Online eCommerce store owners are happy resorting to the POWR spin. The Lucky Wheel Coupon Plugins offers a spin to win gamelike play for online visitors, giving a chance to spin a wheel and win great discounts and coupons.

A spinning wheel plugin creates excitement among users to spin the wheel to win coupons for discounts on purchases.

It is very effective in creating engagements and boosts the conversion rates on your site. We will share the best “spin to win plugins” WordPress plugins that can aid you in producing onsite engagement.

WooCommerce offers a lucky wheel coupon plugin as a gamification technique to produce leads and boost conversion sales.

We are about to put forward the premium WooCommerce Lucky wheel coupon plugins and spin to win plugins that you can leverage to grow your sales. We will also cover the best WordPress spinning wheel popup plugins.

We will also talk about the discount wheel popup templates and plugins. A discount wheel or a lucky wheel popup is an optin form.

It drives the visitors to your site to take quick action. With this, you can build your email list and boost product sales through email campaigns.

We will further compare the best WordPress spinning wheel popup plugins and help you choose the right one for your needs.

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Why Do You Need a Spin to Win Plugins?

The difficulty we face running WooCommerce Store is to keep your site’s visitors engaged and convert them into potential customers.

Using a lucky wheel discount popup is easy to achieve potential customers. The gamification techniques used by WooCommerce rewards the users while they use your lucky discount wheel.

For instance, you can reward the user with various incentives, like free shipping, product discount coupons, product recommendations, and much more if the user enters the email address to spin the wheel.

Businesses can build a loyal customer base, which will increase sales on their WooCommerce store. It is now time to get insights into the best WordPress spinning wheel plugins.

Choosing the Best WordPress Spinning Wheel Plugin

1. OptinMonster

Optinmonster Lucky Wheel Logo

OptinMonster helps monetize your website traffic by converting them into leads. It is much better for the lead generation plugin for WordPress. It enables you to generate wonderful optin forms. In addition, a very easy-to-use plugin lets you create and grow an email list instantly.

It is the most powerful optimization toolkit to generate leads, alleviate cart abandonment, and increase sales by getting you more leads.

Leverage over 100+ pre-defined templates on OptinMonster to create lightbox popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, and gamified wheels to create spin a lucky wheel in WooCommerce.

Use the drag-and-drop builder to customize the spin to win lucky wheel optin for you. You can get many customization options.

WooCommerce lets you block elements, such as text, images, videos, countdown timers, buttons, and more. In addition, you can change the display settings well.

The paid version of OptinMonster also provides extensive display rules for WooCommerce. For example, you can show your spin to win the lucky wheel when visitors view a specific product or have a specific number of items in their cart.

Editing Lucky Wheel

Besides, you can display your optin when a user spends a certain amount of time on the page. You can even target specific geographic locations.

You can also use the potent proprietary exit-intent trigger technology to convert abandoning visitors to customers.

Integrate OptinMonster with various email service providers, including ConvertKit, Drip, Constant Contact, and more. In addition, you can add screen or page slides and custom colors for beautification.

Popup Of Spin To Win Lucky Wheel

The OptinMonster premium plan costs around $49 to create a spin to win a coupon lucky spin wheel campaign for online customers. It is one of the best spin the wheel generator.

2. Discount Win-Wheel for WooCommerce

Discount Win Wheel Logo

Discount Win Wheel for WooCommerce allows you to engage your customer with a popup game by adding a spin to win popup. It is effortless to use; you just need to drag and drop.

You can tailor the spin to win wheels, add or remove new segments, and position them in any suitable position.

Discount Win Wheel for WooCommerce popup is mobile responsive. This way, your popup will work smoothly on any device.

There are also various options that trigger the display of your WooCommerce discount wheel. WooCommerce lets you set up the most popular trigger options to show the popup upon exit.

You can also trigger popups on icon clicks on a specific page, or you can also edit the display timings as well. Pricing for Discount Win-Wheel for WooCommerce starts from $39 onward.

3. WP Optin Wheel

Wp Optin Wheel Plugin Logo

The WP Optin Wheel is a gamified Optin email marketing tool for WordPress and WooCommerce. It is a free WordPress plugin.

You can grow your email list and your sales by allowing your site visitors to win coupons, and also, you can create a spin the wheel coupon optin form to let your visitors win prizes.

It helps boost user engagement and conversions on your site using gamification. The plugin is entirely user-friendly. It comes with pre-defined themes, with which you can customize the lucky wheel.

Add a product discount, a link to your product page, or a losing slice; you can choose and apply texts, colors, and buttons and do a lot more in your discount wheel for appearance.

WP Optin Wheel is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation and European Union Law for email marketing. It also allows you to integrate with Mailchimp and collect emails from your customers. Furthermore, WordPress Optin Wheel spin to win plugins are completely free for you.

4. Wheels of Popups

Wheels Of Popup Plugin

With Wheel of Pop-ups, you can design and create popups with spin to win plugins and exit-intent features. For example, you can add a WooCommerce spin to win a lucky wheel popup to your eCommerce store.

Also, you can add the versatile plugin on Shopify, Magento, and Squarespace eCommerce websites. You get a desktop editor in Wheel of Popups to customize your spin wheel and exit-intent popups.

You can do a lot more customization with the visual popup builder. For example, just select the type of promotion you want to run; you can achieve this in Wheel of Popups by launching a website popup, standalone popup, or embed widget.

You can edit your spin the wheel option chosen from multiple layouts or edit the color theme, and you can add your brand logo.

Set up bespoke triggers to show the popup on your WooCommerce store. Display them based on the device your visitors are using.

You can also launch your popups based on the Target page URL, time spent on-page, and while exiting. Wheels of Popups’ price starts at $19/mo.

5. Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

Spin Wheel Plugin By Woocommerce

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce is a fully customizable fortune wheel conversion tool. It is a paid extension that helps you convert visitors to customers and boost sales leveraging the spinning lucky wheel popups.

The product discount wheel is fully customizable; it allows you to change its colors and edit the text message.

The WooCommerce Spin Wheel extension helps retain customers by allowing you to add more slices with varied price options. You can change each slice in the wheel as needed, and you can add unlimited wheel slices you want. In addition, it offers an instant preview to view your changes.

Spin Wheel by WooCommerce offers various display options to your spin to win popups. For example, you can auto-generate coupons for customers using the fortune wheel.

You can let your visitors win discount coupons and target specific pages and posts to boost sales and generate leads. You will Get Spin Wheel for WooCommerce at $49/year.

6. Lucky Wheel for WooCommerce

Lucky Wheel For Woocommerce Logo

It is a free WordPress spinning wheel popup plugin. It encourages the visitors to play a lucky game spin the wheel after providing their email ids. It converts customers with email sign-up popups and encourages them to spin the wheel to win rewards and coupons.

You can add upto 6 slices to a wheel. It lets you create multiple discounts on products for users. Then, you can send the discount code to the email user has entered to spin the wheel.

You can even limit the spinning time as the plugin works based on the WooCommerce plugin. It is released on, and you can use the plugin for free to build themes for sale and lead generation.

7. Wheel by CrazyRocket

Wheel By Crazy Rocket Logo

Wheel by CrazyRocket helps create a spin wheel, slots, and a scratch card popup; it is a simple spinning wheel popup plugin for WordPress and is available on Shopify and WooCommerce.

It encourages the visitors to spin a lucky wheel and win coupons. Its beautiful wheel themes capture the attention of the users.

It entices them to spin the wheel and generates a unique coupon code for each spin, and the coupon code automatically applies to the shopping cart. In addition, the plugin includes popups spin wheel, slot machine, and scratch ‘n’ win cards.

It leverages its smart triggers to display popups at an appropriate time, such as intention to exit, based on the time users spent on a page, page views, or scroll triggers. It is available for 7 days free trial and a paid premium version.

8. Wheely Sales

Wheely Sales Plugin Logo

Wheely sales is an exit-intent wheely lucky wheel popup for spin sale. It is a WordPress spinning wheel popup plugin for small businesses’ online eCommerce stores. In addition, Wheely sales enable you to collect emails from visitors to your online store.

It triggers the popup to win a discount coupon when your users are about to close the browser tab. It allows visitors to win a discount coupon by spinning the lucky wheel after entering their email ids. It encourages users to feed their email ids to win the discount coupons by spinning the wheel.

The wheely sales lucky exit popup works when visitors are leaving. They get a particular prize wheel popup. The plugin allows you to customize text, colors, fonts, and logos. It is a fully customizable popup for your brand.

You can boost your email sign-up conversion with an interactive exit-intent popup. The design is responsive and works seamlessly on all devices.

9. OptinSpin

Optin Spin Plugin Logo

OptinSpin plugins are released on It is a fully customizable spinning wheel popup plugin. In addition, you can integrate with the WooCommerce Coupons plugin. It helps create coupons and send them automatically to your site’s visitors.

The plugins let you change the color of the segments of spin the wheel. In addition, it allows you to add your business logo to the wheel to boost the brand value.

The premium version of the OptinSpin plugin provides additional benefits. For example, you will get extra features like time delay, setting the probability for each section, email customization templates, and much more.

10. Adoric

Adoric Plugin Logo

Adoric is one spin-to-win coupon plugin for WordPress that helps you grow your email list, boost engagement, and increase sales conversions.

You double the leads in a game way. Adoric entices and lures the visitors with a chance to win big coupons by giving their emails. Leverage Adoric to create a spin-to-win active campaign for targeted visitors. Then display it to the targeted visitors at the right time.

Adoric allows customizing your spin-to-win popups. You can create from scratch or use any of the ready-to-use intelligent templates.

Adoric empowers you with the technology of exit-intent popup. It shows your spin-to-win campaign to visitors while they are about to exit your website. In addition, its target and behavior-based customization features display your spin-to-win campaigns to the target audience at an appropriate time.

It aligns with your email marketing goals by collecting emails for the visitors. In addition, the seamless integration with email marketing services and Integration with CRMs makes it an effective campaigner to increase sales conversions.

The best thing is that Adoric offers a forever-free plan. We recommend you upgrade to paid plans to make the most. The paid plans start at $29/month onward.

Which among is Best WooCommerce Spin to win Plugins? (Expert Pick)

OptinMonster for WooCommerce to spin a wheel coupon plugin is a good option. It offers powerful targeting and customization options. For a free plugin that offers a basic plan and effortless design features, you can go for WP Optin Wheel.


We hope you find the best WooCommerce spin to win the lucky wheel coupon plugin. Go through the lists and get your eCommerce website a facelift with the best popup plugins and gamified Spin Wheel Visibility.

These plugins also offer additional features of real-time analytics on the admin panel. These analytics gives you insights into the lucky wheel and exit-intent popup effectiveness.


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