Instead of scouring the web to find the best free paper mockups, we did all the hard work for you. You can now skim through the available templates, pick the ones that suit your taste best and go from there.

Once you download the mockups that you fancy, you only need to import them to Adobe Photoshop and the quick editing begins. Meaning, all you need to do is to locate smart object layers, drag your designs and you are done already. How swift was that? To top it all up, some of the templates also allow you to change the color of the background and additional elements if there are any.

To spice up the collection of the best paper mockups, we also included templates that aren’t all about paper sheets. This calls for versatility, taking care of even more users’ needs and wants.

From A4 paper sheet, letterhead and stacks of paper to branding, packaging made of paper and even newspaper, we bring you a wide variety of mockups for you to take to your full advantage.

Also, many of the mockups are open to use both for personal and commercial projects. However, do read the original license first before you put your finish design to practice for professional needs.

A4 Paper Mockup PSD

A4 Paper Mockup Psd

This beautiful paper mockup features an A4 sheet of paper in two different styles. One is an open folded paper and the second one a curled one. Both are fully editable and ready to showcase your marvelous designs. You can also edit the background and add or remove the pencil, which creates a nice, even more realistic presentation. You just download the tool for free and begin the process. Besides, you only really need basic Photoshop knowledge to work with the template since it is super simple to use and work with anyway. More or less, it will only take you some dragging and dropping and you are done.

A4 Paper PSD Mockup

A4 Paper Psd Mockup

If you need something more than just a classic paper mockup, this one will do the trick. Alongside the two sheets of paper, the mockup also features a clipboard. It is a perfect combination to spice up the experience when presenting your stationery. Moreover, since all the details are on a separate layer, you can easily edit and adjust the mockup according to your preference. Thanks to the smart object layer, the procedure is kids’ stuff even for a complete beginner. Move and reposition items as well and finish editing this free template in a snap of a finger.

Curved Paper Mockup

Curved Paper Free Mockup

A simple, clean and modern free paper mockup with great attention to detail. This particular template offers you to edit and adjust a curved paper. This comes welcome if you plan to design the back of the paper, too, as it allows you to edit both sides easily. You might be interested in adding your graphics on the front and make a fully colorful background, either with one solid color or multi-color. Whatever the case, you can play around with different options and see what sparks your interest the most. After all, no paper will go to waste with a flexible mockup.

Free Letterhead Mockup

Free Letterhead Mockup

An excellent template of a letterhead paper sheet with a curved edge. It is a layered PSD file which you will effortlessly edit and adjust accordingly in Adobe Photoshop. Bear in mind, this free paper mockup gives you all sorts of control over texture and customization. As for the texture, it comes with two coated and two uncoated options. Additionally, you can create a separate front and back, combine them and enjoy the foil stamping control, too. The options are very many and you can also use the mockup for personal and commercial use. Get involved and craft a presentation that will inspire others.

Paper-made Invitation Greeting Card Mockup

Invitation Greeting Card Psd Mockup

Instead of offering you straight paper mockups only, we combined a bunch of other items in the bundle for your convenience. For instance, here is a beautiful, paper-made invitation/greeting card with lovely details. You can use this one for pretty much any occasion, no need to stick to the traditional ones. With this one, you will have a small breeze setting up the perfect greeting card and see its life-like version of it in a snap. The additional flower buckets make the atmosphere even prettier to the eye. Thanks to the high-quality of the template, you can expect the end product to be outstandingly excellent.

Free Newspaper PSD Mockup

Free Newspaper Psd Mockup

Another one that falls in the category of paper mockups that we have in store for you is this newspaper template. When crafting the perfect design for a newspaper for a client, instead of dealing with printing and throwing away all the unsatisfied creations, a mockup is a perfect alternative. You can now try a ton of different variations before you find the one that fits their needs best without ruining a single sheet of paper. Call it eco-friendly if you will. Thanks to the hands holding a newspaper, the outcome will be very realistic, calling for an excellent presentation.

A4 Paper Mockup In PSD

A4 Paper Mockup

If you are designing graphics for an A4 poster, then this nifty free mockup template is the right option for you. Instead of wondering how the outcome would appear on a wall, you can now quickly test and try it with this original template. Just drag and drop your design and you can see it appear on the A4 paper immediately. You really need to spend very little time to edit the mockup when you have the design ready to go already. Along with adding your ideas, test different typography and other whatnots; you can also change the color of the paper.

Wrinkled A4 Paper Mockup

Wrinkled A4 Paper Mockup

If you are the one that likes to differentiate from the masses, you better rush downloading this free paper mockup right away. It is a creative and attention-grabbing presentation of a wrinkled A4 sheet of paper. Moreover, the mockup template actually comes with six different versions; three vertical and three horizontal. This gives you more than enough options and solutions to truly create the style of a paper you want. Whether you are working on your own projects or for clients, make things appear even more attractive than they already are and go against the grain with this mockup.

Textured Paper Logo Mockup

Textured Paper Logo Mockup

Sometimes, you want to brand paper with your logo. If that is the case and you are trying to figure out how the end product would look like, you are in luck. Here we present you a fantastic textured paper logo mockup for any intention. All you need to do is to download the mockup, import it into Photoshop and edit it via smart object layer. You will also notice that there are actually three different styles, which give you more options when it comes to presenting your designs to your clients. Surprise them with something elegant and trendy and they will be excited about the creation of a physical product even more.

Newspaper Design PSD Mockup

Newspaper Design Psd Mockup

Just in case you are bringing into being a design for a newspaper, here is another alternative for you. This free mockup template creates a photo-realistic presentation that will knock everyone’s socks off. With your designs and your added creative touch, the outcome can be awe-inspiring. Also, there is a male hand flipping through the newspaper, which makes the overall presence even more realistic. This PSD file is fully layered, making sure you have no trouble editing and adjusting it according to the regulations and requirements you need to follow. Also, it does not cost you a dime; what else you need?

Paper Logo Mockup

Paper Logo Mockup

When you are serious with your brand and have a long-term vision for its success, you would want to stick your logo on everything. Details matter. And if you are looking to brand your paper, you can now see outstanding results with this simple to use free paper logo mockup. It will give a better idea of how your logo would appear on a sheet of paper. Along with adding your design to the mockup via smart object layer, you can also edit the background and make it congruent with the logo. This nifty freebie gives you a better understanding of how the outcome will come into view without actual realization.

Paper Napkin Mockup

Paper Napkin Mockup

While pure white paper napkins are by far the most popular, you can always spice things up with by adding designs to them. Not just that, you can also color them and make them your way precisely. If that is the case, here is a nifty paper mockup which will let you craft a presentation that will turn heads.

Along with editing and adjusting the napkin itself (color, too), you can also fully modify the background. All this happens in a small breeze, without the need to undergoing a long design process. Just drag and drop your masterpiece, add colors and you are finished.

A4 Sized Paper PSD Mockup

A4 Sized Paper Psd Mockup

You can do oh so many things from a clean, white sheet of A4 paper. If you would like to brand it, you can freely test out multiple variations with this dope paper mockups. First and foremost, it does not cost you a dime. And second, it is fully editable, perfect for you to fine-tune it according to your wants and regulations. It is in vertical positioning, pressed against the wall. Of course, just as you can edit the paper sheet, you can also edit the two walls and the floor. The outcome will surely be first-class.

A4 Size Free Paper PSD Mockup

A4 Size Free Paper Psd Mockup

Instead of just rocking a paper design on a presentation, you can step things up with two sheets of paper and a clipboard. What’s cool, both papers come with individual layers, meaning, you can edit them separately. Have in mind, it is an A4 format that elevates the appearance of your stationery. Also, you can edit the color of the background, as well as customize effects and shadows. There is a ton you can do with this mockup template, making it follow your regulations to a T. Just download the tool, put it into play and shine with all of your light.

Paper Tube Packaging with Label Mockup

Paper Tube Packaging With Label Mockup

Another special and exclusive variations of a paper mockup; this time of a tube packaging with a nifty label. You can now customize packaging accordingly and make things your way. If sending out documents, posters, imagery or any other goodies that you do not want them to damage, this is the ideal packaging for you. And now, you can create a presentation that will have a realistic look to it, for you to better visualize the physical product. Download and import this PSD file to Photoshop and search for smart object layers. You can then slide in your logo and graphics and even change the color.

Folded A4 Paper Mockup

Folded A4 Paper Mockup

A fantastic, clean and minimal free paper mockup of a folded A4 paper sheet. The usage of this particular one goes over and beyond. You can simply test your branding on a paper, you can present your CV, you can also stuff it with an image or any other graphics. Use your imagination and try out multiple different variations. Editing is a breeze, just like it is with all the other templates you find on this list. Smart object layers allow for instant changes even for someone who is doing this kind of work for the very first time. Still, basic Photoshop knowledge is necessary.

Stack of Paper Free PSD Mockup

Stack Of Paper Free Psd Mockup

Are you in need of a mockup template that features a simple stack of paper? If that is the case, here is the ideal tool that you can download and employ free of charge. While you can edit the first sheet of paper, the mockup also allows you to alter other papers, as well as the background. It is perfect for creating a flyer, letterhead, a small poster, you name it. For your information, you can also move around pages and create new ones if interested. There is also a full step-by-step guide on how to utilize the mockup to get the most out of it. It is easy, that is for sure.

Free Paper Branding Mockup

Free Paper Branding Mockup

A free paper mockup template which calls for outstanding demonstration of your project. The main specialty of the mockup is the half-rolled paper which you can customize in its entirety. Along with changing the front, you can also alter the back and modify the background, too. Make it special and engaging or keep things basic and minimalistic; whatever the case, the outcome will surely be remarkable. With little work needed, you can quickly bring into being multiple variables, as it only needs some dragging and dropping to edit the template. That’s it, go and download the template now.

Modern Branding Identity Mockup

Modern Branding Identity Mockup

For a killer branding identity, get your hands on this free mockup template and put things on display realistically. The design rocks all sorts of different details and elements, like a sheet of paper, two business cards, pencils, iPhone X and two plants. You can effortlessly play around with different options and possibilities until you create a presentation that inspires. With the free mockup, you do not need to waste any of the paper before you finally decide which approach to branding you would like to take. Try it out with the mockup before you send it out for print.

Isometric Perspective Letter Paper Mockup

Isometric Perspective Letter Paper Mockup

If you are in need of a clean, organized and simplistic free paper mockup, this is the one you should consider. It is an isometric perspective letter paper mockup which features three sheets. Easily alter each with the colors and the graphics that you want and make the outcome ready to amaze others quickly, with as little effort as possible. It is the smart object layers that do the major part of the work anyway. That said, just drag and drop your creations to the letter paper and see it come into effect in an instant.

Realistic US Letter Paper Mockup

Realistic Us Letter Paper Mockup

For presenting any kind of documentation and branding in a photo-realistic way, you should pick up a mockup. Instead of creating one yourself, there are multiple solutions available for you at no cost. How cool is that? Just download and utilize this free paper mockup of a US letter paper dimension and you are good to go. There are two sheets which you can use for stuffing your design on the front and on the back. Play around with the different options this free mockup template brings to the table and make a difference. Decide the final look first with a mockup before you create the physical product and save the unnecessary paper waste.


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