Customers can buy products and services online using one of the many accessible payment methods. This is one of the reasons eCommerce is so popular. But, Stripe is gaining popularity, and it is trying to overtake PayPal as the most popular option in this category.

Stripe is one of the best online payment processors as it allows you to accept credit card payments on your website and is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Stripe payment plugins make it simple to link your site using WordPress. We’ve compiled a list of the most acceptable Stripe payment plugins for WordPress in this post. This list will assist you in finding an excellent solution to help you make money online.

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Why Should You Accept Stripe Payments on Your Site?

  • No Account Needed: Stripe does not need your clients or website visitors to have a Stripe account to pay you.
  • Very Popular: Stripe is a well-known online payment processor, and major corporations worldwide use it, including Target, Wish, Lyft, Unicef, etc.
  • Ease of Use: Stripe is simple to set up and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • On-Site Checkout: Your users never have to leave your site to submit their credit card information or complete a transaction.
  • Easy to Set Up: You won’t have to go through the hassle of opening a merchant account. This can take a long time with some payment processors.
  • No hidden fees: Stripe does not have any hidden fees, as PayPal does. This helps you to budget for your business.

To use the Stripe wordpress plugin, your website must be secured using SSL.

Best Stripe Payment Plugins For WordPress

Let’s have a look at our curated selection of the top Stripe tools out there now that you know why you might want to use Stripe payment plugins on your website.

Here is a collection of excellent Stripe payment plugins for the WordPress website.

1. WP Forms

Wp Forms
WPForms is an online form builder for WordPress websites that is simple to use. Because you can construct brilliant forms in minutes without writing any code or hiring a developer, it’s known as the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin accessible.


  • Many templates are available, including an online purchase form to sell digital downloads, physical services, and items or collect donations.
  • With a drag-and-drop visual builder, it’s simple to use. So you won’t have to use a web developer to set up your Stripe integration and payment forms.
  • Features include conversational contact forms, landing pages, surveys, and more to help you construct high-converting forms.
  • Stripe recurring payments are available.
  • You can combine payment with a variety of fields. On a file upload form, for example, you can demand payment.
  • Intelligent conditional logic allows you to show or hide fields based on user’s responses. This helps you to do things like accepting several payment options on your forms rather than only Stripe.

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2. WP Simple Pay Pro

Wp Simple Pay Logo
WP Simple Pay is a payment plugin that integrates Stripe to WordPress. There are no other plugins necessary because it is not an add-on. Add a payment form to your WordPress site and begin accepting credit cards. We think Stripe is the best payment processor.


  • With this WordPress online payment plugin, you may accept donations besides collecting money.
  • It’s pretty simple to set up, even if you’re new to website development and aren’t technical.
  • Use a coupon code field to offer a percentage discount to your consumers.
  • Support for many languages so that your website can be bilingual.

3. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads Logo
Pippin Williamson’s Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a free WordPress e-commerce plugin that focuses solely on digital products. Its primary purpose is to make selling digital things as simple as possible. They usually only sell a few goods or a single product with various license costs.


  • It’s worth noting that the Stripe extension for Easy Digital Downloads is an add-on. But the software also includes three alternative payment gateways like PayPal Standard, Amazon Payments, and Test Payment.
  • This extension is the most feature-rich WooCommerce Stripe gateway integration on Easy Digital Downloads. So it has much power.
  • Stripe subscriptions are supported.
  • Users should be able to save their stored card information to return quickly.
  • Allows you to approve payments in advance and charge them later.
  • There’s even a test mode so you can try things out and replicate consumer activities. Without having to worry about your reporting getting messed up.

4. WooCommerce

Woocommerce Logo
WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that converts your WordPress website into a fully-functional e-commerce store in just a few clicks, with a respectable level of flexibility and several vital features, including inventory and tax management, secure payment processing, and shipping integration.


  • You can use a variety of plugins and extensions to enhance the functionality of your store.
  • Increase your sales by using WooCommerce’s live sales alerts.
  • It’s adaptable, allowing you to use both Stripe and PayPal.
  • Stripe refunds are supported.
  • Stripe Elements hosted input fields support SCA and are PCI-DSS compliant.
  • There are various WooCommerce themes to choose from to make your website even more attractive and user-friendly.

5. Memberpress

Memberpress Logo
MemberPress is a straightforward WordPress Membership Plugin. It will assist you in immediately charging your users for access to your content. In addition, MemberPress will assist you in confidently creating, managing, and tracking membership subscriptions as well as selling digital download products.


  • Accepts both Stripe and PayPal so you can reach out to even more people.
  • Stripe recurring payments are supported.
  • Allows you to profit by selling online courses and establishing a membership area to your website.
  • Locking down specific downloads is a helpful feature.

6. LearnDash

Learndash Logo
Above all, the top WordPress LMS plugin is Stripe-integrated. For example, LearnDash is amongst the excellent WordPress Stripe payment plugins for various reasons. Including the fact that their Stripe connection is completely free.


  • Quizzes, Grading Systems, Multi-Tier Courses, and Assignments are only a few of the fantastic features available.
  • You have the option of accepting payments through Stripe or PayPal. So you may choose what works best for your small company’s marketing strategy.
  • This is one of the best WP payment plugins since it comes in a lightbox design that pops up over the rest of the screen.
  • After a successful buy, users are created and enrolled. So your clients can get started right away without you having to do anything.

7. WP Full Stripe

Wp Full Stripe Logo
Full Stripe is a WordPress plugin that allows you to accept payments and establish subscriptions directly from your WordPress site. Powered by Stripe, you can embed payment forms into any post or page and accept payments without redirecting your consumers to a third-party website.


  • This plugin is a widely used application since it is one of the most popular Stripe payment plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon.
  • If you want to charge clients later, collect their payment information.
  • You can use this as a Stripe contribution plugin for WP to accept money. This will help enhance your fundraising efforts.
  • It doesn’t store any credit card data inside WordPress. Hence it’s dependable and safe, and your website will be PCI-DSS compliant.
  • Customizable so you may make it look like your minor company WordPress theme.

8. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments Logo
Stripe Payments is amongst the free Stripe payment plugins for WordPress. It allows you to accept credit card payments online using Stripe. You can achieve this by using a shortcode to add a Buy Now button to your website. Also, if you’re looking for a free payment gateway plugin for WordPress, this might be a good option.


  • It’s responsive, so it’ll look fantastic on any device, no matter how big or little.
  • The shortcode allows you to place the Stripe “Buy Now” button anywhere on your website.
  • Customers who return can use the Remember-Me Option to check out faster.
  • Offers option for the one-click payment
  • You may examine the Stripe payment history on your website by looking at all transaction information in the plugin’s orders menu.
  • It’s simple to get started with the installation.

9. Bookly Stripe

Bookly Stripe Logo
Customers can make payments online using Stripe on your website using Bookly PRO to take bookings and reservations also, and they can pay right away without a third-party site to finish the transaction. Using the extensive guidelines, you can set up and use the Bookly Stripe Payment plugins.

10. Stripe Integration for Contact Form CF7

Stripe For Contact Form Cf7
This plugin enables you to integrate Stripe payment into your Contact Form 7 forms. Once integrated, you sell an unlimited number of things in three simple steps: building a new Contact Form 7, adding the Stripe button, and making money. The transactions are kept in the database of your WordPress site.

11. Google Pay and Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

By connecting Google Pay with your Stripe account, you can increase your mobile conversions by up to 350%. In addition, customers who use Google Pay will never have to fill out a form to input their credit card or address information. It also reduced checkout time and enhanced conversions.

Google’s end-to-end data encryption protects your customers’ transactions as well. You may refund your clients from the WordPress admin area using this plugin.

12. Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors

Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors is an add-on for WooCommerce Product Vendors. It enables you to accept credit card payments from your WooCommerce website. In addition, commissions are calculated and paid.

Customers are not required to leave the site to complete the checkout procedure. Refunds can be sent automatically from the order page. The plugin supports Tokenization, WooCommerce subscriptions, and SCA. It is also compatible with Per Product Shipping (Strong Customer Authentication).

13. Stripe for ARForms

Ar Forms Logo
Stripe for ARForms combines form submission and payment into a single step. ARForms allows you to bill consumers immediately after they submit a form. So it’s as simple as creating a form using ARForms, configuring it with Stripe, and you’re done. This is one of the simple Stripe payment plugins


  • Stripe subscriptions are supported.
  • After a successful payment, you will receive transaction alerts.
  • View the entire transaction and use the filtering feature.
  • Ability to collect client data for shipping and invoicing purposes
  • Support for many currencies.
  • Pricing is dynamic.

14. Viavi Stripe Donation for WordPress

Viaviweb Logo
It makes it simple for your site’s visitors to donate without refreshing the page. To keep your users interested in your site, it overlays the page with Stripe Checkout WordPress later it posts the donation using AJAX.


  • Support for many currencies.
  • Dynamic pricing.
  • customizing layouts and buttons

15. Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

This Stripe plugin adds the ability to accept payments on your website using Stripe’s API. In addition, customers can pay using payment data connected with their mobile devices in browsers that support the Web Payments API. Such as Chrome for Android, thanks to WooCommerce Stripe’s support for the Web Payments API.

When Selecting a Payment Gateway, Consider the Following Things.

One of the most crucial decisions for an eCommerce site is selecting a payment gateway. This way, you can accept payments through your website. Here are some things to think about:

  1. How well does the payment gateway combine with essential elements of your site? Billing forms, shipping forms, checkout forms, pages, posts, and more, are all examples of this.
  2. Is the user interface intuitive— simple and easy to use with little or no learning curve?
  3. Can you make your forms look like they belong on your website? You might want to include your logo, add more fields, or add widgets or CTA buttons, for example.
  4. Can you accept payments from customers worldwide in a variety of currencies? Are you able to accept new digital payment methods as they emerge?
  5. Does the gateway support payment analytics? Payment gateways should be able to collect as much valuable data as possible. This provides a clear picture of how well the gateway operates and how you may improve it. You can also get devices that are:
    • Used to pay
    • Payment problems
    • Double payments
    • Dropped payments due to weak internet signals
    • Refunds
  6. Can the gateway be set up to deliver receipts to clients when a payment has been made? You should include all transaction details on the receipt. The payment success page should also link clients back to the website and give all transaction details in the event of a transaction failure. Finally, you should notify the consumer via a payment failure form on the website window.
  7. There are many different types of taxes to consider while filling out payment forms. Such as federal, state, GST, VAT, and so on. Is the payment gateway capable of handling various tax needs depending on the region?
  8. As your company increases, so does the volume of transactions. Will the payment gateway be able to grow with your company?
  9. How detailed or precise are the reports so that you may execute financial reconciliation? Is there a search and filter feature in the payment gateway that allows you to look for specific items? Are the reports available for download, printing, downloading, and export?
  10. Fraud and data security are constant concerns. But, how much attention does the payment gateway’s creator pay to security?


Suppose you opt to use Stripe to sell straight through your WordPress website. One of these Stripe payment plugins will be helpful to you and your company. We chose them for their practical features, such as the ability to create Stripe buttons that you can place anywhere on your website. It also offers support for test mode and recurring payments.

What remains is to select the best Stripe payment plugins that you believe will best suit your needs. We hope this article has helped you decide which tool is best for your site to take credit card payments.


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