We took Reports global! And I’m not just talking worldwide. Reports are now fully translated (including custom date range formatting) *AND* 100% subsite ready. Dish out all the automated white label reporting goodness in the Hub to any and every individual site in your Multisite network.

WordPress freelancers and agencies around the world are capitalizing huge on the growing “site management” space. And why not? It’s a win-win. Your clients get professional care at a fraction of the cost and your business grows a loyal customer base with a steady stream of income.

It’s a no brainer! Especially when you can scale with automation tools.

Reports keep you ahead of issues and clear communication wins you trust with your customers. Reports showing effective security, high ranking performance, and properly optimized content shows your clients all the value your services add.

Wpmu Dev Hub Reporting Got A Major Upgrade (And We’re Not Done)
The Hub Is Full Of Tools For Automating Site Management.

Scale with Hub automation! Treat every customer like a VIP with custom reports. Grow from tens to hundreds to thousands of users and administrators instantly.

Today we’ll dive into our latest Reporting upgrades and tease the special extras we’ve got in the works.

Reports: For Every Site On A Multisite Network

As purveyors of some of the largest and most respected Multisite networks in the world with 4+ million active subsites under our care, we know one general network report isn’t good enough. Our clients expect more and need performance tracking targeted to their specific needs.

Reports’ subsite feature generates site-specific reports for any individual subsite on a Multisite. It’s the scalability of a network with the convenience of single installation reporting.

Just hook your network to the Hub and navigate to the Reports tab. When creating a new Report, under the customize option, select subsite and paste in the subsite you wish to generate a report for.

Wpmu Dev Hub Reporting Got A Major Upgrade (And We’re Not Done)
Select Subsite And Paste In The Url You Want To Create A Report For.

So easy! Set your schedule and send the reports to the site owner, your account manager, site administrators – anyone you like.

Translated and Timestamp Formatting

This one is a pretty big deal. Our members support users around the world and it’s important our tools support you. So we’ve made reports translatable and included 28 translations right out-of-the-box.

Don’t see the language you need? Upload your translation files and our team will review and add them within a week.

Use the language selector under the Customize options and choose a timestamp that best suits your clients and save.

Wpmu Dev Hub Reporting Got A Major Upgrade (And We’re Not Done)
Choose From One Of The Included Languages And Pick A Timestamp Format.

Send reports to clients around the globe in any language. Spreek je Nederlands? Here’s a sample client Report in Dutch…because I know your dying to see translations in action. 🙂

Extra Special Goodies In The Pipeline

You’re loving the performance and security stats for communication and monitoring. So, where do we go from here? More and better stats including your favorite analytics metrics. You asked for it and we’re packaging it up – Analytics for Reports.

And with all this extra content we are planning a design upgrade for version 2.0.

If you’re working on growing your WordPress business with site management the WPMU DEV developers toolkit is a powerhouse for automation. All the security, performance and content optimization tools, automated backups, updates and reporting, 24/7/365 support for all things WordPress, one low price and 100% scalable. Try it completely free.


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