sound like bite off more than you can chew. But, with the right platform and tools, you can complete your podcasting then and there effortlessly. We have the following main points to know more about it.


Integrations are one of the most critical factors connecting everything within seconds. So, these integrations can help combine many sites, posts, Etc., with your WordPress sites. For example, you can integrate with MemberPress to make a podcast.


Customizations usually change or edit your content and make your work accurate. For example, you can customize your HTML content if you do not like it. Similarly, you can get customized features in the podcast plugins.


A personalized playlist is another important factor that you should consider. You can make a collection of your favorite podcast episodes through the playlist options. It will help you to make your podcasting journey more enjoyable.

Interactive and Mobile Friendly

When you use your mobile, that means you can do anything on the internet. Similarly, a few podcast plugins offer mobile responsiveness to give you more flexibility. That’s why you can manage your WordPress website through your mobile.

So, you should look for all those above things if you want to make your podcasting journey exciting.

Top WordPress Podcast Plugin

After knowing all the above facts, let’s talk about the top WordPress Podcast Plugins at this point. We have researched and brought out the following best podcasting plugins.

PowerPress by Blubrry

Powerpress Blubrry Logo
PowerPress by blubrry is one of the best podcast plugins that directly publish your podcast from the WordPress website. The features are aided by the other podcasting apps and directories like Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more.

Apart from this, it combines with Blubrry’s hosting and statistics, giving the best features like easy uploads and more.

Other Key Features

  • You will get the full plugin support to extend the application.
  • It helps to integrate with HTML5 media players.
  • You can improve your podcast discoveries on various search engines such as Google & Apple Podcasts with the Podcasting SEO feature.
  • It supports the multi podcast. That means you can create a single podcast per group or category.
  • You can use the free media statistics on this PowerPress plugin.


  • Easy to use the plugin.
  • You can get many features in a free blubrry podcast plan also.
  • Customer support is excellent.
  • The cost is low.
  • It’s a complete solution plugin.

Setting Up Blubrry Powerpress


  • The playlist is below the industry average.

Plans and Pricing

  • Podcast hosting is starting at $12 for a month.
  • The podcast statistics plan is now at $5 per month.
  • Powerpress sites are starting from $20 per month.

However, the PowerPress plugin is free to download and use. So, if you need a podcast plugin that can publish directly from WordPress, this is best for you.

Fusebox Podcast Player

Fusebox Podcasting Logo
Fusebox is another example of WordPress Podcast Plugins that come with functionalities. Also, it provides a better user experience with HTML5 players. Again, this is fantastic that you can use HTML5 and even add more mega platers that bend through all the episodes.

Further, you will be benefited from different colors with light and dark themes as well. Besides that, you can open the transcript in a new tab and download it as a PDF. Similarly, SEO boost is available for your episode pages. So, let’s see the rest of the features involved in it.

Other Key Features

  • Many designs and customization features are available.
  • It is easy to stimulate the episode listens and downloads, and more.
  • It supports MP3 podcast feeds.
  • Users can speed up and slow down the playbacks.
  • There are features of automatic library updates.

Get The 16 Best Podcast Plugins For Wordpress | 2022 Guide


  • Advanced features like download buttons, sticky, and more are available.
  • Easy and customizable front end.
  • It helps to control the speed.
  • It comes up with forward and rewinds buttons.
  • It is user-friendly and mobile responsive too.


  • It does not support non-WordPress sites.

Plans & Pricing

  • Fusebox Pro starts from $15.83 per month.

Therefore, if you want to buy a home of Smart Podcast Players, you can go with this.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting Logo
Sometimes, users go with user-friendly podcasting solutions. Seriously Simple Podcasting comes with such simplicity, and you can start your podcasting without dedicated podcast hosting. What more do you want? Isn’t it enough to start your podcasting journey effortlessly?

You can directly control and upload your podcast episodes to your WordPress sites. It also creates podcast feeds that integrate with iTunes, Google Play, and more services. You can also enjoy the shortcodes and widgets to display podcast episodes on your website. With that note, let’s move on to its features to the users.

Image Showing Setting Up Seriously Simple Podcasting

Other Key Features

  • You can use the new and developed media player.
  • It controls your podcast episodes and series.
  • You can operate many podcasts on the same website.
  • Users can combine their hosting services with podcasts.
  • Shortcodes & widgets are available to show podcasts anywhere on your websites.


  • It is more accessible to plugins with lots of options.
  • It is free to use.
  • It has many advanced features.
  • GDPR compliant is available here.


  • It becomes costlier than other plugins.

Plans & Pricing

You can use the Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin for free of cost. First, however, look at the following different prices for castor’s podcast services.

  • Starter at $19 for a month.
  • Growth at $49 per month.
  • Pro at $99 a month.

So, you can go with a Seriously Simple Podcast to experience the shortcodes and widgets.

BuzzSprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout Logo
If you do not like the above solution, we have another best solution. BuzzSprouts comes with a free WordPress Plugin and offers HTML5, statistics, iTunes, and more. You only have to upload your podcasts (audio or video), and BuzzSprout will take care of it further.

The other best thing about this Buzzsprout Podcast platform is instantly publishing or scheduling the episodes. Let’s see the other features of the BuzzSprouts below.

Other Key Features

  • You can make the API submission on BuzzSprout Podcast.
  • There are a few advanced podcast statistics tools on this platform.
  • Embed players can integrate with the websites.
  • You can use the podcast monetization tools.
  • It is possible to make podcast directory submissions through Buzz Sprouts.


  • You can get the basic plan free of cost.
  • You will get better customer care service on this platform.
  • It is an affiliate marketplace for many podcasters.
  • You can integrate with the API.


  • The pricing structure should not be complex.

Plans & Pricing

  • The first plan is cost-free.
  • The second plan is at $12 for a month.
  • The third plan is available at $18 per month.
  • The fourth plan is there at $24 per month.

All the above plans have different features to offer. But, if you want to experience Magic Mastering, choose this platform.

Smash Balloon Youtube Feeds

Smash Balloon Logo
Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds takes a stand to display your YouTube videos on your site. However, it is more beneficial to the podcasters who upload their videos on YouTube. As a result, it is known as the podcast for podcasters.

It also supports live streams, which helps podcasters live to stream each episode via YouTube. So, you can broadcast it on their WordPress website frequently. How nice it is! Furthermore, you can select from the masonry grid, list, and more to showcase your latest videos. You can make your decision after knowing the following key features.

Other Key Features

  • Users can get a chance to do live streaming.
  • You can get an option of video search.
  • You will experience the Custom Video End Actions on the platform.
  • It is optimum for the speed.
  • GDPR is available on this platform.

Smash Balloon Home Page


  • It is an easy-to-use platform even for beginners.
  • You can get many customization options on it.
  • It is an SEO-friendly platform.
  • Mobile optimization is possible.
  • You can get likes, comments, reactions, and share options.


  • It is only available for WordPress site users.

Plans & Pricing

  • Get a Personal plan at $49 for a year.
  • You can afford a Business plan at $99 per year.
  • A Developer plan needs only $149 for a year.
  • Take an All-Access Bundle at just $299 for a year.

So, Smash Balloons YouTube Feed offers the above four prices and planning with outstanding customer support.

Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Logo
Podlove, an online users community, has created the Podlove Podcast Publisher to increase the podcasting standards. It helps to control the podcast from your WordPress site. Also, you can enjoy the highly compatible podcast feeds. These plugins offer point-to-point solutions for podcasting problems. Check out the following functions of the Podlove Podcast Publisher.

Other Key Features

  • You can publish in many languages for your listeners and viewers.
  • It supports MP3, WebM, H264, AAC, MP4, and more.
  • Users can use the web player singly from plugin publishing.
  • You can enjoy the Gutenberg block editor integrations.


  • It is easy and safe to use.
  • It can support IOS, Windows, and Android devices.
  • Efficient management is possible.
  • Multiple templates are available.


  • There are no cons for Podlove Podcast Publisher.

Plans and Pricing

  • It starts at $44.

So if you want WordPress Podcast Plugin with no cons, you should choose this.

Libsyn Podcasting

Libsyn Logo
Libsyn is one of the most popular podcast hosting services that helps to link your WordPress site to a Libsyn account. You can directly upload your podcasts on WordPress sites like other podcast plugins. Users can also add up a few files from their WordPress media library.

Besides that, you will see that your media and podcast feed will remain as on the Libsyn platform only. And suppose your website is working improperly; your podcast subscriber can download the videos directly. So what can a podcast plugin offer you more? Still, it would help if you looked at the following features.

Other Key Features

  • It allows the users for automatic migrations.
  • It comes up with HTML% player.
  • Libsyn has an Easy-to-use block editor.
  • It’s so easy to create podcast drafts and episodes.

Image Showing Libsyn Home Page


  • Libsyn offers you to adjust the platform settings.
  • It has some exciting Podcast Apps.
  • You can get a massive amount of customer support from libsyn.
  • Users can host many shows.


  • You can’t take the free trial.

Pros & Pricing

  • The Classic 50 plan starts at $5 for a month.
  • A Classic 250 plan is available at $15 a month.
  • You can afford the Advanced plan at $20 only for a month.
  • You have to spend $40 monthly to get the Advanced 400 plan.

So, libsyn comes with an embedded audio player apart from all the above. You can show it on the WordPress site without a plugin on extra configurations.

As Heard On

Get The 16 Best Podcast Plugins For Wordpress | 2022 Guide
As Heard On provides you with a display, it allows various podcasts you have already examined. It helps to promote other podcasters on your websites. Further, the plugins make it easier to put the podcasts you want to display. You can also put up podcast names, thumbnails, URLs, descriptions, and much more.

You have to bring out the album art for the podcasts you want to showcase or upload. Then, after adding a few podcasts, users can showcase them in a sidebar widget, including the blog post and other side pages. Let’s take a quick view of the features, pros and cons, and pricing of the As Heard On platform.

Other Key Features

  • It helps to display your podcasts.
  • It features other podcasters.
  • You can effortlessly add a podcast.
  • You can upload the images manually.


  • It is the best podcast plugin for WordPress.
  • There are 60+ active installations.


  • There are no cons available on As Heard On.

Plans & Pricing

  • The pricing is not available on a website. You have to contact the website to get the exact price.


Get The 16 Best Podcast Plugins For Wordpress | 2022 Guide
How would you discover the podcast website? Unfortunately, not everyone can do this. Therefore, we suggest MonsterInsights for your convenience. It is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress users because it helps them bring out what they do?

Also, it has a link tracking option that can support taking out which episodes are downloaded the most. It also has an add-on Google Optimize that helps conduct content experiments like A/B testing to determine what works best for the site.

Other Key Features

  • You can look at your podcast homepage performance exactly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Users can connect their tracking tools to see which episodes are most famous.
  • You can get the ads tracking tools.
  • It conducts A/B testing to experiment with content.


  • Users can easily set up and install facilities.
  • There are many optimization options on this platform.
  • You will get a simple and easy-to-use UI.
  • There are no third-party accounts on the MonsterInsights platform.
  • It has the potential to import and export the reports. Monsterinsights Home Page


  • Some features are restricted in the free version.
  • It is expensive compared to others.

Plans & Pricing

  • You can get the Agency version at $399.50 for a year.
  • The Pro version is available at $199 for a year.

Besides all of that, you can also check the SEO rankings, and it is GDPR friendly. So what are you waiting for? Get these phenomenal podcasting services with universal tracking and more.


Optinmonster Logo
If you want conversion optimization software to improve your engagement to improve sales, this is for you. OptinMonster is one of the best conversion optimization software in the market. It helps you to convert website visitors into subscribers and consumers.

Also, users can capture leads from your listeners and convert them into consumers. You should know the other exciting features of this platform below.

Other Key Features

  • You will get the drag and drop builder or options.
  • Simple but attractive themes are available.
  • You can get the mobile optimization features.
  • You can convert your podcast listeners and visitors into your consumers.
  • You can create a variety of different campaigns.

Image Showing Example Of Optinmonster


  • It is an easy-to-use platform.
  • There are non-interruptive popup options.
  • Multiple customization options are present on this platform.
  • It is a mobile-friendly platform.
  • It integrates with various popular digital marketing tools.


  • Some features are available at higher prices only.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Basic plan starts at $9 for a month.
  • You can get the Plus plan for $19 a month.
  • The Pro plan is available at $29 a month.
  • You can afford a Growth plan for $49 per month.

Moreover, there are many features you will get with each plan. So, if you need a platform that comes with lightbox popups, floating banners, Etc., this is where your search stops.

Simple Podcast Press

Simplepodcastpress Logo
Another popular and user-friendly podcast platform is known as Simple Podcast Press. When it comes to configurations, then it is a straightforward process. First, you have to press your iTunes or SoundCloud URLs to start Simple Podcast Press.

It has a few customizable keys, timestamps, social sharings, URL shorteners, and much more for your convenience. What else do you need in a Simple Podcasting Plugin? Also, you can grow. Along with this, you increase your email list that helps to get more subscribers. Get down to know the following features.

Other Key Features

  • Users can get well-suited with another podcasting platform like Apple and more.
  • Many key options reduce your stress.
  • The timestamps are available.
  • You can enjoy the shortened URLs along with automatic shortening tools.
  • You can share the podcast snippets on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can display your podcast on different pages.


  • There is a Podcast Hosting Service with simple plugins.
  • It is compatible with Gutenberg.
  • GDPR compliances are available.

Pic Showing Example Podcast


  • It offers a plain interface.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free of cost

You can boost your downloads and get more subscribers through this platform. So, use the Simple Podcast Press to increase your email list and listener engagements.

Raffle Press

Rafflepress Logo
You are on the right path if you need a plugin that helps grow your social media followings. RafflePress can help you here with lots of benefits. You can also increase email list and website traffic by using this fantastic plugin.

Furthermore, it is one of the easiest ways that you can take to enhance your podcast audiences on your site. RafflePress plugin is free with numerous options for users. Let’s know its worth from the following features, pros & cons, and more.

Other Key Features

  • You can increase your podcast followers and website traffic.
  • Users can make a beautiful online giveaway to your sites in a few minutes.
  • Fantastic and eye-catchy themes are available on the platform.
  • It comes up with email marketing.
  • You can get various sharing options and more.

Rafflepress Settings Page


  • There is a drag and drop option or builder.
  • It is safe from fraudsters.
  • There is a wide range of entry actions.
  • Users can effortlessly set up this because it doesn’t need any knowledge.
  • You can use it on your mobile also.


  • Email integrations are limited.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Plus plan is available at $39.20 for a year.
  • You can get the Pro plan at $79.20 in a year.
  • Users can afford the Growth plan at just $159.20 for a year.
  • You can buy the Unlimited plan for $359.20 for one time cost.

Raffle Press is one of the best plugin platforms that offer marketing & CRM integrations, landing pages, and more. So, you can choose one of the above plans to buy it.

Cincopa Podcast Plugin

Get The 16 Best Podcast Plugins For Wordpress | 2022 Guide
Cincopa podcast is the complete multimedia solution for immersed music players and video galleries, Etc. Further, it helps on podcasts on blogs or anywhere else on the web, and more. It offers dozens of templates and experiences unusual management over files. The following are features, pros & cons, and more.

Other Key Features

  • It comes up with 100+ attractive templates.
  • There are many customization options available.
  • It has simple multimedia control directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • You can enjoy the automatically resize option.
  • There are automatic uploading & hosting options.


  • Easy set up and offers the drag & drop option.
  • It integrates with many options.
  • You can get great templates for your websites.
  • You will get adequate customer support.

Cincopa Logo


  • The uploading number of images and videos should be higher.

Plans & Pricing

You can start with a 30-day free trial offered by them, and the following are the further plans.

  • Now buy the Plus plan at $30 per month.
  • The Corporate plans start from $119 monthly.
  • Agency/Enterprise plan is available at $420 for a month.

Apart from this, it is cutting-edge podcasting software and the best popular WordPress plugin available on the web.


Audio Igniter Logo
You can create the AudioIgniter music playlist and set them into your WordPress posts. In addition, we can combine WooCommerce with the AudioIgniter, and AudioIgniter supports audio and radio streaming. So, without wasting time, let’s go for the fantastic features that it offers.

Other Key Features

  • You can get unlimited playlists and tracks.
  • It is compatible with the elementor, visual composer, and Gutenberg block editor.
  • You can get responsive layouts and more.
  • It supports various services such as Acast, Amazon S3, Art19, AudioBoom, Libsyn, and more.


  • It is an efficient WordPress audio player in the market.
  • It can be used as an audio player.
  • UI functions are available.


  • It has fewer features compared to other plugins.

Plans & Pricing

  • Pricing is not mentioned yet.

If you need flexible music player plugins for WordPress, this might be the best choice.

Sermon Manager

Sermon Manager Logo
Do you need a free podcasting plugin? Then you should choose the Sermon Manager to help you distribute your church sermons online. It comes with all the features that a religious enterprise will need. Also, it has iTunes podcasting support, including extra features such as speakers, series, topics, books, and more.

Other Key Features

  • You can get Bible references on this platform.
  • It can attach the sermons, series, and more.
  • You can import the speeches directly from the WordPress plugins.
  • You can attach MP3 files like PDF, DOC, PPT.
  • API functions are available on the Sermon Manager.


  • It is suitable for media ministers.
  • It is a decent plugin with running development and great features.
  • It works smoothly.


  • It has limited support.

Plans & Pricing

  • It is a free plugin.

The Sermon Manager works with any theme, and you can quickly publish to your site by using shortcuts.

AWS for WordPress

Amazon Aws Logo
AWS refers to Amazon Web Services that create the audio version of your posts and translate them to other languages. It combines with Alexa to listen to podcasts on Alexa-enabled devices.

Further, you can explore 100+ products and start creating on AWS using the free tier. You can also take the help of Amazon CloudFront to increase your website and reliable viewing experience. So, let’s see the following features of AWS below.

Other Key Features

  • It has features of identity and access management.
  • You will get the Virtual Private Clouds.
  • It comes up with data encryptions.
  • You can see the AWS Cloud Trail.


  • It is the most trusted plugin platform.
  • You can get capacity solutions on this platform.
  • You can pay as you go.


  • Some cloud computing glitches occur in it.

Plans & Pricing

  • Refer to the official website to check the prices.

It is the last but not least plugin podcast from outside. You can build, deploy, and control websites, tools, or processors on AWS. So, try this at least once.

What’s the Best WordPress Podcast Plugin for your site?

Podcasting is increasing day by day and getting famous, and you can grow, inform, engage, and delight an audience. So, first of all, let’s understand the meaning of the WordPress Podcast Plugin below.

WordPress Podcasting Plugin is mainly needed to link your website with the hosting services.

Therefore, there are 55,000+ official free plugins, and many premium plugin tools are available for your WordPress websites.

Further, many excellent podcasting plugins are available to make your journey into podcasting an exciting one. We have the top most podcast plugins on this, and you can choose one of them according to your wants.

Hosting your Podcast to WordPress

WordPress is a famous alternative to hosting all types of content and podcasts. However, there are plenty of options that makes WordPress a good choice for your podcast sites.

Multiple third-party tracking and analytics tools integrate with WordPress as a famous platform. You can also increase the valuable insights into audiences through Google Analytics tools and more.

Users can also select from the wide range of podcasting themes. Out of them, Tusant supports WordPress plugins along with Seriously Simple Podcasting, PowerPress, and BuzzSprout. It also helps to set content from well-known platforms encompassing YouTube and Vimeo.

Now, podcasting directories need an RSS feed together with WordPress. Using this pre-installed RSS – feed, users can submit their podcast to many popular podcast directories. In addition, it can help you find the latest audience when a minimum manual effort is required.


What is the best podcast plugin for WordPress?

We do injustice with the rest of the other Podcast Plugins for WordPress if we suggest only one name right here. There are many Podcast Plugins available in the market, and you can opt for one of them to fulfill your needs. First, you can go through their features, pros & cons, pricing, and much more. After that, you can make a proper decision on it.

How do I add Podcasts to my WordPress site?

So, before you add your podcast to your wordpress site, you have to upload your media files and more.

And after uploading your media files and configuring your podcast player, you can now add podcasts to your websites.

Firstly, you have to create a new post through Podcast → Add New on the dashboard’s left side.

Fortunately, the plugin has been created by the custom post type to exclude your posts free for regular blogs.

At this point, it can show you a total of one from one of their clients instead of showcasing an image of how to do this.

After that, you should go with the edited post. Get down until you get the Podcast Episode section. Here you can add the link to your media file.

Further, if your file is hosted with Blubrry, you have to click on the folder icon. It will locate the file or manually enter the media URL. Suppose you are hosting your file anywhere else; you have to enter the URL.

So, now that once you have added the media link, press on the Verify URL. It will help you to re-verify. Now can add a few more details by returning to the top of the edited post.

Further, you have to provide a decent title and description for the podcast episode. Soon after this, you can add your shortcode to set the Blubrry media player wherever you would like.

So finally, you are now ready to publish your podcast episode on WordPress. You can adjust whatever you want to.

Should I host my Podcast on WordPress?

WordPress is one of the best CMS Platforms. Users can make their sites by using a dedicated podcasting theme. We suggest working with those podcast services that ensure your RSS feed is set up correctly for beginners.

Regardless of which method you select, the main benefits of podcasting with WordPress permit listeners to locate your new or upcoming content.

How do I host a podcast on WordPress for free?

First and foremost, you have to set up a WordPress website. After this, you should select the WordPress hosting service to store your website files and set a domain name. Then, follow the below steps to create the podcast on WordPress.

Set a Special WordPress Podcast Theme

You know that blogs and ecommerce sites are created to achieve different results. Opt for the best theme. It helps to increase the listeners’ experiences. You can add the media features and center, aids to audio and video, and mobile responsive.

After that, go to Appearance Themes. Now click to “Add New” and “Upload Theme.”

Add a Podcast Plugin

You have to install the plugins to bring in the benefits of podcasting with WordPress; most podcast plugins promote customizable players, which is a sweet cum bonus.

After new episodes are uploaded to WordPress and reserved in podcast hosting, the listener can easily play them directly from your site.

Connect your Podcast Hosting with the Plugin

Firstly, establish a healthy connection between the plugin and the hosting service. But, the integration instructions are not the same for every plugin. So, before linking, head up the related setup documentation to link.

Upload the episodes to WordPress through the Podcast Plugin.

Finally, you can share the final podcast episode directly to your WordPress site through the podcast plugin. When content is added to WordPress, the plugin will detail the podcast hosting service.

Now, the podcast service will adequately store the audio files. In addition, it should update your podcast information within hosting services and the plugin interface.

The plugin gives the podcast hosting service updated information because the audio files are uploaded directly.

Control your podcast directly from your WordPress dashboard.

You can manage every post or podcast episode directly from the WordPress dashboard. It works when podcasting with WordPress.

There is no need to switch from multiple platforms, do the same twice, or manually syndicate your podcast to your site. Now everything is accomplished efficiently.

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So, here we are at the end now. We told you that you would get a Podcast Plugin when we started this, and that’s why we are hoping that you get the top & best Podcast Plugin of your choice in this entire article. But, before that, we want to give you some advice.

While choosing a Podcast plugin for WordPress, keep these in your mind. The first and foremost thing is to have enough content to add every month. Secondly, decide which one you would like to get for hosting. Finally, you can choose either a free or paid version of plugins.

At this point, you have to look at bound web hosting with WordPress. But, make sure that your hosting works with decent podcast networks. And finally, find out which hosts can promote you with marketing, ads, expert assistance, and more.

This blog will get the top 16 and most beneficial Podcast Plugins for WordPress. So, read this article to bring out the best for you.


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