Not every company can post a price with their services. Certain services demand a more complex approach. Also, a variety of circumstances can influence the estimated cost. For example, you might be looking for a “request a Quote Plugins in WordPress if you’re running or creating a WP-website for a company that offers such unique services or products.

For example, you could be offering furniture restoration, remodeling, or house painting services. These services depend on the surface area, previous repairs, and other pre-existing issues. Even then, the buyer can have a unique need. You could also be an artist looking for work.

The cost of your work will vary depending on the subject matter, technique, material costs, and the size of the finished piece. And what if you work as a caterer? There can’t be an end to the specific dietary options that your clients need. Whether it’s for political or religious reasons or because they’re hosting some picky eaters.

It is unrealistic to expect you to plan for all of them. In such instances, you’ll want to provide your visitors to express their needs and expectations so that you can examine them.

Customers can get a quote by filling out a form that asks for the information you need to calculate the pricing. In this post, we’ll go through the best WP “request a quote” plugins that you can use to increase your website’s sales.

Why Use a WordPress Request a Quote Plugin?

Without some information from the customer, some items and services are difficult to price.

If you offer lawn care, for example, your fee will vary depending on the size of the grass, its current state, and other considerations. You can include optional additions, such as constructing beautiful borders.

Similarly, if you sell custom-made furniture online, the rates would vary depending on the needs of your consumers. In addition, customers may be confused by some companies’ complex custom pricing displayed in a table.

Others need clients to request a quote by email. But, customers may not send all the necessary information. The ideal solution is to use a WordPress plugin that allows you to get a quote.

This may or may not deliver a quick quote, depending on the plugin you use. Or, once you’ve received the customer’s request, you can answer them via email.

Is every quote plugin for WordPress the same?

There are two categories of quotations:

  • Basic quote request
  • Instant quote request

Basic quote request

This is a simple quote request in which the user expresses interest in the service provided by the provider. Calculated fields aren’t required for this type of quote request form to function. A basic quotation request form is only a contact form with a few extra capabilities.

Instant quote request

The instant quote request is a simple quote request in which the user expresses interest in the service provided by the provider. Calculated fields aren’t required for this type of quote request form to function. A basic quotation request form is only a contact form with a few extra capabilities.

Best Request a Quote Plugins


It comes with ready-to-use templates, such as a Request for Quote form. You can use it as a starting point for creating your form and then tailoring it to your individual needs.

The Conditional Logic feature in WPForms allows you to display specific fields. These fields are based on the information provided by the customer. You may, for example, design a form that displays various options based on the service that your customer has requested.

It also allows you to develop Conversational Forms that only ask one question at a time. Making your form feel straightforward and appealing to your customers may lower form abandonment rates. You can also use WPForms to generate various other types of forms. For example, You could use it to survey your website.


WPForms starts at $39.50 per year. Conditional Logic is included in this. But Conversational Forms requires the Pro package, which costs $199.50 per year.

Wholesale Suite

If you use WooCommerce on your website, Wholesale Suite Order Form and Wholesale Prices Premium are excellent choices. These plugins enable you to provide wholesale prices and a quick quote and allow buyers to buy right away a

It is much easier for wholesale customers to order from your store if you sell bulk products. This is because your products are all displayed in a searchable and sortable WooCommerce table with Wholesale Suite Order Form. This means you can see your entire product catalog on a single page.

You can now give lower wholesale rates in your quote if you use the Wholesale Prices Premium plugin and specify min purchase requirements with the plugin. Finally, you can also give a percentage discount based on the product’s categorization.


A single site license for each plugin starts at $59 per year.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a WordPress form plugin with extensive features. It includes many features that make it suitable for creating online calculators.

You may create a form using Formidable Forms’ Request a Quote form that instantly calculates a quote for the consumer. It’s simple to add as many variables as you want using Formidable Forms’ flexibility.

After that, you may email your customer the quote that Formidable Forms generates. You can also incorporate it into a booking form which allows your customers to book and pay for your service or product.

You may also use Formidable Forms to construct a variety of different forms. You might, for example, use it to make a quiz for your WordPress site. Visual design tools are also included with Formidable Forms, which allows you to make your request a quote form appear fantastic.


The annual pricing of Formidable Forms starts at $99.38.

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

The pricing and the Add to Cart button for the products you pick in WooCommerce are hidden by YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote. It replaces these with the ability for your clients to get a price for the product.

Customers can select from a list of alternatives you provide. You may even give them the ability to upload files. For example, if you provide printing services, you may ask customers to submit print-ready files when they request a quote.

The plugin also supports product variations, and it allows you to add particular versions to the quote list.

Send a quick and straightforward quote to the customer when you’re ready, and the plugin will send the quotation to the consumer in a well-formatted email.

You can control the entire procedure from your WordPress dashboard. You can also find quote requests, pending quotations, pending payments, and more here.


The monthly pricing of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote starts at $59.99. The plugin is also available in a free version with limited functionality.

Request a Quote for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin Request a Quote is an official WooCommerce plugin. It allows your customers to add things to a quotation basket the same way they would to their cart.

You can change the text of the quotation button, the message that appears after you submit a quote, and more. After a consumer submits a quote request, you may redirect them to a particular page on your website.

For customizable products with a range of prices depending on what the consumer wants, a Quote for WooCommerce is a terrific alternative. You can use this plugin to sell to wholesale, B2B, or retail customers.


The cost of requesting a quote for WooCommerce is $59 per year.

Request a Quote

A quote request form is basically a form. You will only want something specific if you need products, calculations, or integration. A specific instant quote WordPress plugin, for example, will only do one thing. But, the best quote plugins will allow you many scopes to expand.

Here are some critical features for basic request a quote:

  • Add to quote Buttons
  • Price visibility (showing or hiding)
  • The option to hide the add to cart button
  • Features of the cost calculator plugin
  • Create Forms and add custom fields.
  • Can send email notifications
  • ability to create price estimates
  • Templates for request a quote
  • Add Many products to a queue.
  • Popular software integrations (like the WooCommerce plugin)


Free and premium (from $149/year)

eCommerce Product Catalog plugin for wordPress

This plugin might be worth looking at if you’re starting from scratch with WordPress. It’s simply an eCommerce plugin with a strong focus on quotation request capabilities.

This could be a great option if you know what kind of internet store you want to create; this is particularly handy for service providers that simultaneously offer goods.

Perhaps you’re a designer who also provides printing services. Your customers can ask for a custom quote. This quote includes the variable cost of printing and the cost of your design services.


Free and premium (from $49/year)

Sliced Invoices

The following two plugins on this list are a little different. But, they may still be able to help you with your quote-related issues. First, sliced invoices is a WP plugin. It allows you to create quotes from the backend.

To put it another way, you collect quote requests using a form and then use this plugin to create a quote PDF or page to deliver to the potential client. If your quotes are difficult or time-consuming, this is a great idea.

Sliced Invoices enables you to maintain everything within WordPress. As a consumer progresses from a prospect to a paying customer, having all your data in one location can benefit you.


Free and premium (from $79/site license)

WP Invoicing

One of the drawbacks of the Sliced Invoices plugin is that it lacks soliciting quote requests. WP Invoicing is designed to fill that void (sort of). Because it requires a variety of plugins and add-ons to work effectively, we say sort of.

You’ll need three plugins to make this setup work. Fortunately, two of them are available. Once you’ve installed them all, you’ll be able to gather quotes by adding a quote request form to your WP site.

The backend of your site will then include a feature like Sliced Invoices. You’ll be able to change quotations for customers, save all your data, convert quotes to invoices, create pages, PDFs, and more.


Free and premium (from $99/year)

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a free contact form plugin that you can use to construct request-a-quote forms with little effort. Creating a form is simple, but turning it into a quotation request form takes a little more effort. But, a complete quote request solution takes a bit more labor and two additions.

Invoicing adds a payment option to your website. At the same time, the Quotes add-on allows you to make and distribute quotes and estimates to your customers. Once your quotes have been accepted. You may turn them into payable invoices and receive payments via PayPal and other supported payment processors.


It is free.


This brings us to the end of our WordPress request-a-quote plugins collection. You might be unsure which one is best for you. It all depends on what you’re working with right now.

To construct a quotation request form, you can use a premium form plugin, such as Formidable Forms or WPForms. But, paying a premium price solely for a quote request form may be a little excessive.

If you currently have one of these premium plugins installed for another purpose. You may take advantage of their enhanced quote-related features at no extra expense. Try Request a Quote or Contact Form 7 (with add-ons) if you’re seeking a free solution.

Finally, if you have a WooCommerce-powered e-commerce site, a WooCommerce-specific plugin might be the best option for you. Whether it’s premium or free, the plugin you’re looking for is somewhere on this list.

We hope this article informed you about the best WordPress request a quote plugins.


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