Is the text “Just another WordPress site” on your site’s header or title bar showing live? Beginners frequently do not know how to modify this slogan. However, leaving it in place does not look good.

Fortunately, it is straightforward to alter this to something different or delete it entirely. We’ll walk you through the process to Remove “Just Another WordPress Site Tagline” in this article.

What is the Tagline of a WordPress Site?

A tagline is the motto or description of a WordPress site. Many websites utilize a snappy phrase to represent their website and brand as a tagline.

WordPress utilizes “Just another WordPress site” by default when you initially build a website. Therefore, the slogan will not appear on all themes. But it will appear on a large number of them.

Remove Just Another Wordpress Site Tagline (2022) Easy Guide

It would help if you certainly altered the default text. It’s one of the first things you should do after installing WordPress.

WPBeginner’s tagline is “Beginner’s Guide for WordPress.” It’s located right below the navigation menu.

Remove Just Another Wordpress Site Tagline (2022) Easy Guide

You do not need to have a tagline for your website. However, the theme or goal of your website may be evident from its domain name.

If your domain name isn’t related to your blogging specialty, adding a snappy slogan could be a wise option.

Method 1: Remove Just Another WordPress Site in WordPress Settings

The most straightforward approach to alter the “Just another WordPress site” tagline is in the settings of your WordPress site.

To begin, navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Usually, you may accomplish this by appending /wp-admin to the end of your website’s domain name.

For example, if your website name is, your WordPress dashboard is located at

WordPress will urge you to log in if you are not already logged in.

Once logged in, navigate to Settings » General in your dashboard, where you’ll see the tagline box.

Image Showing General Settings Tagline

You may modify the tagline or delete it entirely by unchecking the box.

Image Of General Settings Tagline

We’ll utilize ‘WordPress tips & techniques’ for our website for our example.

After you’ve made your changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Save Changes’ option. You may now go to your website and view your new tagline:

Example Website

Method 2: Modifying Your Tagline in the WordPress Theme Customizer

In the WordPress Theme Customizer, you can also modify your tagline. Go to Appearance » Customize in your WordPress dashboard to do so.

Image Of Wp Dashboard Customize

The majority of your screen displays a sample of your website. In addition, a set of tabs on the left-hand side allows you to personalize your website’s many features.

Image Of Example Text

To begin, search for a tab titled Site Identity. This is usually at or near the top.

Image Of Site Identity

Note: Whether you cannot see the Site Identity tab. Open other accounts to check if it is nested beneath them. For example, Site Identity is located in the Header tab under the Astra theme.

When you expand the Site Identity tab, you’ll find a box where you may alter your slogan. We may also disable displaying the site’s title and tagline in the theme we’re using a button.

Image Of Tagline Editing

Because the WordPress theme defines the theme customizer choices you’re using, as a result, you may see a variety of possibilities here.

After you’ve changed the slogan to anything else, click the’ Publish’ button at the top of the screen.

Image Of Click On Publish

Remove Just Another WordPress Site From Google Index.

Suppose you changed the site tagline within a few days after installation. Google has already crawled your blog and discovered its previous title.

When visitors search for something on your site, they will see the default tagline even if you have just modified it.

Suppose you’ve previously submitted your blog sitemap to Google. Then the answer is to do it again.

The quickest approach to notify Google about blog changes is to manually submit your homepage URL through the new URL inspection feature on your Google Search Console.

Suppose you are not already a Google user. Then you can sign up for a free account and begin optimizing your blog with the world’s largest search engine.

After you’ve verified your account, put your site’s homepage URL in the top box and press enter.

Image Of Pasting Url

Because Google will not get the live URL, click the Test live URL button after a few seconds.

This time, you’ll have to wait a few more seconds since Google is performing an actual tie crawl.

Image Of Test Live Url

So, as seen in the picture below, n request indexing.

Image For Request Indexing

Googlebot will crawl your homepage and follow all of its links within the next few minutes, if not immediately.

Suppose the Googlebot receives a large number of requests at that time. You are then placed in the queue. And crawler will scan your site for index updates shortly.

When you return later and search for your blog on Google. You will see the freshly updated site slogan that you’ve made.

This is the quickest and most straightforward way to alter your website’s tagline and delete the default one.

Most importantly, when you request a fresh crawl from Google. You may change your site index information.

Tagline Troubleshooting

Changing your slogan is usually a simple process.

But what if you alter your tagline and the words “Just another WordPress site” still appear?

Wrong Tagline on Your Site

First, double-check that you saved your modifications. Then, return to Settings » General. And check to verify whether your tagline is accurate there. If required, make another modification. And at the bottom of the page, click on ‘Save Changes.’

If the words “Just another WordPress site” continue to show on your site, try emptying your cache. You may also try viewing your site on a different device or browser to check its cache problem.

If the situation persists, you should contact WordPress hosting support for assistance.

Change Wrong Tagline on Facebook

If the words “Just another WordPress site” continue to appear in your Facebook postings. Then you may need to delete your Facebook cache.

You may accomplish this by using the Sharing Debugger tool. Input your website’s URL and press the ‘Debug’ button. There should be a column titled ‘When and how we last scraped the URL.’

At the top of this area, click the ‘Scrape Again’ button. This should refresh the information that Facebook has on file for your website.

When you share content on Facebook, your website’s slogan should now appear appropriately.


When it comes to your online appearance, first impressions are crucial. And if your website does not transmit a professional image immediately away, you risk losing clients or consumers.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to polish your website to look made by a genuine professional. You demonstrate your attention to detail by adding features and eliminating others.

Suppose you do this on your website. Then visitors will be unable to help but infer that this is your whole business strategy.


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