A membership site is one of the most profitable ways to generate passive revenue. Therefore, it’s also crucial to learn about the finest WP Membership plugins to create a membership site.

With a membership plugin, you can restrict access to some or all your content. This allows users to get access after paying a one-time or monthly subscription. Recurring revenue is the key to consistent financial flow. When selling particular products or services, you must encourage customers to buy again. Whether through email marketing, abandoned cart messaging, or social media.

Companies that accept automated payments don’t have to worry about sales and marketing as much. Instead, they’re more concerned about keeping current clients satisfied (maybe not the cable company). As a result, these recurring subscriptions tend to attract clients who never use the service or product but continue to pay.

In conclusion, membership websites can make you a lot of money if:

  • You select the correct niche
  • Work hard to provide high-quality products/services
  • Use the finest WordPress membership plugins to help you

A stronger platform implies more growth opportunities. Hence selecting the best membership plugin is essential for your business. We’ll compare different WordPress membership plugins in this article. This will help you to create fantastic premium membership websites.

The Advantages of Developing a Membership Website

There are many methods to generate money online. But one of the most effective is to create a membership website using a WP membership plugin.

A membership site allows you to restrict access to your site’s content to only those who have paid for it. You can find downloads, forums, help, and other types of content here.

Here are a few reasons why you would wish to create a membership website:

1. Create a Consistent Source of Recurring Income

Ask site visitors to pay for access to your membership site. This way, you can create a steady stream of recurring revenue that grows as more people sign up.

2. Develop a Larger Email List

Every small business owner wants to increase their email marketing methods. And it all starts with expanding your email list. Adding registered users to your email list helps to keep your list active. It also gives you access to people who are more likely to reply (and convert) to your emails.

3. Deliver More Value

One of the best parts about having a membership site is that the content you restrict access to is evergreen. This means it will continue to be valuable to people in the future. It’s also in one easy-to-find spot for everyone to see. You may also expand on that content to give your consumers even more value. This will motivate them to keep paying you for access.

4. Automation

You don’t have to keep adding to the content you provide registered users. You don’t have to do anything else if you make all the effort up front and develop a membership site for your target audience to enjoy. Unless you wish to update information from time to time. Your Membership’s content handles all the work for you.

5. Provides Value to Your Work

A membership website can assist you in establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Providing high-quality content and charging for access demonstrates that you’re an expert.

What to Look for in a Membership Plugin for WordPress?

Here are the criteria for compiling our list of the most crucial features in a membership plugin:

  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Ease of Use

To get the job done, each sort of membership site requires a unique collection of features.

Let’s look at some of the most common membership sites:

  • Interactive tasks, documentation such as PDFs, and video content are all included in online courses/eCourses.
  • Customers pay for access to services you deliver. Such as coaching or consulting through service-based memberships.
  • For a monthly membership, clients get access to everything on this all-in-one platform.
  • Unregistered users cannot access forums, live chats, articles to read, or other resources in online communities.
  • Product-based memberships give members real or digital products.
  • Fixed-term memberships grant members access to restricted content for a specific period.
  • Drip feed models, in which members’ password-protected content is disclosed as they go through a program.

And that’s only the start. The majority of the top WP membership plugins on the market nowadays can assist you in creating any type of membership site you choose.

What Are the Different Types of Membership Sites You Can Create?

A membership site concept is just that: a concept. Establishing a respected, profitable membership business takes a lot more time, money, and work. Nevertheless, it’s great to bounce ideas off of one another and get the creative juices flowing. Here are some examples of membership sites you can create.

An Online Course that covers one or more topics. It may include projects, documents (such as PDFs), videos, and quizzes in courses.

A Product Membership is one in which members receive digital or physical products. This form of Membership is well-known as the “box of the month” club.

A Service-based Membership program in which members pay a monthly or annual fee for a set number of services. A good example is an online or over-the-phone coaching program.

In a Fixed-term program, a customer pays for a temporary membership. A smoking control program, for example, might last three months.

An Online Community with forums live, chats, articles, and other resources not accessible to the general public. Users pay membership fees to have full access to the site’s features, including the ability to talk with other users and learn about specialist topics.

For the all-at-once subscription, users pay a one-time or monthly cost for everything you have to offer. Some of your ecommerce clients might pay more in exchange for access to all or more of what you sell. This is our favorite option for modest internet stores.

The drip-feed model, in which members’ content is revealed as they progress. New drip content is also published every month. For example, consider premium blogs or online courses. Many podcasts are doing the same thing. In addition, they provide bonus content outside of the programs.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

1. MemberPress

Memberpress Plugin


It is one of the most popular WP membership plugins. It’s also the simplest to use and has the most robust set of functions.


  • MemberPress makes creating a membership website with WordPress a breeze. It’s easy to set up. It can set up price, login, account, and thank you pages for your users instantly. It’s also simple to add membership plans.
  • MemberPress includes a comprehensive access control system. It allows you to restrict access to any content, including posts, pages, categories, tags, and files.
  • Content Dripping allows you to show members restricted content after some time. This is a fantastic tool for selling online courses and educational goods.
  • You can quickly build and sell online courses with MemberPress. It provides customers with an interactive learning experience that focuses on course completion.
  • MemberPress interfaces with email services such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and MadMimi. For podcast hosting, it also works with Amazon Web Services and BluBrry.
  • PayPal and Stripe payment gateways are integrated into MemberPress. Also, Authorize.net support is part of the Developer plan.


  • The Basic plan costs $129 per year, while the Plus plan costs $249 per year.

MemberPress WordPress membership plugin is easy to use for beginners. You can set it up with tons of powerful options. Yet, MemberPress only supports the three most popular payment gateways. For site owners where these payment channels are not available, it is a deal-breaker.

The plugin provides adequate support for major services to run a membership site effectively. It lacks integrations with many other popular services. The plugin is simple to extend, and you can hire someone to integrate a third-party service you want to use.

2. LearnDash

Learndash Plugin

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that is flexible and simple to use. It includes advanced membership modules as well as many integrations.


  • LearnDash is simple to set up, and updating content is even easier. It also has advanced features to organize membership material into tiers, groups, and other categories.
  • LearnDash makes it simple to hide content. It can also limit access to different membership groups.
  • LearnDash makes it simple to develop and sell online courses. In addition, it offers more advanced features than other WordPress membership plugins. This allows you to organize learning materials better.
  • It has a strong drip content function. It allows you to send content to users at regular intervals or once they complete levels.
  • It includes tools for building engaging membership sites. The sites have quizzes, user badges, course-specific forums, certificates, user profiles, and more.
  • LearnDash has a wide range of connectors and payment options. It may also be linked to MemberPress, WooCommerce, bbPress, Slack, and other platforms.


  • A single site license with one year of maintenance and updates starts at $159.

If you want to sell online courses on a paid membership website, LearnDash is the way to go. It has a vast selection of extensions and integrations. This enables you to create a very engaging platform. However, some LearnDash features may not be useful if you construct a membership website without selling courses.

3. Teachable

Teachable Plugin

It is an all-in-one platform for creating courses online. It combines a membership website, learning management system, discussion forum, email marketing, and analytics in a single dashboard.


  • Teachable is simple to start up and requires no technical knowledge. In addition, it’s simple to generate membership content with built-in tools. These tools help you to create and upload videos, text, PDFs, and more.
  • It has a customizable drip content function. It allows you to deliver content based on the progress or subscription level of your users.
  • It includes elements like discussion forums, quizzes, contact forms, certificates, and others. They increase user engagement and create powerful online communities.


  • The basic plan costs $39 per month, a professional plan costs $99 per month, and the business plan costs $499 per month.

There isn’t a WordPress Plugin for this. Unfortunately, teachable does not have a WordPress plugin accessible. Instead, you can use links or a sub-domain to integrate it into your WordPress site. In addition, Teachable is more expensive than other WordPress membership plugins because it covers everything.

4. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro Plugin

Restrict Content Pro is a strong candidate for the title of best WP membership plugin. It was developed by the same team behind Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP WordPress plugins.


  • Restrict Content Pro is simple to use and works well with the WordPress user interface. This makes it simple to learn how to use it.
  • Restrict Content Pro, unlike other membership plugins, comes with built-in integrations. Their plugins only offer them as costly add-ons. Stripe, PayPal, MailChimp, MailPoet, email management, CSV export, and other tools.
  • Free additions include Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree. In addition, 2Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express, and Stripe Checkout are also included.
  • Suppose you’re using Easy Digital Downloads to offer digital products. Then, restricting Content Pro is the ideal complement.
  • All users have access to extensive free documentation. You can also get professional help by email, with very quick responses.


  • $99 for 12 add-ons and a single site license. $149 for five sites and $249 for unlimited sites and all add-ons. A $499 – lifetime package is also available.

One of the most user-friendly membership plugins is Restrict Content Pro. It’s also developer-friendly. It has a robust collection of features that make it ideal for any type of membership site.

It has fewer integrations with third-party services such as email service providers.

5. S2Member

S2Member Plugin

S2Member is a popular free WP membership plugin that also comes with a paid version. It’s been around for a while and has a loyal following.


  • The s2Member base plugin is available for download for free. Anyone can get it and try it out. It has a limited set of features and support, but it’s a nice place to start.
  • The content drip feature is included in S2Member Pro.
  • PayPal is supported in the free version. Stripe and Authorize.net are also supported in the pro edition of the plugin.
  • MailChimp, bbPress, and BuddyPress are all supported.
  • All S2Members have access to an enormous knowledge base. In addition, email-based help is now available to Pro users.


  • The base plugin is free, while the Pro edition costs $89 for a single site license. The pro edition costs $189 for unlimited sites.

s2Member is a little more difficult to use than other membership plugins, in our opinion. Only PayPal is supported in the free edition. It has only four membership tiers and no-drip content.

6. aMember Pro

Amember Pro Plugin

It is another feature-rich membership plugin to build any form of membership site. It’s important to note that this isn’t a WordPress membership plugin. This may cause some compatibility issues with your plugins and theme. Also, it has a rather outdated interface. But, this solution makes it simple to set up a fully functional membership site.


  • Create as many membership levels as you’d want. You can also add as many items as you’d like and set dynamic rates for products and subscriptions for users to choose from.
  • The admin panel is simple to use and allows you to manage your members. You can add customers and subscriptions, edit, or delete. View detailed reports and perform batch procedures to save time and effort.
  • An email newsletter optin, a helpdesk, affiliate management, and a shopping cart are some of the modules available in aMember Pro.
  • Automate customer sign-ups to save time. Set the products and payment gateways you want to provide during the initial sign-up process. Afterward, aMember Pro will take care of the rest.
  • You’ll also receive access to dozens of payment options, content dripping, and coupon codes if you upgrade to aMember Pro.
  • Furthermore, both the admin interface and the frontend of your site are available in six languages.


  • aMember Pro is a one-time payment of $149.36 that you can use on as many sites as you like. Other plugins only allow for one. Thus this is ideal for developers and freelancers.

7. WooCommerce Memberships

Woocommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Memberships is a WooCommerce plugin. It allows you to restrict the sale of products and services on your eCommerce site to registered users only. But, you’ll have to use WooCommerce Subscriptions to accept recurring payments on your site. Hence, it’s not an all-in-one solution. But it does allow you to build password-protected content and products.


  • You can establish many types of memberships. This is because memberships are generated apart from your WooCommerce items. This includes stand-alone products, products purchased in a package, and subscriptions. As part of an invite-only members area, you can even assign memberships manually.
  • As part of a drip campaign, you can arrange when users will receive your content. For example, you may regulate how members use your site by restricting access to WordPress posts or pages. You can even set up a free trial and then lock content once the trial time ends, requiring payment to view it again.
  • Customers that pay for access to your WooCommerce shop and content are your most loyal. Allow members of your membership site to receive free delivery and other discounts. Then, non-members must meet specific requirements, such as possessing a voucher or placing an order.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions make it simple for site owners and users to manage memberships. For example, in the special Members Area, members can check their accessible content. In addition, they can find upcoming access dates and see all facts about their membership status.
  • You’ll have access to services like exporting member information into email marketing tools. You can also communicate with members by sharing notes you’ve prepared.


  • For a single site license, WooCommerce Memberships start at $149 per year.

8. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Membership Pro Plugin

Paid Memberships Pro is a fantastic membership plugin. You can completely customize it to meet your company’s requirements.


  • Add-ons and upgrades are installed and updated with a single click.
  • It includes unlimited support tickets and efficient customer care.
  • There are no limits to the number of membership levels you can have. You can also choose from a variety of membership rates.
  • There are six well-known payment gateways included.
  • Pro version also includes a nice reporting dashboard, content access by levels, email notifications, and more.


  • The cost of Paid Memberships Pro begins at $297.

9. Optinmonster

Optinmonster Plugin

OptinMonster is the world’s #1 conversion toolkit. It allows you to build your membership site’s user base without increasing traffic.

It’s excellent to create a membership site, but only if you have people who use it. This is where OptinMonster can help.

You can gain more email subscribers, boost your revenue. In this example, you can add more new members to your site by using OptinMonster.

This is critical because, as your site’s traffic grows, you’ll need a solid strategy for turning non-members into members.

To boost UX and achieve greater growth. You may even insert registration forms into clickable popups. To develop your community, you may use it to create conversion optimization campaigns that work with your site’s content. You aren’t confined to only one strategy because they offer so many campaign types.

Other conversion-boosting features are:

  • Exit-Intent® popups
  • Slide-In boxes
  • Content Lockers

It also comes with lots of themes and a drag-and-drop visual builder. These make creating gorgeous campaigns a breeze.

You may also decide when, where, and to whom your campaigns appear. Thanks to extensive segmentation and smart targeting options. It’s no surprise that over 1,000,000 websites use and trust OptinMonster.


  • There are a variety of campaign kinds to choose from to increase your Membership.
  • There are over 50 pre-made templates that you can use on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Unlike any other program on the market, it has the most powerful targeting and trigger settings.
  • Over 30 email service providers have native connections. They can be integrated with any email service provider.
  • Detailed analytics reports will assist you in making better data-driven conversion strategy decisions.


  • Pricing starts at $9 per month and scales as your business grows.

Also Read: How To Migrate to New OptinMonster.

10. MemberMouse

Member Mouse Membership Plugin

MemberMouse is one of the greatest WordPress membership plugins. It is for those of us who aren’t that tech-savvy. It allows you to build membership levels and bundles. This enables existing members to buy one-time things with ease.

To enhance your results, you can build trial offers and coupons. You can also integrate it with top payment gateways and email marketing providers.

One thing to keep in mind is that this platform appears to be out of date in capabilities. Other platforms with a more easy design and more functions are available for a lower cost.


  • Library of shortcodes.
  • Checkout is simple to set up.
  • Content that is released over time.
  • Upsells that one can buy with only one click.
  • Downsells are made automatically.
  • Split-testing.
  • Upgrades that are pro-rated.


  • The Builder plan is available for $29 per month. This package includes 5,000 members, all their basic features, and email assistance.
  • The Advanced plan costs $79 a month. It includes 50,000 users, an advanced reporting suite, and priority email support.
  • Finally, the Premium plan costs $199 per month. With this plan, you get 100,000 members, all the core and advanced features, a Sticky.io integration, and priority email/phone support. Annual subscriptions are available for all options at a discounted rate.

11. Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member Plugin

WishList Member offers many features, including:

  • The ability to establish infinite membership levels
  • Safeguard content with a single click
  • Accept payments quickly
  • Link with your email marketing provider

It also includes a wealth of content, including lessons, videos, and tips, to help you get the most out of it.

The issue with this platform is that it provides far too many options. This may be overwhelming and confusing.


  • With only a few clicks, you can protect your content and set the price.
  • Integrates with a variety of productivity tools, such as email marketing services, payment gateways.
  • You can drip content.
  • REST API and WP template tags are examples of developer tools.
  • At a glance, you can have the membership statistics.
  • There are no limits to the number of membership levels you can have, and you can choose from a variety.


  • For a single site license, prices start at $197.

12. WP-Members

Wp-Members Membership Plugin

WP-Members is a free WordPress membership plugin. It makes it simple to limit or hide access to pages, articles, and custom post types. In addition, it keeps the registration process on the front end of the site. This way, it’s integrated into the content, rather than redirecting users to the WordPress login page.

Keep in mind that the free edition has a lot of limitations in support. Furthermore, users have already reported many faults with the plugin.


  • No changes are needed to your existing WordPress theme.
  • Create custom fields for registration and user profiles.
  • Teaser content for post excerpts is automatically included.
  • With 120+ action and filter hooks, you may create powerful modifications.


  • WP-Members is a free plugin. It allows you to construct membership sites, although it has extremely restricted features. Paid plans begin at $59 per year (with a lifetime cost of $499).

13. AR- Members

Armembers Plugin

ARMember is a free WordPress membership plugin with a lot of functionality. You may build an endless number of membership tiers, restrict content with a single click, and drip content, among other things. It also has a form builder that allows you to construct custom forms and sign-up pages.

Customer support is slow with this plugin, which is a disadvantage.


  • Create memberships that are both free and trial.
  • Memberships can be upgraded, canceled, renewed, or downgraded.
  • Login forms for social media
  • Achievements and badges
  • Content that is delivered in a drip/scheduled fashion


  • This WordPress Membership plugin is available for download for free. The cost of the premium version is $43.

14. MagicMembers

Magicmembers Plugin

It is a fantastic platform for selling online courses, drip content, and pay-per-view products, among other things. It may take some time to become used to and grasp the functions of this plugin when you first use it.


  • There are many payment gateways and email autoresponder connectors available.
  • Optional memberships are available.
  • Content delivery on a drip/scheduled basis
  • Content is displayed in a controlled and incomplete manner.
  • Forum integrations with pay-per-view and pay-per-post options


  • The price range begins at $97.

15. Bbpress

Bbpress Plugin

If you run a membership site, bbPress is a must-have WordPress plugin. It allows you to establish and administer forums and discussion boards. Only individuals logged into their membership accounts will have access to these boards.

bbPress is, at its heart, a forum software developed by the same team who produced WordPress. But when you connect it to your membership site, it can do a lot more. For example, you can immediately add your members as forum users and provide them access to the plan’s dedicated forum.

You may also redirect users to a custom URL when they log in using bbPress. You also have complete control over topic creation and comment and reply moderation.

You can enable or disable anonymous responses. You can also assign many permission levels to users, such as spectators, participants, and moderators.


  • Setup and installation are simple.
  • Forums that are simple to manage and keep clean
  • Admin area that is fully integrated
  • To separate your audience, create multisite forms.


  • bbPress is a completely free platform.

16. iThemes Exchange Membership Add-on

Itheme Exchange Membership Plugin

iThemes Exchange Membership isn’t a stand-alone plugin like the previous membership plugins. It’s an add-on for iThemes’ Exchange eCommerce plugin instead.


  • You can create an endless number of membership levels with iThemes Exchange Membership. You can create both free and paid membership levels. Also, if members want to switch levels, they can do so and automatically have their previous payment pro-rated.
  • You can also create membership hierarchies. This means that some membership levels can be children of another membership level.
  • You can restrict content by posts or pages, as well as categories and tags, for example.
  • You can integrate charged digital products into your site with iThemes Exchange Membership. This is an excellent choice if you want to combine membership\ subscriptions and one-time digital purchases.
  • Like the other plugins, you can trickle out your content. All these content restriction settings, when combined, provide for some interesting combinations.
  • Keep in mind that because iThemes Exchange Membership is an add-on. Therefore, you may need to buy more Exchange add-ons to get the features you need. The MailChimp connectivity add-on, for example, costs $30. Or, you can pay $197 for all Exchange add-ons.


  • The Membership add-on starts at $97. It includes the Recurring Payments add-on for free.

17. Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin

This WP Plugin gives you the tools you need to sell subscriptions and memberships. It works with WooCommerce for semi-automated billing and frequent product subscriptions. It’s touted as one of the best-selling membership plugins, and the claim holds up.

The various membership levels allow your users to pick how much they want to pay. At the same time, the free and trial options allow them to sample what you have to offer.

Even for a plugin with so many capabilities, it is elegant and well-organized. Unfortunately, when it comes to WP plugins, it’s easy to overlook the importance of developer support.

This plugin is an excellent example of how a dedicated developer can make a significant impact on:

  • Updates
  • Resolving user issues
  • Delivering dependable features that consumers want to see

The developer offers discounts on the plugin from time to time, so keep a lookout for those. It’s already a reasonably priced membership plugin. Also, if you pay a little extra, you’ll get future customer support.

Even though the plugin is well-organized, it is nonetheless jam-packed with functionality. This may put off some people who need the most basic membership plugins.

You can translate the system into any language. But a multilingual membership website is not possible. Also, the login and sign-up forms aren’t very customizable. You can change the header photo, but that’s the only other option.


  • It allows you to limit access to certain pages, such as WordPress posts and pages.
  • You can set up recurring payments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Allow clients to log in using their social media profiles.
  • Hide a section of your navigational menu until a user signs up for a membership.
  • Send out email notifications and drip your content.
  • To make your registration forms more relevant for your site, use custom fields.
  • The plugin allows you to connect to nine different email marketing platforms.
  • You can make it impossible for members to share their accounts.
  • Integrate BuddyPress to create an entire online community.
  • For an outstanding range of features, the Pro plugin has a reasonable price tag.
  • The developer is committed to introducing features and reacting to user feedback.
  • Just copy and paste a shortcode to prohibit a small part of your material from using the partial content restriction. This is useful for displaying teaser content.
  • PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and Mollie are just a few of the payment gateways available. It is one of the few WP membership plugins with so many payment choices.
  • You can experiment with conditional logic, unique fields, and custom redirects for a personalized membership site.
  • For things like drip content, you can use the Gutenberg modules to add blocks quickly.


  • It starts at $29.

18. Membership by Supsystic – Free (With Paid Extensions)

Membership By Supsystic Plugin

Supsystic Membership is a free WordPress membership plugin with a few paid additions. The Restrict Content plugin, for example, costs $39 for a single site license.

The following are some of the other extensions:

For example, you can restrict content based on user roles.

ecommerce Subscriptions WooCommerce Social Network Integration

Login with your social media account

Without premium extensions, you can build:

  • Custom forms
  • A member directory
  • Real-time notifications

It’s also convenient that the plugin comes with private messaging and a complete friend and following system.

Limited marketing options (such as email marketing) are available. Also, the backend lacks the frontend’s clarity and streamlined user interface.


  • You will receive a free membership plugin. Because the features are extensive, you may not need to pay for extensions. If you need extensions, simply visit the website and order one or two as many as you need.
  • There’s no need to pay for things you don’t use because the other extensions are distinct. This gives you a great deal of versatility.
  • The front end allows users to register and log in, and the admin can customize the login forms.
  • Members can manage their profiles and find new acquaintances. So they can feel like they have their own small “room” in your community. They may add photos, update their bios, and keep track of who is contacting them.
  • The free version includes support for drip content. So create your drip content plan from the start, and you should only have to make minor changes in the future.
  • The plugin automates the majority of the process.
  • Create groups to help your community grow, and empower your members to moderate those groups.
  • Send users private messages via a quick chat tool.
  • To improve the efficacy of your member management. Import data from BuddyPress and then integrate with the popular community plugin.
  • Use the role restriction to provide more content to some members than to others.


  • Supsystic Membership is a free WordPress membership plugin. Yet, each extra premium feature costs around $39.
  • In the free version, customer support is either restricted or non-existent. Unfortunately, most users don’t pay fees regularly. Hence the “only pay for add-ons” business model offers the developer less incentive to check customer concerns.

19. Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions Plugin

Paid Memberships Pro is a plugin that comes with excellent customer service. It also has a slew of features to help you get started with your membership site.

Paid Memberships Pro comes with a free plugin and many add-ons. The plugin comes with the essential features for basic membership sites. But the add-ons take it to the next level. The following are some of the add-ons:

  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Integration with MailPoet
  • Register Helper for WooCommerce to Add Checkout and Profile Fields
  • Templates for Emails
  • An integration with bbPress
  • Non-admins can’t see the admin bar because it’s hidden.


  • Simple membership sites can gain from the free plugins. It comes with basic video tutorials and documentation, as well as 19 free add-ons. It appears to be a good option for small membership sites and those who want to test the plugin before upgrading.
  • Create your membership tiers, each with different pricing. Then, you can make those plans public so that new users can see exactly what they’re paying for.
  • CyberSource, PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe are only a few of the payment gateways you can use.
  • Set up trial prices and pricing that is adjustable. The trials can be customized entirely and have an end date.
  • The plugin allows you to insert and customize adverts.
  • Send out email alerts to your subscribers.
  • With one of the options, you can use the plugin on as many sites as you wish.
  • The customizable reports are helpful for keeping track of your subscribers. It also helps to estimate how much money your site generates.
  • You’ll never be without a feature, thanks to the over 60 premium add-ons.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee alleviates the initial purchase’s anxiety.
  • The content constraints are extremely lenient. For example, custom post kinds, single pages, and certain sections of your material can all be restricted.
  • You may create complete membership directories. This gives members the ability to personalize their profiles and control their subscriptions.
  • WordPress multisite is fully compatible with the plugin.


  • Free, but the Premium version costs $297 per year.
  • The key functions are available in the paid version. Hence, most reputable membership sites will choose it. But, the free edition comes with 19 free add-ons so that it can be plenty for tiny membership sites.
  • For the average business, the Plus plan makes the most sense. But developers may want the Unlimited plan, which includes support for as many sites as you desire. This item costs $597.

CSS is required for the majority of design customizations. This is an advantage for developers. But beginners are limited to the designs provided.

20. BuddyBoss

Buddyboss Plugin

BuddyBoss is a membership theme and plugin. It allows you to create a site with membership customization, online communities, and courses. The adaptable plugin works with most WordPress themes. Or you can use the BuddyBoss theme to start your membership site from scratch.

There isn’t a free version of this plugin available. However, on the BuddyBoss website, you may try out an online sandbox demo to get a better sense of how the plugin works.

BuddyBoss’ services include tools for building online membership programs. You have access to features such as:

  • Recurring payments
  • Gamification
  • Integration
  • Create your own community mobile app

Several membership plugins are available as software as a service (SaaS) platforms. However, BuddyBoss has a more open approach. It charges a flat fee and allows you to customize your site with any plugins or custom coding you like.

Among other things, it can:

  • Sell courses online
  • Create communities
  • Conduct corporate training programs

Nonprofits and online schools will find it particularly intriguing. BuddyBoss allows you complete customization, but beginners are limited to only changing aspects like the header and footer.


  • This increases your versatility as a business owner because you can use the theme to create a membership site right away. Or you can combine it with another theme if you need a different look.
  • The plugin contains features for selling courses, managing several levels of memberships. It also allows users to take part in online communities to discuss issues.
  • BuddyBoss isn’t advertised as a SaaS tool. But rather as a plugin that works well with other plugins and integrations. Hence you’re not confined to the capabilities that come with it.
  • Private chat, forum discussions, and event planning modules are all available in the member profiles. These are modern and simple to use. Every user also has their own media albums, which they may use to add and organize images.
  • It’s possible to sell memberships and subscriptions. You can also use WooCommerce to sell them alongside other products.
  • Online courses with quizzes, drip content, and reports can be sold or given out. It also includes possibilities for awarding certificates to students who pass a course.
  • BuddyBoss’s gamification function makes your community more enjoyable. Rewards, achievements, points, and ranks are some of the gamification features.
  • Integrate with a variety of page builders, including Gutenberg, Elementor, and others.
  • You may construct a mobile app with in-app purchases and real-time syncing with your website for your membership site.
  • LearnDash, Elementor, and WooCommerce are only some third-party plugins and tools you can use.


  • The cost of a single theme and plugin license starts at $228 per year.
  • Suppose you want to run many membership sites. Then, you can upgrade to a higher plan that costs more but gives you more licenses.
  • There is no free version of the plugin. However, the pricing is not unjust; it will appear excessive to certain small enterprises.

21. Ultimate member

Ultimate Member Plugin

The Ultimate Member plugin is a cost-effective way to create a membership website. The plugin’s core version is free, and you just have to pay for the extensions you need. Few handfuls of the extensions are available. Such as,

  • Notices
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Private Content
  • MailChimp
  • User Reviews
  • Unsplash support
  • User Bookmarks
  • Verified Users
  • Instagram

The profile beauty, frontend sign-up page, and UI of the plugin is a fantastic feature. You’d believe it was a paid plugin that cost a few hundred dollars. Yet it’s free and supported by extension sales.

It’s also Gutenberg-ready. It has five blocks to create your membership profile area and add features like a directory and password reset page. When using the Ultimate Member plugin, you don’t need to know anything about coding or use a developer. It’s ready to use right away and even comes with a drag-and-drop builder for the best experience.


  • The Ultimate Member plugin is free to use, and some of the extensions are as well.
  • You may either pay for premium extensions or get an all-extension bundle to save money.
  • To create the exact types of forms you need for your membership site. There are conditional logic form fields and custom form fields.
  • Customization possibilities are available in the frontend user registration and profile module.
  • When compared to some of the premium membership plugins on this list. All the front and backend interfaces are just as attractive.
  • The drag-and-drop builder and Gutenberg modules are two examples of beginner-friendly functionality.
  • You get access to a huge library of paid and free extensions, including tools for stock photographs, groups, private content, and more.
  • Along with the membership plugin, a WordPress theme is also available. Because everything is already created and ready for them, this is arguably one of the simplest ways for someone to start a membership site.
  • With a support forum, getting started guides and contact information. You’ll be able to receive answers to your queries quickly.


  • A $249 package is also available. This includes all the Ultimate Member premium extensions at a discounted price.
  • You can also buy a theme at a higher price. The prices of the extensions vary, but the majority of them start at around $35.

Stuff like private messages and user images aren’t truly “premium” features. Hence it would be wonderful to have a few of the expensive extensions as free features. Unfortunately, there are no demos available for the paid plugins to give you a sense of how they perform in practice. Screenshots are provided. But it would be preferable if users could try out the extensions before purchasing them.

22. ProfileGrid

Profilegride Plugin

ProfileGrid is a profile generation and administration plugin. It is most of the same functions as membership software and combines simplicity and high expandability.

WooCommerce integration, bbPress support, and complex forms are all included. A group event, a logout menu, and user profiles are also available.

Paid features include MailChimp integrations, geolocation, and a group wall for users to discuss subjects in a forum. The frontend group creator ensures that your users don’t have to fiddle with the backend too much. It also ensures that the social login helps speed up the login procedure.

It can create groups, directories, membership debates, and profiles without becoming bloated.

The sign-up pages are attractive. Also, the profile tools are beneficial to people of all ability levels. Furthermore, the majority of the functions are available for free. However, you may need to upgrade at some point in the future to gain access to new features. In that situation, you’d either use one of the various extensions. Or pay $79 for the plugin’s Premium edition. The premium version usually works by enabling specific extensions that you need right now.

To keep track of your member’s you might need to enable Instagram images integration or a user labels module.

The designs are simplistic. So, you’ll need to work with code or use a developer if you want to reproduce your branding or make any adjustments. Customer service is confined to the creation of support tickets.


  • The core plugin is free.
  • The premium features are also reasonably priced.
  • It’s a small plugin that doesn’t need any heavy software to overburden your machine or server.
  • Several other plugins, such as WooCommerce and bbPress, can be integrated.
  • With user blogs, private chat, and a friend system, users can communicate and take part.
  • This is an excellent plugin for allowing your users to upload larger files.
  • With payment systems like Stripe and PayPal, create your own membership levels.
  • A reCAPTCHA toggle, whitelisting/blacklisting options, a site key, and other features are available.
  • The admin can restrict content with choices for limiting content for specific members and enabling some of your content to be published for free.
  • The profiles are complex but simple enough for the typical individual to upload and create items. Such as profile images, group photos, biographical information, and any other custom areas you want to include.
  • You get extensive group management options. Such as the ability to add badges to groups, make them private, and associate particular users with them.
  • Admins and users can filter through a directory page to find friends and people with similar interests.
  • It’s one of the best plugins for appointing group managers to moderate message boards and forums.


  • Free, but with a premium price starting at $79.
  • The free version includes WooCommerce integration. But anything beyond that requires a paid subscription. Combining your membership site with your WooCommerce wishlist, for example, will cost you money.
  • The premium version of the plugin includes some of the fundamental functionality. Instagram and MailChimp integrations are just a couple of examples.

23. Restrict User Access

Restrict User Access Plugin

If all you want to do is restrict access to some or all your content. The Restrict User Access plugin performs the job alone. The plugin’s purpose is to limit the visibility of blog posts and pages to members only.

These individuals are divided into groups depending on their WordPress user roles. First, you offer membership levels on your website. Then you name them according to the user level and pricing.

You don’t need to know how to code to take advantage of the benefits of Restrict User Access. Overriding your present user levels or working with what’s already available in WordPress are two ways to build access levels.

Users can move between levels, and membership lengths that expire after a set amount of time can be added. Non-paying users might use the teaser content to persuade them of what they’re losing out on.

The Restrict User Access plugin is entirely free. But, you can pay for more plugins from the same developer. Some of them could be useful for a membership website.

For designing theme templates, we like the Content-Aware Sidebars and Sectors.


  • The plugin is entirely free, with no upgrade choices available.
  • Create as many access levels as you want based on your current WordPress user levels. Or ones you make up for your membership niche.
  • Make memberships with end dates in the future.
  • Drip content is content that you compile once and then send out in the future.
  • Unauthorized visitors are directed to a particular page on your site. This is useful for creating a landing page that explains the advantages of a premium account and the value customers receive.
  • You have the option of displaying teaser content to non-members. It’s also possible to send them a personalized message with a call to action to persuade them even more.
  • Shortcodes are provided to make content restriction more versatile.
  • Create content restrictions for your members based on various criteria, including posts, pages, content produced by a specified author, page templates, blog pages, user profiles, and more.
  • The plugin interacts with many valuable tools to help you develop your membership site. Pods, Polylang, BuddyPress, and bbPress are among our favorites.
  • A developer API for sophisticated customizations and integration with all your organizational systems.


  • The Restrict User Access plugin is completely free. But you can pay for more plugins from the same developer. Some of them could be useful for a membership website.
  • For designing theme templates, we like the Content-Aware Sidebars and Sectors. For one site and unlimited widget spaces, the Personal plan starts at $49 per year. But, the free Restrict User Access plugin can run the great majority of membership sites.

There is a learning curve with the backend interface. It doesn’t appear to be very modern. But you’ll find a big list of settings and times when you can’t find the proper tabs.

24. Memberful WP

Memberful Wp Plugin

It is a stand-alone membership management system that connects to your WP site via a plugin. The plugin doesn’t include the features you’ll need to sell memberships on its own. But the Memberful WP program does. It has everything you’ll need to set up membership tiers, collect payments, and charge taxes.

Memberful WP has a free plan that allows you to try out the software and see how it fits with your WordPress site. To get the most functionality, serious firms will need to upgrade to the $25 per month Pro plan. Unlimited plans, promotion codes, staff accounts, and more are available.

To remove the Memberful logo and sell group subscriptions. First, of course, you’ll need the $100 per month option.

Using it to establish and manage memberships on your site isn’t the most cost-effective alternative. But, the elegant interface and all-in-one feature set are the reasons for the expensive pricing.

It is also open and ready for integrations and extensions. However, the sign-up forms, community forums, and profiles are already attractive. This feature allows users to further customize the system.


  • Memberful WP is a free plan that you can use to try out the plugin and see how it works with your WordPress site.
  • The member management and sign-up modules are among the most attractive on the market.
  • Subscriptions are simple to manage with different payment channels, subscription support, and refunds issued at the touch of a button.
  • Depending on what membership level a user logs in to. You can limit content and safeguard specific sites and posts.
  • For building your first membership site. It includes a vast selection of videos and instructions.
  • All the notifications are set up for you right away. For example, emails for password resets, credit card end notices, and renewal reminders fall into this category.
  • You may make a coupon in seconds and distribute it to new members for a discount.
  • You can use the built-in parameters to create custom branding.
  • Developers can use the API.
  • Gift subscriptions can be purchased and sent to friends and family.
  • You can post various file kinds that your members can download and use on their PCs. You could, for example, give them ebooks or infographics to read.
  • In comparison to the competition, the analytics stand out. For example, you can keep track of all conversions and observe how your users engage with one another.
  • Sell real and digital goods to members and non-members alike. It comes with everything you need to create a full-fledged eCommerce business and a membership site.


  • The cost is exorbitant. Although a free plan is available, it is more of a free trial with limited capabilities. After that, the monthly price accumulates over time.
  • Transaction costs are charged by all plans, and they are not cheap. The transaction charge for the free plan is 10%, while the premium plans are 4.9 percent. That’s not even taking into account the credit card processing fees. As a result, you should expect to pay between 7.8% and 12.9 percent every transaction. And here, we thought PayPal fees were exorbitant.

25. Simple Membership

Simple Membership Plugin

The Simple Membership plugin is a good option to offer free and premium memberships on your site. The fact that the plugin is free and supports dozens of languages is one of the reasons it is so popular with small enterprises.

It is one of the most comprehensive language lists available for membership plugins. This allows for a wide range of applications in different nations.

There are no pricing plans for the Simple Membership plugin, as stated before. It’s an open-source project that focuses on the user. Not only that, but the plugin’s name says it all.

The plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes. It can also protect any sites you want within minutes after installation.

Simple Membership allows for an unlimited number of membership levels. It also includes a user interface that is fairly simple to use for both beginners and advanced users. Set the options to offer free or premium memberships. Now connect PayPal to your site to start receiving payments. Alternative payment gateways include Braintree and Stripe. Simple Membership includes all the fundamentals, from one-time purchases to monthly subscriptions. This makes it an appropriate membership plugin for individuals who don’t want extra features or a bulky plugin.


  • It’s completely free, with no upsells.
  • The majority of the necessary add-ons are free, with a few premium options available. Email service connectors, login redirection, and a membership form builder are among the add-ons.
  • Filter hooks and actions can be built up using the developer API.
  • A member login widget is available for use on all site pages to display a login form.
  • A membership payment log gives you a paper trail so you can keep track of which members have paid and which haven’t.
  • You can create an infinite number of membership levels. You can also list both free and paid memberships on your website.
  • While updating a WordPress post or page, the content is protected. For people who do not have the appropriate membership level, a login module shows. In a nutshell, the Simple Membership plugin allows you to add a blocker to specific sites.
  • The function that allows you to protect portions of your work is one of our favorites. As an example, as a teaser, you could show a short part of your blog post or photo gallery. The rest of the content can be restricted like several large newspapers do with their online content.


  • It’s free.

26. Groups

Groups Plugin

The Groups plugin has a well-designed interface and a large number of extensions. It allows you to extend the functionality of the basic membership plugin. The plugin’s community is also very active in discussing how to use it on the development website. For pricing, you won’t need to use your credit card unless you plan on purchasing a few of the extensions.

What’s even more amazing is the sheer amount of extensions available. For example, 404 redirects, blog protection, file access, forums, and other features are available. Some of these features may seem like they should be included with the core plugin. But in this model, you are not obligated to buy anything, and there is no need to pay a one-time fee for all the extensions.

Instead, look over the list and select the extensions you need. Such as group newsletters or PayPal support.


  • The core plugin is free.
  • You have complete control over blocking post types, products, pages, and other objects.
  • You can divide your users into groups and only show particular stuff to those groups. The goal of this plugin is to provide those groups with better control.
  • When it comes to restricting which content on your site you want to restrict. Shortcodes provide you with more options. Like, if you wanted to hide something from non-members, you might use the member’s shortcode.
  • A drag-and-drop content restriction experience is offered by Gutenberg blocks.
  • Quick filters and bulk actions are included in the user interface. This allows you to manage your entire membership base with a few clicks.
  • There are a few translations for the plugin that you can use all over the world.
  • Subscription items with recurring payments should be offered.
  • You get to choose how long the Membership will last. There are many options for collecting one-time payments or late payments.
  • With a plugin like this, you have greater flexibility. This is because you get the core functions for free and then choose the extensions based on your organization’s needs. Forums, importing, exporting, newsletters, and payment processing are a few of the extensions available.
  • Developers can use the API to build on top of what’s currently in the plugin.


  • Prices vary depending on the extension, but they appear to be in the $19 to $29 range.
  • For free core capabilities, the Groups plugin allows for an unlimited number of groups to be created, with people signing up via a form.
  • The access rights are completely within your control.

27. AccessAlly

Accessally Plugin

Consider AccessAlly, a plugin that combines an LMS and a membership platform. LMS features are already incorporated in many WordPress membership plugins. In truth, the functionality of membership sites is often identical to that of other types of plugins. Or they incorporate elements from both types of plugins.

It makes things a step further. It offers entire Membership and learning management suites. This allows you to create and sell online courses as well as unique memberships.

From the forms to the payment modules. The great majority of the elements are designed to increase conversions.

You can set up an affiliate tracking system. Then send abandoned cart emails to customers who don’t complete their purchases.

The AccessAlly plugin isn’t available in the WordPress repository, and it’s not inexpensive. On the other hand, it’s a high-end set of tools designed for serious online courses and membership sites on the rise. Some could argue that it’s more of a service for businesses that are already established.

AccessAlly contains a huge list of functions you’ll almost never use. But customer service is superior to that of a free WordPress plugin.

A one-on-one demonstration is required to view the software in action. If you don’t have time to do so, there is a video on the website.


  • It’s a powerful software and WordPress plugin for established brands and fast-growing businesses.
  • With highly customizable settings and tools for developers to interact with all current organizational systems, the flexibility is unmatched.
  • AccessAlly gives top-notch customer service to all users as a high-end software. Everyone has access to comprehensive web information. Also, the users receive many monthly training calls.
  • Paying for a yearly subscription will save you money on the high cost.
  • It is a WP plugin that combines a learning management system and a membership plugin.
  • Activate as many memberships, courses, files, tags, and directories as you want.
  • For finding information on users, the member director provides filters and search capabilities.
  • Customize every aspect of your forms. For example, give your community a gamification element by awarding points for specific acts.
  • AccessAlly includes an affiliate management scheme that includes leaderboards, special links, and payments.
  • The order forms are easy and modern, including payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe.
  • The plugin includes many useful promotional and analytical capabilities. Such as rapid coupon production and comprehensive reports.
  • AccessAlly interacts with many other applications. Including ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, and ActiveCampaign, besides a robust WordPress plugin.
  • Split testing is one of those standout features that you won’t find in many other plugins.


  • It starts at $99 per month

28. YITH WooCommerce Membership

Yithwoocommerce Membership

When it comes to finding the best membership plugin, it’s important to consider which alternatives provide the correct degree of ecommerce support. If you already have or plan to create a WooCommerce site. It’s a good idea to look into a membership plugin that’s designed to function with it.

The YITH WooCommerce Membership plugin is an example of this type of solution. Because it allows you to maintain a full online store and lets you sell memberships alongside it.

The plugin is designed to automate the process of selling and managing memberships. You customize the content you want to sell, then invite new users to become members.

This can range from an eBook series to an online course. YITH has a simple and reliable set of capabilities for configuring your memberships. Also, the number of levels you can create is unlimited. Also, the plugin’s customer assistance is responsive and available via a ticketing system and an online knowledge base.

You may also consider expanding your business with other WooCommerce plugins. For example, that supports your membership site and integrates with the plugin. Again, this is because YITH is a developer with a big portfolio of plugins.

YITH does not have a core plugin available in the WordPress Repository. As a result, the majority of user reviews may be found on the YITH website. As a result, you can’t fully trust their reviews. Also, there is no such thing as a free plan. Therefore, many of the items you add to your site with this plugin are unstyled. Some businesses will appreciate this. While others may be put off by the idea that they will have to customize or even contact a developer.


  • The pricing is fair, especially if you don’t intend to pay for help every year.
  • You may establish an unlimited number of memberships with YITH WooCommerce Membership.
  • The plugin is WooCommerce-compatible. This allows you to use the WooCommerce infrastructure to sell memberships. It’s also helpful in selling more items on the same website.
  • With the press of a button, you can restrict content access. For example, you can define end dates and ensure that certain user types get access while others don’t.
  • You can associate many membership kinds with a single consumer. As a result, that user will have more content available to them.
  • The same principles apply to file protection as they do to content restriction. This option prevents your uploaded files from being removed from your website without your permission.
  • You may create memberships based on WooCommerce components. Such as post product categories and tags using the WooCommerce connection.
  • Users can send you immediate messages from the sidebar using the plugin’s quick contact widget.
  • There are email templates available. You have complete control over how these emails are customized and when they are sent.
  • On your website, there’s a simple way to reveal or hide specific content. A shortcode is used to do this.
  • It only creates WooCommerce plugins, and its customer service has a good reputation. As a result, people should be aware of their status.


  • A single-site license for the YITH plugin costs $99.99, and a six-site license costs $399.99. So unless you wish to pay every year for ongoing support and updates, it’s only a one-time cost (which is usually a good idea).

29. Private Content

Private Content Plugin

When it comes to adding membership features to your WordPress website, the PrivateContent plugin is a popular choice. Unfortunately, the plugin is only available on CodeCanyon, so you’ll have to buy it before using it.

For the plugin’s popularity, it’s been featured in various CodeCanyon articles. Also, the sales and good user ratings show how people feel about the creator and how well the plugin blocks content and adds membership tiers.

It offers the flexibility to restrict menu items, the choices for creating private sites for your users, and the developer API support, to name a few.

The skin builder is another feature that makes this plugin stand out. As a membership vendor, you need conversion-optimized and tested forms that are consistent with your brand.

You may create an unlimited number of registration forms with PrivateContent. You can also customize them using the skin builder. It’s also impressive how advanced the user administration and tracking are for such a low-cost plugin.


  • With PrivateContent, you may restrict any content forms, including menu items and widgets.
  • You can ban certain users from leaving comments. This makes it more enticing to pay for a membership because it allows them to participate in the dialogue.
  • Each user has their personal page and profile. In addition, all their private comments are displayed on the page. This allows them to follow up on their discussion.
  • Developers will like the PrivateContent plugin’s hooks and API access.
  • Create an infinite number of user tiers and receive money from them with a single click.
  • If someone tries to hack your site or you’re having trouble giving out the content for free. A one-click total website lock can come in helpful.
  • You are free to create as many registration forms as you need. For most user experience levels, the skin builder suffices.
  • The GA integration checks in on how your members engage on your site and complete the user tracking.
  • The PrivateContent plugin works with Elementor and Cornerstone, two popular visual builders.
  • Several extensions and plugins are available, including the ability to enable premium subscriptions.
  • This is a plugin that supports several languages.


  • PrivateContent is one of the most affordable options on this list, with a price of $25.
  • This is a standard price model for CodeCanyon listings. Here you get six months of free customer assistance, and then you have to buy to get updates and support. But, it’s not uncommon for people to buy a plugin but never pay for support.

It’s hard to try the PrivateContent plugin on your website before buying it. There is no such thing as a free plan. Furthermore, the predefined form styles are as basic as they get. A couple of the elements you use on your website aren’t designed by you. You might need to work with a developer to get the look you want.

What Is the Best WordPress Membership Plugin?

It’s time to choose between these plugins now that you’ve seen everything they have to offer.

Are you looking for something simple? Affordability? Excellent client service? Here’s what we think will help you:

  • Supsystic Membership is the best value.
  • Paid Member Subscriptions for the sake of simplicity.
  • Simple Membership is the most acceptable free option.
  • Ultimate Membership Pro has the most features in one package.
  • AccessAlly or Paid Memberships Pro are good options for powerful reporting.
  • LearnDash or Teachable are two options for selling courses.
  • Finally, paid Memberships Pro, Membership by Supsystic, or Paid Member Subscriptions are best for customer service.
  • WooCommerce Memberships, Membership by Supsystic, YITH WooCommerce Membership, or Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin to combine with WooCommerce.
  • PrivateContent or Restrict User Access are good options if you only need to restrict content.
  • If you’re looking for a learning management system and a membership site in one, AccessAlly is the way to go.
  • Groups plugin is a simple way for creating segmented groups and assigning content to those groups.
  • ProfileGrid is a tool that allows you to provide your users with a very complex and configurable profile.
  • BuddyBoss is a theme and a plugin for selling courses that end the need to find a theme for your site.


We hope that this article helped you in choosing the best WP membership plugin as per your needs. The above are the best WordPress subscription plugin.


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