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Tip Jar plugins are the simplest way to make money from your content’s fans.

These Tip Jar Plugins might assist you in setting up the procedure if you are generating material that people love and want to donate money to as a thank you.

This piece will go through the best Tip jar plugins for WordPress to allow your users to send you money.

What exactly is a tip jar?

The idea of a tip jar is not new. From street performers to workers in the service business, everyone tries to captivate the audience and tourists to receive a tip.

Now that the digital market has ample space, content creators have begun to ask for tips on the Internet.

Installing a tip jar plugin on a WordPress site allows visitors to give money to the developer.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Tip Jar?

It’s one way to make money from your blog. It’s not the greatest. It’s one of the simplest to use. However, the quantity of funds earned by the content producer is determined by their fan base.

Products at no cost:

Many developers provide a free product and do not charge a fee for product creation. They rely solely on contributions. In this manner, the program remains free while simultaneously earning money for the creator.

Artists, musicians, and authors are all in the same boat.

Copyrighted Material:

If the content producer uses the copyrighted work to generate the content you appreciate, it can not monetize it. In that scenario, the Tip Jar is used by the creators.

Resources for Learning:

Suppose you are running an online virtual class or offering free learning tools. In that case, Tip Jar donations will significantly assist you in continually teaching those in need.

A platform that is not monetized:

You must use Tip Jar links if you generate material on a site that does not allow revenue. It will direct

users to your contributions board via a bit of sausage (which you may place underneath the content).

A tip jar on your website might be helpful for a variety of reasons.

These Tip Jars are often placed in the Widget or below the text. The goal is to increase their visibility: the more impressions they receive, the greater their chances of conversion.

Who may benefit from a Tip Jar?

Anyone with a WordPress site and a payment gateway may use Give as a tip jar (PayPal, Stripe, etc.). It may find the most popular tip jars on websites dedicated to musicians, bloggers, and podcasters.

Of course, if you’re worried about the tax consequences, talk to your accountant. As of 2016, you must pay personal income tax on sums above $14,000. Every year, this statistic is subject to change.

It is also worth noting if you are not a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. Donations to you are not deductible for the giver. Tip Jars are classified as a “personal gift.”

Consult your local authorities if you are not in the United States of America.


Image is about WPForms

WPForms is the most excellent WordPress forms plugin. wpform may use it to make a tip jar. Also, personalize your form to meet the demands of your company.

WPForms features a very user-friendly interface. In addition, you can easily construct your tip jar by using the WPForms Donation Form template.

It accepts donations via Stripe and PayPal on your website. Wpform may use it to receive either one-time or recurring donations.

You may also place the tip jar wherever you like on your website. Included are independent pages, sidebars, a footer section, and other features.

WPForms also makes it simple to provide anything in exchange for donations. Suppose you happen to be a musician. Then you may give a unique recording that is not publicly available.

Suppose you are a software developer. Then you can grant access to a new software’s beta version.

To distribute your freebie. Your contribution form may be linked to your email marketing service.

You may use this to set up an autoresponder to thank individuals for their contributions. And give them something for free.


Image is about GiveWP

GiveWP is another name for forgiving. It is a beautiful and feature-rich WordPress donation plugin. It’s one of the most effective plugins for non-profits. However, you may also utilize it for yourself or your for-profit company.

With GiveWP, you have a plethora of possibilities. You can, for example, allow contributors to give in their currency. You can also take donations regularly.

You may also set goals to raise money to a particular amount. Again, it has the potential to be quite effective if you’re giving something fresh to your audience once you’ve reached your objective.

For example, if you are a nonfiction author. You might promise to give out a chapter of your future book if you get $1,000 in donations.

GiveWP may be linked to a variety of payment gateways. Stripe,, PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Mollie, Paytm, PayFast, Square, AmeriCloud, Paymill, and many more are examples.

With GiveWP, you can install a variety of add-ons to provide more functionality. The Basic plan includes all of the essential extras. Premium add-ons are included with the Plus and Pro subscriptions.

GiveWP makes it simple to get started. When you install and activate it, the quick-start instructions will be presented to you.

GiveWP allows you to personalize your contribution forms. Suppose complete control over your contribution form is a must-have feature for you. Then, WP Forms may be a better fit. In a minute, we’ll take a look at that plugin.

PayPal Donations

Image is about PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations is a straightforward plugin. It enables you to accept donations via PayPal. It is clear to set up. Create a tip jar and place it on your sidebar. Alternatively, use the PayPal Donations widget in the footer.

Suppose you need to add a tip jar quickly. It might be the plugin you’re looking for. It’s also free, which may be a significant plus if you don’t anticipate getting many donations.

You have the option of selecting the currency for the tips. If you like, you may also specify a preset amount for donations. The plugin allows you to provide a URL for a “thank you” page that your donor will visit after contributing.

You may either design your button or use one of the built-in PayPal buttons.

Suppose you need assistance setting-up your tip jar. Check out our tutorial on how to add a PayPal contribute button to your WordPress site.

As one would expect, given the name. The PayPal Donations plugin only accepts PayPal donations. Suppose you’d like to have more alternatives for your tip jar. You will require a different plugin.

It is not the most feature-rich plugin available. However, PayPal contributions are certainly worth investigating if you want to keep things as straightforward as possible.

Tip Jar WP

Image is about Tip Jar WP

Tip Jar WP is a new WordPress plugin. It was released for the first time in July of 2019. At the same time, it lacks the full capabilities of paid plugins such as GiveWP and WPForms. As a result, it’s perfectly suited for making tip jars.

Tip Jar WP is intended to make the contribution procedure as easy for your contributors as possible. It is also simple to use because there is an easy guided setup procedure.

The default form is well-designed and simple to utilize. Tip jar WP may place it anywhere. In your sidebar, for example, or in your footer.

Using WordPress’s block editor, you may add your form to a page or post. You can also use a shortcode to add it to your sidebar. It is also compatible with all WordPress page builders.

Because of the responsive design, it will also appear friendly on mobile devices.

Tip Jar WP may accept recurring payments. For example, a weekly or monthly gift. In addition, it supports different currencies, allowing contributors to use their preferred currency.

You accept credit card payments. The tip jar form can intelligently detect whether your smartphone supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay. If this is the case, it will present them with the appropriate option.

One disadvantage is that Tip Jar WP does not interact with PayPal. However, you may discover that your consumers are content to pay by credit card or using the supported mobile device ways.

Buy Me a Coffee

Image is about Buy Me a Coffee

The internet portal Buy Me a Coffee provides the Buy Me a Coffee plugin. To utilize it, you must first establish an account, which is entirely free.

Your supporters may pay using PayPal, a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Play. Alternatively, you can use other means to send you a donation.

Buy Me a Coffee allows you to accept one-time and regular donations. You may also use it to provide unique material to donors or to sell digital items.

The Buy Me a Coffee widget looks fantastic right away. It’s also simple to personalize. In your WordPress dashboard, you may change the color with a simple click. You may also modify the wording.

However, you cannot change the donation amounts. Your supporters can pay in $3 increments.

It may also add a button to your sidebar. For example, in Appearance » Widgets, choose the Buy Me a Coffee WordPress widget.

One disadvantage is that there isn’t a lot of documentation for the WordPress plugin. In addition, several customers reported having difficulty contacting assistance.

Formidable Form

Image showing Formidable Form

Another fantastic alternative for making a tip jar is Formidable Forms.

Formidable Forms is a fantastic forms plugin. It is not as user-friendly as WPForms. It is targeted at developers and advanced WordPress users.

You can, however, use it for your tip jar. The simplest method is to utilize the “PayPal Donation” template. A pre-built form that you may modify any way you see fit.

Suppose you want to do anything complicated or out of the ordinary with your tip jar. Then, formidable Forms might be your most acceptable alternative. It provides you with a great deal of power and versatility.

You may use it to construct a variety of different sorts of forms, much like WPForms.

Cryptocurrency Donation Box

Image is about Cryptocurrency Donation Box

The Cryptocurrency Donation Box plugin is a customized tip jar. It enables you to receive donations in more than 20 different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are included.

It’s easy to set up: enter your bitcoin wallet addresses into the plugin. There is also a QR code option, so your supporters may scan the QR code rather than copying the address if they like.

Suppose you wish to accept bitcoin donations. Then it’s a fantastic choice to consider. However, it only works with cryptocurrency. It implies it won’t assist you much if you desire dollars (or your local currency) instead.

Donorbox provides a versatile solution for your contribution forms. This plugin allows you to create several contribution forms, each with its own set of fields, colors, and logos. Donorbox forms accept both preset and custom donation values. Payments may be made one-time or regularly, and it works with Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

It can embed the form on websites. Alternatively, they can be disguised as pop-ups behind contribute buttons. The plugin uses Stripe to manage payment card encryption and storage. And all payments are processed through Stripe. Or PayPal, which means you’ll have to pay the fees. It is in addition to the plugin’s monthly 1.5 percent cost.


Image is about Donorbox

Donorbox provides a versatile solution for your contribution forms. This plugin allows you to create several contribution forms, each with its own set of fields, colors, and logos.

In addition, Donorbox forms accept both preset and custom donation values. Payments may be made one-time or regularly, and it works with Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Play.

It can embed a form on websites. Alternatively, they can be disguised as pop-ups behind contribute buttons. The plugin uses Stripe to manage payment card encryption and storage.

And all payments are processed through Stripe. Or PayPal, which means you’ll have to pay the fees. It is in addition to the plugin’s monthly 1.5 percent cost.


Image is about Charitable

Charitable is a free plugin developed for non-profits that provides all of the functionality required for a tip jar. You may use it to set up an infinite number of collecting campaigns.

And allow your users to contribute to your initiatives. The contribution forms may be placed on any website and come with suggested or custom amounts.

It is GDPR-compliant, allowing you to create a privacy notice and facilitating personal data deletion using WordPress.

The plugin offers a free version and premium add-ons, and there are no costs associated with it. The free version of the plugin only enables one-time payments. At the same time, premium extensions provide recurring donations and many more capabilities.


Image is about Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is a free alternative to ad monetization. It is a contribution service targeted at independent enterprises. The plugin includes a shortcode that inserts a Ko-fi contribution button into any widget-ready area.

You may change the title, text, and color of the button. You will also require a Ko-fi account.

While Ko-fi is free and does not charge any fees, payment processing costs do apply. The free version of the plugin does not enable recurring donations. However, Ko-fi Gold, a premium version of the original service, does.

Which WordPress Tip Jar Plugin Is the Best?

Any of these plugins could be a good fit for your tip jar. Your requirements will determine the ideal one for you.

WPForms is an excellent alternative for a simple contribution form. It may add this to any page of your website.

It’s handy to include a contact form or surveys and polls on your website.

If you want sophisticated capabilities such as monitoring and contacting donors, GiveWP is an excellent choice. It’s also very well suited to charities and charity groups.


It brings us to the end of our list of WordPress plugins. But which is best for you? Why not try PayPal contributions if you are a PayPal user? If you prefer a more complicated solution with more payment choices, Tip Jar WP could suit you.

If you already use an independent creative support platform, Ko-Fi or Buy Me a Coffee could be a good fit. If you want something more complicated, you may use one of the plugins created for non-profits, which have a more extensive range of choices.

Do you prefer your crypto-related advice? There is also a plugin for that. In any case, carefully review each plugin’s feature list before deciding which one is best for you.

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