There is no doubt that calls to action plugins are essential components of your website. As a result, readers and visitors follow the path you want them to travel and perform the action you wish them to do.

Depending on the objective of your website, you may want to include a call to action for visitors. For example, it is to sign up for your email list or arrange a consultation appointment with you.

You might use them to direct people to a particular product. It is presently on sale on your website. A well-placed and appealing call to action may dramatically increase your conversion rate. Several WordPress plugins are available to help you design a call-to-action button.

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What Exactly is Call to Action WordPress Plugins?

We go into the top WordPress call-to-action plugins. We think it’s important to explain what we mean by “call-to-action plugin.” Because that the phrase may refer to a variety of plugins.

So here’s how we are interpreting this phrase, a call to action plugin is any plugin that may direct your visitors to the desired action. As a result, you’ll discover the following:

  • Plugins to help you build eye-catching buttons and layouts.
  • Plugins for popup windows.
  • Plugins for countdowns and emergencies.
  • Plugins for the notification bar.
  • Plugins for landing pages.
  • Etc.

The 25 Best WordPress Call-to-Action Plugins

Our selection of plugins includes both free and paid options. Some offer simple capabilities, while others are slightly more complex. But one thing is sure: they will assist you in increasing your conversion rate.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum Plugin
Thrive Ultimatum enables you to generate calls to action buttons, this plugin’s primary premise is that by making your offer available for a limited time only. Your calls to action will convert better.

The plugin may be used in a variety of areas on your website, including:

  • In the form of a top bar.
  • You can use it in the sidebar.
  • Use the plugin throughout particular category pages, and there’s more.

You can conduct an infinite number of campaigns, set up repeating movements. You can build an endless number of calls to action. A visual editor may be used to alter the CTAs.

Thrive Ultimate is offered as part of the premium Thrive Suite bundle. That contains all of Thrive Themes’ plugins and themes. Coming to its pricing, the price is $228 per year ($19 per month) or $90 each quarter ($30 per month).


  • Visual Composer
  • There are several customizing possibilities.
  • It can place numerous calls to action on a single page.
  • Scarcity tactics are used to increase conversions.


  • Thrive Ultimatum is expensive.

Convert Pro

Convert Pro Plugin
Convert Pro is a versatile WordPress Email list-building plugin. It allows you to generate various popups like Modal popups, notification bars, and slide-ins.

It starts with pre-built templates; you may personalize anything using a visual, drag-and-drop builder interface. Then, you can link directly to many email marketing platforms and improve your CTAs. You’ll also receive a slew of targeting and trigger rules. It will ensure that the appropriate visitors see your CTAs at the right moment.

You may target based on content, referring URLs, user devices, and many other factors. Coming to the pricing, there is no free version of Convert Pro. It costs $79 to use on an infinite number of sites.


  • Builder using a visual, drag-and-drop interface.
  • Multiple popup kinds are supported.
  • A/B testing is built-in.


  • Opt-ins and lead creation are the primary goals; other CTAs are ineffective.
  • There isn’t a free version.

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Elementor Pro

Elementor Plugin
Elementor Pro is a very versatile call-to-action plugin. It allows you to build a wide range of CTAs. If you’re unfamiliar with Elementor, it’s a visual, drag and drop builder plugin for WordPress.

You can create anything, from landing pages to blog articles. You also receive many components, such as eye-catching buttons and layouts.

Coming to its pricing, the core elementor call to action is free to download from However, Elementor Pro costs $49 for unlimited access to all features and usage on a single site.

For CTAs, you should certainly acquire the premium version, Elementor Pro. Because it gives you access to capabilities such as:

  • A form builder with Zapier and standard email marketing services connections.
  • It has a popup builder with a drag-and-drop interface for creating popups and more.
  • Additional content and design choices


  • Builder using a visual, drag-and-drop interface.
  • Buttons, forms, CTA boxes, and other content components have their content elements.
  • The plugin has a popup creator with many options.


  • It may be overkill if all you need is a simple, lightweight solution for essential CTAs.


Hash Bar Plugin
HashBar lets you design a custom notification bar or call to an action bar. You may find this at either the top or bottom of the screen. You may also put it on the side as a floating box.

You may utilize your message, call to action, and color that complements your current brand. It’s a straightforward and one of the effective WordPress call-to-action plugins. You can obtain it for free from the official source. It is worth noting that there is a pro edition of the plugin available.

A free version is available at, while the Pro edition costs $29 for a year of support and updates on a single site. After that, the price is $59 for lifetime updates.

It includes additional functionality such as the following:

  • CTAs are scheduled.
  • Only show a specific CTA on specified content.
  • Sticky/transparent headers are supported.
  • Breakpoints for mobile responsiveness that are unique to you.


  • Add a bar to the top or bottom of the screen.
  • You may also display a sticky sidebar.
  • You may entirely modify the wording and colors to build your own unique CTA.


  • To connect CTAs to specific content, you must use the premium version.

Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab Plugin
Consider the Simple Side Tab plugin if you want to place your CTA on the side of your site. It adds a vertical tab to the left or right edge of the browser window. It appears on all pages of your website. No matter how far down a user scrolls, the tab remains displayed.

The plugin is also mobile-optimized, so it will not impede any content on lower screen sizes. In addition, you may change the colors and fonts used on the side tab.

It will not slow down your site because the plugin requires images. The plugin is available for free of charge; you can download it from the plugin repository.


  • It can specify which browser side the tab shows on.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • The ease of usage.


  • You can’t have many side tabs open at the same time.

Ultimate Add-ons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons Plugin For Gutenberg
Ultimate Add-ons for Gutenberg is a set of new editor blocks. It lets you make buttons, tabs, accordions, sliders, and other elements.

A Call to Action block also allows you to make eye-catching CTA boxes. It’s a versatile choice for building your call to action in numerous places on your website.

Install the plugin. You’ll be able to utilize all of the new blocks in the WordPress editor (AKA Gutenberg). Coming to its price, it is entirely free of cost.


  • It can be used for purposes other than calls to action.
  • It is compatible with the default WordPress block editor.
  • All of the blocks are very customizable.


  • You cannot use this plugin if you continue to utilize the Classic WordPress editor.


Boxzilla Plugin
The Boxzilla plugin is incredibly light. It allows you to build attractive calls to action. It is activated when scrolling down by a percentage point, hitting a specific element.

It spends a certain amount of time on your site before someone departs and more. The boxes can be shown with a button or a link and placed in the screen’s corner or center.

The options allow you to change the colors and motion used to display the box. You can only display boxes on specific sites or posts, and you have total control over how long a dismissed box remains hidden.

On mobile devices, you may also choose to conceal the box. Coming to its pricing, this plugin is free but is also a premium version available for $48. It includes use on a single site and access to all premium add-ons.


  • Lightweight
  • control over when and how the box displays
  • On mobile devices, the ability to conceal the box.


  • The exit-intent function is only accessible on the premium plan.
  • A monthly or annual subscription, rather than a one-time payment

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HubSpot WordPress Plugin

Hubspot Plugin
The HubSpot WordPress plugin is a free solution for CTAs and lead creation on WordPress. This plugin allows you to capture visitors with custom forms and popups. In addition, it fills and delivers information directly to your HubSpot CRM account.

In this manner, you can keep track of all client interactions with your online store. You can also examine analytics with this sophisticated plugin. It measures engagement with your CTAs. And it discovers which actions convert the best.

The HubSpot WordPress Plugin is fully compatible with other popular online business plugins. It includes WooCommerce and Gravity Forms and popular WordPress builders.


Bloom Plugin
ElegantThemes’ Bloom is a specialized email opt-in plugin. It is designed to increase your email subscriber base. Bloom allows you to post email opt-in CTAs throughout your WordPress site.

You can choose which pages to place your CTAs on while omitting others for more focused placement. You may also display various CTAs based on previous visitors’ previous activities on your site.

Bloom includes over 100 designs for popup and widget area CTA displays, all highly configurable. So you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create your CTAs.

When you’ve finished building your module, just use a shortcode to embed it wherever you want. Bloom also provides gated content CTAs. That demands viewers to give their contact information to get your resource.

It gathers client information through your Bloom CTA then you can save it in one of the numerous software connectors available. It includes HubSpot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, or Mailchimp. Bloom includes a Divi membership for $89 per year or a one-time purchase of $249.


Monarch Plugin
Monarch provides users the opportunity to share their material on social networking platforms. ElegantThemes’ Monarch is one of the most popular social networking plugins for WordPress. It provides a complete solution for social sharing.

Monarch features a variety of alternative styles for the share buttons. And it has efficient control over their location owing to a straightforward interface. It is compatible with almost every social media site.

It includes Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. All buttons are responsive. It is an essential factor in today’s increasingly mobile technology landscape.

Monarch is backed by excellent development and support teams. So this product will undoubtedly expand in the future. You can anticipate great assistance if necessary. Monarch includes Divi for $89 per year or a one-time purchase of $249.

WP Notification Bar Pro

Wp Notification Bar Plugin
WP Notification Bar Pro allows you to add an infinite number of personalized message bars to your WordPress website. These bars span the page and are highly efficient in capturing the user’s attention.

Try this tool if you want to distribute high-visibility CTAs. This plugin provides a variety of notice bars content formats like Simple text, social network links, and even a countdown CTA for time-sensitive offers.

Inserting a CTA is simple: just change the color and content of the CTA and then paste the code that is produced for you.

You may limit the visibility of these message bars to specific pages. You may even display or remove them based on the device or traffic source.

Suppose a visitor arrived through a social media channel. You might wish to conceal the social media banner to minimize duplication. There is also A/B testing and statistics to assist you in optimizing your CTAs. WP Notification Bar Pro subscriptions begin at $19 per year for a single site.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks Plugin
Ultimate Blocks is a free blocks plugin for the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. It’s built specifically for bloggers and content marketers.

It has modules that will help you build an exciting website or article. For example, ultimate Blocks presently include 20 additional blocks for the Gutenberg editor.

It consists of a CTA block, social share block, and notification-themed block. All blocks are mobile-responsive, and they may be customized in size, color, and font.


Mailoptin Plugin
MailOptin is a WordPress lead generating and email automation plugin. It allows you to add customizable email opt-in CTAs to your website pages.

It interacts with the WordPress Customizer. It allows you to add CTA kinds like slide-ins, notification bars, and inline CTAs. These may all be customized to match the theme of your website. In addition, it is integrated with email marketing, CRM, and analytics tools.

A MailOptin membership for one site starts at $79 a year. It includes the lead generation tools we’ve mentioned. A free version with limited capabilities is also available.

Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Share Social Buttons Plugin
Easy Social Share is another plugin for increasing brand exposure through social media. This plugin is compatible with over 50 social networking sites. In addition, it provides hundreds of display choices for your social media buttons.

This plugin allows you to add share buttons, heart/like buttons, and more. You may also customize your comment area to display Facebook comments.

You may also link your Instagram feed to offer more visual material, and you may put all of the buttons almost anywhere on your page. Coming to the pricing, on the Envato market, Easy Social Share Buttons cost $22.

Thrive Leads

Thriveleads Plugin
Thrive Leads is a popular email lead generating plugin created by Thrive Themes. It is the same company that created the WordPress page builder Thrive Architect.

You can use this plugin to build a robust email list that will aid in the growth of your client base. In addition, Thrive Leads has an extensive library of ready-to-use templates. And a drag-and-drop interface powered by Thrive Architect. You can design a slick email subscription form in a matter of minutes using these resources.

You may also experiment with different CTA types for your campaigns. Slide-ins, lightbox CTAs, and notification bars are examples of these.

Thrive allows for tailored CTA displays on a per-page or per-user basis. So visitors with varying degrees of access on your site can see various CTAs.

For example, you wouldn’t want current subscribers to see a subscription form; instead, direct them to a landing page. Experiment with your CTAs using Thrive’s A/B testing tool. And then analyze the results using their reporting function. Coming to the pricing, the Thrive Leads starts at $67 for a single site.

Opt-In Content Locker

Optin Content Locker Plugin
Opt-In Content Locker plugin may be used to conceal specific offers behind a form or other sort of CTA, and it is one of the simplest ways to fence your material.

It restricts access to those who have subscribed to your email list. This plugin will even remember previous subscribers, and it makes the content available to them every time they visit your site. If you’re concerned about SEO, don’t be, it will not lock the material for search engines.

This plugin interacts with all major email marketing platforms like MailChimp, GetResponse, Benchmark, and more, and they make list-building and email marketing more accessible for you. Coming to its pricing, a standard license of Opt-In Content Locker costs $17.


Optinmonster Plugin
OptinMonster has almost one million downloads as it has established the benchmark for WordPress popup plugins. In addition, it is lightweight, user-friendly, and has considerably more design freedom than competitor plugins.

Its popup includes a lightbox, content gating, and a mobile popup. In addition, this tool provides thorough A/B testing to discover which forms perform best for your site and an analytics component that provides specific information on views. It also works with the most popular email service providers and CRMs.

You need to subscribe for its premium membership in its pricing and features. For the core features of OptinMonster, a monthly membership starts at $14 for a single site.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar Plugin
Hello Bar promises to make full-page popups, notification bars, and slide-in CTAs available on your website faster.

Go to and then sign up for an account to access this feature. Once signed in, create your CTA. Then copy and paste the CTA code onto your sites.

Hello Bar emphasizes its large number of trigger choices and targeting factors. As a result, they will place your CTAs in front of visitors when they are most effective.

In terms of cost, Hello Bar provides a free version. But keep in mind that it is restricted to 5,000 views per month and ten popups. Paid versions are available beginning at $29 per month.

WP Subscribe

Wp Subscribe Plugin
WP Subscribe is free. It is a lightweight and dependable WordPress plugin for adding email subscription forms to your website.

Its aim is straightforward, and it wants to increase your subscriber numbers with minimum effort and expense. Create inline subscription form widgets linked to MailChimp, AWeber, or Feedburner with this plugin! You may further customize your form’s design by editing it using CSS.

If you like the free version and wish to upgrade, consider WP Subscribe Pro is a paid plugin. For $29 per year, you may take advantage of its expanded integration possibilities. For example, it includes a popup CTA widget with several helpful triggers and code-free customization tools.


Leadpages Plugin
Firstly Leadpages isn’t a WordPress plugin. Instead, it is a (SaaS). But it is simple to integrate into WordPress due to a specific plugin available on As a result, Leadpages is a powerful tool for creating everything from landing pages to popups, alert bars, and more.

Let’s start with the landing page builder feature. You may construct your personalized landing pages to lead visitors to action. You can use pre-made templates and a visual, drag-and-drop builder interface. You have the option of having Leadpages host them for you. Finally, you may embed these landing pages on your website.

The popup builder comes next:

You may also use a drag-and-drop builder to create your unique popups and place them anywhere on your site. You’ll also get a slew of targeting and triggering rules to help you manage your popups.

Finally, there is a new alert bar builder. It allows you to apply the same technique to notification bars. All three solutions provide extensive statistics and A/B testing. That allows you to evaluate and optimize all of your landing page, popup, and alert bar efforts.

Another helpful aspect is that everything is consolidated onto a single dashboard. So you can control landing pages, popups, and alert bars for all of your sites from any one location.

If you maintain many sites, this is a huge time saver. The pricing costs $27 per month (paid yearly) or $37 per month (billed monthly). The cost increases depending on the features you wish to use.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin
Shortcodes Ultimate is a free WordPress plugin that contains a plethora of shortcodes. This plugin will not be beneficial if you are using the Gutenberg editor. However, it will be handy if you are using the traditional editor.

The shortcodes let you build tabs, buttons, boxes, various sliders, responsive videos, and much more. The shortcode generator is now available in the WP post editor after installation. Simply choose what you want and click the Insert Shortcode button.

You may design your call to action by combining boxes and buttons. Coming to its pricing, it is free, but you have to pay its add-ons for more features.


  • 50+ fantastic shortcodes
  • Generator of Shortcodes
  • Completely responsive
  • Unique CSS editor
  • Widget customization
  • It goes with any theme.
  • Simple to extend


Notificationx Plugin
Aside from urgency and scarcity, social proof is an excellent approach to persuade people to act, for this NotificationX is the ideal choice.

The plugin allows you to display recent activity from visitors to your site. So, for example, you may simply highlight recent sales to let them know that your product sells and that others have taken the same step.

You may also display recent comments to encourage others to participate in the discussion. But, of course, nobody wants to be the first and only person to comment.

You may also show recent reviews to increase credibility and downloads for your plugin. You may also display users who have recently signed to your email list. It might help you gain additional subscribers.

Another exciting feature is utilizing the notification bar to display a discount or special offer with a call to action. That can help you convert visitors, and you could use this plugin in conjunction with other plugins to increase conversions.

It’s possible that adding urgency with social evidence and a CTA box with clear calls to action might work miracles. First, it boosts your conversion rates even if you don’t need to increase traffic. It means more money with no effort from you.

Button X

Buttons X Plugin
Gautam Thapar created Button X, a sophisticated button builder plugin for WordPress. With the assistance of this plugin, you will be able to build appealing CTA buttons for your website quickly.

You may make a variety of buttons. It includes twin buttons, social media buttons, WooCommerce buttons, and more.

Native support is provided for popular plugins. It includes Ninja Popups, Gravity Forms, Contacts Form 7, Caldera Forms, etc. This plugin allows you to build highly customized buttons, and You can also add animations, borders, gradients, icons, shadows, and more.

Button X is unique because it allows you to do more than just design CTA buttons. Google Analytics can even track every button click.

Aside from analytics, the plugin includes many helpful features. The plugins are button cloning, button import/export, and more.

Finally, you can use this plugin to generate drop-down buttons. So if you’re looking for a plugin to help you build stunning call-to-action buttons, this is the one to acquire.

Coming to its pricing, the Buttons X is available for $22 for a single-site license. It includes six months of upgrades and support.

WP Call Button

Wp Call Button Plugin
Do you want your website visitors to contact you? Then, the WP Call Button plugin is for you. This is a lovely WordPress plugin for adding a call button to your website.

The call button has the click to call capability. It means that if a user is viewing your website on a mobile device, a button click will result in a call.

And the plugin allows you to deactivate it on the desktop and only show it on mobile devices. WP Call Button is straightforward to use. With many customization options that allow you to customize your call button to match the design of your website.

The buttons produced with this plugin include event tracking. In addition, it allows you to examine all information on Google Analytics.

The plugin is compatible with both the traditional and Gutenberg editors in WordPress. Aside from that, it works flawlessly with Elementor, WP Forms, and WooCommerce. The WP Call Button plugin’s most significant feature is free of cost.

WP Table Builder

Wp Table Builder Plugin
Conversions are a breeze using tables. Whether it’s a product information table, using tables will help you increase conversions. And what better method to make tables than using WP Table Builder?

You can create stunning tables with this WordPress table builder plugin. In addition, you may add components to your table by dragging them into place.

The plugin includes all of the features required to construct high-converting tables. However, if you don’t want to build tables, you may save time using pre-built templates.

WP Table Builder is a highly feature-rich plugin when it comes to customization. For example, you may change the appearance of your tables by adding, changing.

You can also use the plugin to combine and divide cells in your tables. The plugin also has sorting capabilities. It enables you to organize your table horizontally or vertically.

The plugin doesn’t hold back when it comes to table design possibilities. For example, you may change the appearance of your tables by adding borders, background colors, and other elements.

WP Table Builder is also responsive and works with the Gutenberg editor. The plugin is free. But there is also a Pro edition that contains sophisticated components and other capabilities.

Coming to its pricing, a single site license for the Pro version starts at $39.99. A lifetime subscription is also available for $299.99.

Which WordPress Call to Action Plugins are Best for your Needs and Goals?

The plugins mentioned in this article all perform various features. So this is a trick question; you don’t have to pick just one. However, to assist you in choosing the right plugin for your WordPress site, We’ll summarise the key features of each tool on this list at the end of this post:

Thrive Leads — A fantastic all-around solution that provides design freedom. In addition, it offers reliable targeting/triggering, A/B testing, and other features.

ConvertPro — The plugin has a stronger targeting/triggering and a builder that isn’t nearly as good.

Elementor Pro — Creates popups, landing pages, and more. Excel excels in terms of creative freedom, but it lacks built-in analytics.

Thrive Ultimatum – The most remarkable toolbox for making your offerings more urgent.

WP Notification Bar is an easy and inexpensive way to create notification bar CTAs.

Ultimate Gutenberg Addons — This is a fantastic one to have on any website. It enhances the basic WordPress editor with a plethora of valuable features. In addition, it will assist you in creating stronger CTAs.

Simple Side Tab is a free solution that allows you to design a side tab CTA.

Leadpages — Leadpages plugin is the most expensive tool. But it allows you to construct landing pages, popups, and alert bars for all of your sites in one place. In addition, it is a whole conversion-focused website.

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CTA implementation is a process of trial and error, re-testing, and re-signs. That is why it is critical to select versatile, capable call-to-action WordPress plugins for this feature.

Plugins are a better choice than making CTAs with your WordPress theme alone. You will not lose your CTAs if you change your theme.

To summarise, the appropriate CTAs will make it apparent to users what your company can give them. And how they may obtain it as quickly as feasible.


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