Wanted to build a website for your organization? WordPress is the best option you should have! To be precise, you can see in the entire world, WordPress is the most famous Content Management System (CSM).

However, are you wondering it is the best alternative for the blog or not? Or why are people not satisfied with WordPress?

WordPress operating is challenging and somewhat inflexible for beginners. As a result, many people are searching for alternatives, and many best WordPress alternatives have come into existence.

People can painlessly customize their website display or blog without issues with these alternatives. Not only this, but with WordPress alternatives, you do not have to be concerned about security, hosting, backup, updating, and other problems.

So, before going into the universe of these alternatives, let’s see why people search for WordPress alternatives?

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Why do people look for WordPress Alternatives?

Every individual has diverse reasons, but the most common ones are; some people think WordPress is costly and insecure. As you can see, many people claim that WordPress sites get hacked easily due to various plugins installation.

And the users are not aware which plugins are safe and which are not. So, this is where most people search for WordPress choices. However, as mentioned earlier, every person has a different opinion.

How does a website builder work?

Before we start, let’s understand a website builder from the following:

It is a tool that permits you to make and design sites without editing code. As per your desire, you can customize the website without a developer. It offers various templates that can help you to make your sites. Now, let’s see the website builder work below.

Two online and offline website builders are in existence nowadays. Of course, you have to install the offline builder before starting your work. But, there are total chances to use online site makers on web applications. Fortunately, beginners and experts can use online website makers because it is easy to use.

First of all, you have to select the template for your website. After this, you can use the drop and drag tool to make your site. It will ultimately help you in editing, content adding, new page creation, and more. Likewise, you can add your promotional images and videos too.

On top of that, you can split that content into different columns. In this way, you can make a website and make changes as you wish.

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Alternatives?

You have many reasons for picking WordPress alternatives. For example, you can either go with the Open-Source CMS or Propriterary CMS. But, first of all, ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you need an alternative for WordPress.

  • Is your budget is enough to buy the alternative?
  • How many times do you add new content or pages to the site?
  • What control do you need to handle the appearance of your website?
  • Is the speed, security, and performance of your site are decent?
  • Will you add your blogs and articles to your sites?

After getting all these answers, you can choose the best WordPress Alternative for you. Also, we have the following list that contains the best alternative to WordPress for your convenience.

Top Alternatives for WordPress

We have analyzed and then got the following WordPress alternatives cms. So check out these alternatives, do your research, and make the best selection for you.


Wix.com Logo
Wix is the most famous website builder and WordPress alternative. It comes up with two versions Free and Paid! But, both have in-built templates for the users, and users can change them through drag and drop options.

Along with this, paid version supports online eCommerce payment systems. It simply means that the site owners can get payments through online payment systems like PayPal and Authoriize.net. Besides that, you can enjoy your hustle-free coding as it is SEO and mobile-friendly as well.

Image Showing Wix Design Page

Other Exciting Features

  • A powerful drag and drop feature is available at the Wix.
  • It supports HTML5.
  • You can use the different range of themes available for each user.
  • It offers an SEO-friendly blogging platform to all.
  • You can make the custom domains.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It helps to integrate apps.
  • A coder or non-coder can use it.
  • It has the best features for all types of enterprises.
  • There are more than 500 templates, or designs are available.


  • A mobile site has limitations contemplates.

Plans & Pricing

  • The VIP plan is available at $39 a month.
  • You can take the Combo pack at $14 in a month.
  • The Unlimited plan is now at $18/month.

Apart from this, you can use this alternative for free of cost. However, users should pick it for their standard site features. Or you can also choose their paid plan, which is cheap.

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Joomla Logo
It is standing on the second number after WordPress! However, when it comes to competition, Joomla is one of the leading contenders for WordPress. It includes add-on extensions, unique user-friendly templates, and much more.

But why is it so influential? Let’s know more about it. The most exciting thing is that almost 2 million are running their websites through Joomla. More than 6% of the content management system market worldwide uses Joomla, and it is an impressive number.

Do you still wondering why do you need this platform? Then, look at the following additional exciting features.

Other Exciting Features

  • More than five thousand extensions are available on the Joomla option.
  • It’s a content management system (CMS).
  • You can use the built-in social media tools that are available for you.
  • Joomla offers you the best free templates.
  • Many options are available to manage the website and its advertisements.
  • It has an easy-to-use widget system.

Image Showing Joomla Homepage


  • It is an open-source system.
  • It has attractive designs.
  • It comes with easy to handle interface.
  • You will get the incredible PHP framework.
  • It’s the best choice for static websites.


  • The domains are not free.
  • Customer support is not available.

Plans & Pricing

  • It is freely usable for the users.

You can choose Joomla for your web processing and content publishing without any issues.


Drupal Logo
Another powerful yet easy content management system is Drupal, an open-source. Programmers have created drupal for developers. Therefore, a few people may have to face petty problems while operating. As a result, it has become famous as a technical and efficient WordPress alternative for developers.

Apart from this, you can build any website for any targeted audience through Drupal. So what do you need more? We guess this is more than enough for your site making. With that, let’s move on to the features that it offers.

Other Exciting Features

  • It is easy and free to use for programmers.
  • It issues the General Public License (GNU).
  • 30,000+ free add-on extensions are available in Drupal.
  • You can see the upright and graceful themes on Drupal
  • It is integrated with popular tools.


  • It is a hosting key.
  • It offers multilingual functionality.
  • The easy SEO and managing sets are available.
  • Drupal is secured and free from exposure and hacking.
  • There are highly configurable modules available.


  • You need technical details to use this platform.
  • Free subdomains are unavailable.

Plans & Pricing

  • The free version is available
  • It takes web hosting fees.

Overall, Drupal is the best hosting solution. However, if you are not satisfied with Joomla, you can go with this.


Web.com Logo
Web.com is a costly website maker for you to pick from many others. You will get many options, including drag and drop, that are very easy to use. It is suitable for both experts and non-experts. You can pick one website template amongst the thousand to create your website. Apart from this, you can complete custom website creation with ease.

How fascinating thing this is! Do you want to know more about this? Then read the following other features.

Other Exciting Features

  • You will get the drop and drag option on web.com.
  • It offers pre-installed templates.
  • It is merged with a domain.
  • It provides a skilled email facility to the user.
  • It has become an easy thing to install the web.com.

Image Showing Web.com Website Example


  • It is best for eCommerce platforms.
  • The expansion options are available on this medium.
  • You can get the best customer support.
  • It is a cheap WordPress choice.
  • It is an easy-to-use option.


  • The formatting is Awful.
  • Sometimes color changing can create a problem.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Essential plan is available only at $5.95 for the first month.
  • Professional Hosting plan needs $7.95 for a month.
  • A Premium plan will be at $9.95 in a month.

But, every plan has different features for the users. So, it would be best to go through the official website of web.com to find out more about this.

Hubspot Website Builder

Top 29 Best Wordpress Alternatives Of 2022 - Be Ahead In The Game
HubSpot is one of the best cloud-based content management systems. You can easily make your websites, customs, content, and so on. Also, you can create landing pages that suit your custom websites. It is mainly helpful for sales and marketing.

Hubspot is an ideal venue for you if you don’t want updates. So, let’s see the other features of this below.

Other Exciting Features

  • You can use the free CRM on HubSpot.
  • The list carving is available.
  • HubSpot offers email automation, being an essential part.
  • You can ease the stress of your head by finishing tasks effortlessly.
  • You can handle your social media with control through HubSpot.


  • The well-organized modes are available.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Visual data is available.
  • It becomes easy to track your movements.


  • Sometimes it becomes a bit pricy for users.

Plans & Pricing

  • Users can get a Starter plan at $45 a month.
  • People can call a Professional plan at $800 for a month.
  • You can have the Enterprise plan at $3,200 per month.

Apart from that, all plans have similar features, and you can have 10% commercial off on each one. You can choose this because it never lets your work down.

Gator by HostGator

Hostgator Logo
If you need a loyal and customer-friendly hosting service, then this is where you stop! Gator by HostGator has the same potential to make your website accurately. Also, 24/7 customer support is available, which keeps it different from others.

There are pre-installed designs available on Gator, and you can use them to form your website as per your desire. Let’s see the features from the following.

Other Exciting Features

  • It is a clever website builder.
  • You will get the photo library for your comfort.
  • You can make your logo with a logo maker.
  • Free domain is available on this option.
  • It is easy to develop eCommerce websites through Gator.


  • It is effortless to use.
  • It comes up with social media integrations.
  • You need a low amount for sign-in.
  • You can run through mobile as well.
  • It provides SSL certificates.


  • It does not suit complex sites.

Plans & Pricing

  • You can get a Start plan at $3.84 per month.
  • A Purchase the Site plan at $5.99 for a month.
  • Buy a Store plan at $9.22 on a per month basis.

Likewise, you will see different features according to the plan you pick. So, if you want to have tons of customized stocks, you should choose this affordable website builder.

Domain.com Website Builder

Domain.com Logo
Small firms can use Domain.com website builder similar to WordPress for their comfort. You can make your website, blogs, and eCommerce sites in a few moments. What an unimaginable thing it is, isn’t it?

They offer hundreds of beautiful templates to form your sites and customize them. It helps to make what right you want. Take a look at the other features of Domain.com.

Other Exciting Features

  • You can get customizable layouts.
  • It will give the help of the experts when you need it.
  • There are no charges for hosting.
  • You can run it via mobile.
  • Social media integration is available at Domain.com.

Image Showing Creating Of Website


  • You can get better hosting packages.
  • Good customer services are available here.
  • Website builder tools are available.


  • It does not have a windows-based version.

Plans & Pricing

  • You can get a Starter plan at $1.99 for a month.
  • The Business plan is available at $6.99 a month.
  • The eCommerce store’s site starts from $12.99 per month.

You can also get an extra discount and an SSL certificate on this site builder. So, complete your website making using this.

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Squarespace Logo
If you need a better blogging site and want to make a pretty website, you are in the right place. There are millions of fans of Squarespace globally because of its customizable controls.

Further, it considers the SEO sites and the technical side of building websites. As a result, most people choose Squarespace as their website builder option. Take your eyes on the following features to know more.

Other Exciting Features

  • You will get a wide range of all-in-one templates to form the website.
  • It provides top services like Google Drive, Adobe Creative Suits, and more.
  • People can use the style editor to customize their colors, fonts, and pages.
  • You can install more than one template on a single website.
  • It comes up with SEO features.


  • You can get your Professional Domain by using domains here.
  • It supports many eCommerce apps and tools.
  • The hostings are available on each plan.
  • You can use Typekit free of cost.
  • You can get 24/7 customer support.


  • Expensive when it is compared to other alternatives.

Plans & Pricing

The following four plans & prices are available on the Squarespace.

  • You can afford the Personal plan at $16 per month.
  • Buy the Business plan on a $26 per month basis.
  • Get the Basic Commerce plan for $35 a month.
  • You can also go for the Advanced Commerce plan at $56 for the month.

Choose the plan that meets your needs. However, each task has distinct features, except the above other qualities.


Weebly Logo
Another best option for your website development is Weebly, and it comes with a drag and drops feature. 40 Million people use it without groaning because it also shows website templates for your comfort.

Further, it is also famous for its flexibility and easy use web designing platform. It also has eCommerce tools with integrated marketing tools to use. Therefore, it becomes easier and more intuitive to make a website itself. Check out the following other features to get more information on this platform.

Other Exciting Features

  • The mobile optimizations are available for the users.
  • You will get hundreds of apps on a single platform.
  • The extensions are available for the users.
  • Users have the benefit of the free subdomain.
  • It is fit for blogs, eCommerce, social media, and more.


  • You can enjoy free hosting.
  • It is SEO-friendly.
  • It supports to Community forum.
  • It comes with good customer support.


  • Storage space has limitations.

Plans & Pricing

Users can use Weebly free of cost! However, you can go with the following plans and prices to enjoy more features in website building.

  • The Personal plan is available at $6 a month.
  • You can get the Professional plan at $12 for a month.
  • The Performance plan at $26 per month.

Weebly allows utmost flexibility to its users. So that you can handle your websites and eCommerce sites; also, it provides a great experience with an affordable price range.


Ghost Website Hosting Logo
If you are looking for a self-hosted WordPress alternative, you must think this. Ghost is a blogging platform where you get the self-hosted and hosted versions. It also stands for the smooth interface that offers subscriptions, analytics, and much more.

Besides that, Ghost is WordPress’s alternative open-source that has attention-grabbing themes. Take your eyes on the extra features of the Ghost below.

Other Exciting Features

  • The intelligent and powerful publishing tools are available in Ghost.
  • It provides free SSL diplomae to the users.
  • People can get backups.
  • You can get weekly reports and updates on Ghost.
  • They are providing a 14-days free trial.


  • It is equipped with SEO optimization.
  • You can get a key to the writer for writing
  • It can easily control and formate your content
  • It has AMP support.
  • There are custom domains are available.


  • It is costly for short blogs.
  • Plugins are not available.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Starter plan is available at $9 p.m.
  • You can get a Creator plan at $25 p.m.
  • The Team plan is now at $50 p.m.
  • You can afford a Business plan at $199 p.m.

So, if you are looking for blogging, publishing, and writing website, then this is the right choice for you.


Top 29 Best Wordpress Alternatives Of 2022 - Be Ahead In The Game
Jimdo is another beneficial platform for the users as well as designers. It assists in building your sites. Interestingly, Jimdo comes with a Dolphin design that creates the entire website for you within moments. But, it only permits you to make essential changes after finishing a site.

Besides that, it is suitable for small firm owners or entrepreneurs only. However, the Jimdo allows people to create their portfolios at a low price. Look at the other features to get more information.

Other Exciting Features

  • The Drag and Drop options are available.
  • There are free subdomain and custom domains.
  • You can use the pre-installed designs on Jimdo.
  • You will get the features of mobile optimizations.
  • It supports eCommerce stores.
  • Jimdo provides social media tools.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a Time-saving alternative.
  • You can get many features.
  • It is mobile responsive.


  • Less creative control

Plans & Pricing

  • You can get a Grow plan at $500 p.m.
  • The Start plan is available at $300 p.m.
  • Users can get free of cost Play plan.

If you want an all-in-one platform for your work, you can choose this and efficiently perform your tasks.


Shopify Web Hosting Logo

Shopify is your unique blogging platform! It is more suitable for online stores. You can say that this is an all-inclusive solution that helps set up your online stores, and it is best for starting an eCommerce site with fantastic features and all.

Besides that, you can sell your products and accepts payments from the customers online. It comes in with templates, apps, and integrated options too. Let’s see the following exciting features.

Other Exciting Features

  • The live theme editors are available, which are painless to use.
  • It offers customizable built-in templates.
  • You can manage the storefront by using the Shopify option.
  • It has a 24/7 customer support facility, no matter what.
  • The primary and other versions have exclusive storage features.
  • Every plan provides you with a free SSL certificate.


  • There are convenient reporting features.
  • You can get impressive speed.
  • It comes with the app store.
  • You can start your online business.
  • It is an SEO-friendly platform.


  • It is an expensive plan.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Basic Shopify comes in $29 for a month.
  • Shopify is available at $79 per month.
  • Advanced Shopify is now at $299 in a month.

It has a simple setup that helps start and operate your eCommerce websites. In addition, it has a simple design that helps create and run your eCommerce websites. Undoubtedly, it would be a great pick.

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Magento Web Hosting Logo
A more Advanced and beneficial alternative from Shopify is now available, Magento. It is an open-source platform that suits all types of eCommerce websites. You can also use the hosted version known as the Magento Commerce.

Further, you need only coding skills to design what you like. It is just like you should know the swimming before going into pools. Similarly, you can control your eCommerce websites through mobile responsiveness. That is more one of the best things it offers. You can go with the following features to meet your needs.

Other Exciting Features

  • It provides many tools and wings to make your eCommerce store online.
  • You can get the benefit of the society users to create the eCommerce store.
  • You can run your websites from the mobile also.
  • You will benefit from many locations, languages, pricing, currencies, Etc., to run your sites.
  • Last but not least, it is fully secure and flexible too.


  • The tons of exciting features and apps are available for free of cost.
  • You can quickly form an eCommerce website.
  • Many security features exist in the Magento.
  • It’s a no. 1 platform for eCommerce.


  • It may create issues to form your other website, excluding eCommerce.

Plans & Pricing

Given below are the Magento prices of the three plans.

  • Magento Open-Source is starting from $12,000 to 57,000 & more.
  • Magento Commerce is available from $43,000 to $189,000 & more.
  • Magento Commerce Cloud is now from $60,000 to 247,000 & more.

If you want to grow your firm in less time, this is the most appropriate platform for you.


Zyro Website Builder Logo
Zyro is famous as the other all-in-one website builder platform for users. They create the website without much knowledge about design and coding. Also, there is a free stock of more than one million images. Without saying anything more, let’s uncover the other features of Zyro.

Other exciting features

  • The direct interface is available on Zyro.
  • The drag and drop option is available.
  • Users will get free SSL certificates.
  • The users will get endless space.
  • Social media integration exists in Zyro.

Image Showing Zyro Web Design Example


  • Zyro is easy to use.
  • Zyro offers extra features and tools to the users.
  • Pre-installed templates are available.
  • It has eCommerce support.


  • There are only limited free sites available.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Unleashed plan starts at $9.49.
  • The Basic eCommerce plan is available at $15.90.
  • The eCommerce plan is open from $12.90 to $25.90.

Want to give wings to your ideas? It might be the best platform for you.


Bigcommerce Website Builder Logo
As per the name, BigCommerce is an eCommerce WordPress alternative for users. It is a fully-hosted platform with ready-made templates and tools. You can also get the drag and drop options in BigCommerce as an essential advantage.

It also supports many online payment options to make it more convenient and suitable. Also, they don’t take any charges on any transactions or payments, which helps to avoid extra expenses. Please take a look at a few more features that it has.

Other exciting features

  • It is a fully-hosting solution platform for users.
  • Various extension options are available.
  • Mobile optimizations are possible in the case of BigCommerce.
  • Blog module is one of the best features you can get here.
  • There are Social media integrations on the platform.


  • The best customization options are available.
  • You can get 12 free themes from over hundreds.
  • It does not charge a commission.
  • You can get the free subdomain.
  • The customer support is helpful.


  • Source code is not accessible.

Plans & Pricing

  • A Standard plan is available at the US $29.95 for a month.
  • The Plus plan is now at $79.95 per month.
  • You can take a Pro plan at $199.95 for a month.

You will get different services from these plans, including a 14 days trial. So, if you want to join with native WordPress integration, this would be the best choice for you.


Webflow Web Builder Logo
Meet another fast-growing WordPress alternative, Webflow, which is a no-code platform. It also offers tons of options to the users and the developers. Despite this, you can make a fully customized site because it is a visual Content Management System. The following features will get you closer to Webflow.

Other exciting features

  • Webflow allows you to web design.
  • 3D transmission, animations, Etc., motion designs are available.
  • You can get the parts like tabs, customizable forms, HTML embeds, and so on.
  • Hostings and integrations are available.


  • It is a No-code website creator.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You don’t need to be a designer to operate this platform.
  • It comes up with Modern content.


  • It is a little bit pricey.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Basic plan at $12 per month.
  • CMS plan is available at $15 for a month.
  • A Business plan is now at $36 a month.

However, you have to contact them for the enterprise or eCommerce plans and prices. You can visit their official website also for pricing.


Jekyll Web Builder Logo
GitHub owner has created the Jekyll, a static site generator (SSG). It needs NodeJS and is coded by Ruby. Beginners can use it as a static site creator, which means you can create your HTML pages. Similarly, you can enjoy the free hosting allowed by GitHub Pages with Jekyll.

Other exciting features

  • It provides Liquid, Markdown, Textile, and other templates.
  • It is a static site generator.
  • It does not need a database to create synchronously.
  • It doesn’t need a long time to make a website.


  • There is no need for settings & database maintenance.
  • There is no need for regular updates.
  • You can enjoy the programming freedom.
  • The self-hosting is free.


  • Only a few plugins are available.

Plans & Pricing

  • You have to contact them for the Plans and Pricing.

Suppose you need a static site generator, then you can opt for this.


Blogger Web Builder Logo
Google started a free blog hosting service called Blogger a long time ago. It has become famous due to its unique features, templates, SSL certificates, and low prices. It also allows you to use third-party widgets through HTML. Overall this is a decent alternative for WordPress.

Other exciting features

  • There are easy-to-use templates on the sites.
  • You can get a free domain.
  • You can use Blogger on mobile.
  • Automatic software updates are available.
  • You can have the AdSense account.


  • It is Cost-free.
  • Hosting is available
  • One email is enough to handle multiple blogs.


  • Requires HTML knowledge for adding extra features

Plans & Pricing

  • Free

However, you can purchase the custom domain and customize the site accordingly. Also, it is the most popular platform after WordPress.

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Site 123

Site 123 Web Builder Logo
Site123 is a flexible website builder alternative for users in the market. You can create One-Page websites for your small enterprises or business organizations. Correspondingly, you can use the classic multi-page websites along with advanced features.

Other exciting features

  • Users can get the best experience with web designing.
  • You can use many different SEO tools.
  • There is a free hosting service on this platform.
  • You can get free domain support.
  • Third-party plugins are accessible.

Image Showing Site123 Web Designing Example


  • It is the most accessible and most professional platform for beginners.
  • There is outstanding customer support.
  • A wide range of templates is available.
  • Regularly new features are added to this platform.


  • There are restrictions on a few layouts.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Premium version starts from $5.80 for a month.

However, there is a free version available with a few restrictions. Therefore, suppose you are a beginner and want to work like a professional; this is what you need.


Top 29 Best Wordpress Alternatives Of 2022 - Be Ahead In The Game
If you need a powerful eCommerce platform to run a successful online store, you should go with PrestaShop. It is a self-hosted and open-source platform, but it differs from the Shopify eCommerce websites. But, it has more robust features than Shopify.

Other exciting features

  • You can do limitless listings.
  • You can control your stock with item tracking and more.
  • You will get a large number of online payment options.
  • It manages many stores.


  • It has more than 3,800 modules.
  • You can enjoy more than 2,400 best themes.
  • Advanced navigation and search option is available.
  • It is an open-source platform.
  • It offers a free version to the users.


  • It does not take installation charges.

Plans & Pricing

  • It is free. But, you have to pay for add-ons.

If you are still looking for the best eCommerce platform over Shopify, you should try this. It offers the best features from Shopify.


Opencart Web Hosting Logo
You can purchase and sell the products online through OpenCart. It is a free, open-source eCommerce website platform for users. It is a PHP-based platform that uses the MySQL database and HTML factors. Get down to know more features of it.

Other Exciting Features

  • There are stunning documents.
  • A fantastic set of functionalities are available.
  • It has an excellent power processing system.
  • It supports extensions.


  • It is easily customizable because it is based on PHP.
  • You can connect with the other integrations.
  • It’s a flexible platform.
  • You can get easy installations.


  • Lack of SEO functions.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free trial and free versions; both are available.

So, if you want to expand your open-source experience, this is what you need.


Webnode Web Builder Logo
Webnode is another famous and chosen platform by users to build their sites. It is well-known as an easy-to-use editor and intuitive site creator. You can use 100+ beautiful templates to make your website eye-catchy. Moreover, you can create your website and eCommerce stores with Webnode, fit for the Androids, Mac, & IOS devices. Following are the exciting features of Webnode.

Other Exciting Features

  • It’s an easy online editor.
  • It is ads-free.
  • Modern and beautiful templates are available.
  • Features for the eCommerce sites and stores.
  • It supports Google Analytics and SEO Marketing.


  • Easy backup and restore feature is available.
  • Free email services.
  • It is flexible to create a design for the website.
  • You can work with many languages.


  • Only suitable to small enterprises.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Limited plan starts at $3.90 for a month.
  • The Mini plan is available at $7.90 for a month.
  • A Standard plan is now at $12.90.
  • The Profi plan is at $22.90.

Suppose you need an easy-to-use alternative for small enterprises; this is what you should look for!


Strikingly Web Builder Logo
Strikingly is all about creating a modern website for the users. It helps make the business’s simple, minimalist, and dynamic one-page website. You can get the free domain service along with the customizable templates to form your sites. Let’s take a view of the features that it offers below.

Other Exciting Features

  • There are video and photo galleries available.
  • You can do social media sharings on Strikingly.
  • You can see the eCommerce possibilities on this platform.
  • It offers custom blogging templates.
  • Hosting is possible by using the Strikingly platform.


  • It is easy for the sign-up process.
  • The design functionality is good.
  • It has product integrations.
  • You can get a free trial.

Image Showing Web Security Provided By Strikingly


  • A limited set of designs.

Plans and Pricing

  • The Limited plan is available at $8 for a month.
  • The VIP plan is now at $49 per month.
  • The Pro plan starts at $16.

Each plan has its different features. However, you can use the free version with limited features. If you want a compelling image hosting site, this is what you need.


Top 29 Best Wordpress Alternatives Of 2022 - Be Ahead In The Game
Unbounce has a drag and drop option and is mainly used for creating landing pages. However, you can also publish them without a developer. That’s why it is popular! You can get a faster conversion from the traffic and meet with colossal customer support. It is commonly known as a self-hosted CMS tool. The following features you can get on this platform.

Other Exciting Features

  • There is an availability of AB testing and API.
  • It is a CRM.
  • It offers easy-to-use templates.
  • It has SEO Management and Visitor Management.


  • It helps to create attractive landing pages.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a robust platform.
  • Free trial for 14 days.

Image Showing Example Design By Unbounce


  • A little pricey.

Plans and Pricing

  • The basic plan is available for $11.99 per month.
  • The growth plan is now at $39.99 for a month.
  • Pro plan is at $63.99 per month.

However, you can use the free version with essential features. Similarly, if you need to create landing pages, you should try this once.


Shift4Shop Ecommerce Builder Logo
You can start your online purchasing and selling of a product or service on Shift4Shop. It becomes easy to create a website for the given purpose, mainly for eCommerce sites. You can choose from the numerous designs that are mobile friendly and SEO friendly also. Besides that, it is rich with features, and some of them are as follows.

Other Exciting Features

  • You can do social media marketing and promotions.
  • There is SEO management for your convenience.
  • You can see some third-party developers on this platform.
  • Specific industry templates.
  • It becomes easy to control the product and manage the orders on this platform.


  • It has a Back-end integrations system.
  • It offers a custom-built online store.
  • You come up with SEO management.
  • Attractive themes are available.

Image Showing Example Design Of Shift 4 Shop


  • Reporting becomes not effective.

Plans and Pricing

  • The Basic store plan is $29 for a month.
  • Plus store plan is $79 for a month.
  • The Pros store plan is at $229 for a month.

But, you can use the end-to-end eCommerce for free. Further, you can choose this to get the industry leads eCommerce solutions.


Typo3 Web Builder Logo
TYP03 is a scalable and flexible type of alternative for users. Also, it is an open-source Enterprise Content Management System designed to create many multi-language sites. Therefore, large organizations and corporations can use this powerful alternative for convenient workflows.

Also, it is mainly suitable for marketers, programmers, and developers. Check out the following features to know more about it.

Other Exciting Features

  • It is an Open-Source software for users.
  • Many applications are available, like Websites, Intranets, and more.
  • It helps from small sites to multinational corporations.
  • It is a full-featured platform.
  • Digital marketing tools are available.


  • It is extensible and flexible
  • You will get the privacy for data & GDPR
  • It offers Digital Content Planning & Management.
  • It has content models.


  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult to set up.

Plans & Pricing

  • It is free of cost to use.

However, you have to pay for hostings and domain. Therefore, it is one of the best alternatives for paid domain and hostings that you can’t ignore.


Concrete Content Management System Logo
You can publish your content on World Wide Web and Intranets using the Concrete5 alternative. It is widespread as an Open-Source Content Management System worldwide. Minimum technical skill users can also get the advantage of using this alternative. However, it is not enough yet; you can edit your content on-site directly from the page. Let’s take a quick view of the features of Concrete5.

Other Exciting Features

  • There is easy theme management on the Concrete5.
  • You can enjoy the media control of the platform.
  • You can get the WYSIWYG content editor on Concrete5.
  • The drag and drop option is available.

Image Showing Content Management Example


  • Availability of numerous beautiful templates.
  • The free version is available.
  • Admin section is another benefit for users.
  • Mobile optimizations and all.


  • ConcreteCMS should improve the UI dashboard.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Easy plan costs $5 to $45.
  • The Pro plan starts at $125 to $745.

People who want to publish their content on WWW can use it.


Ionos Logo
If you need help for small enterprises to get online, IONOS is what you need. It is a website builder that offers a free domain for the first year. After that, you can add a personal email account and complete your social media marketing. Also, SEO tools are there for your convenience. Take an overview of the features of IONOS.

Other Exciting Features

  • You can get the API Automation on the platform.
  • There are some backup plans for you.
  • Dual redundancy storage capacity is available.
  • You will get 24/7 SysAdmin Support.


  • IONOS provides free private registration
  • Best & reliable customer support
  • Easy to use dashboard


  • There is no free trial.

Plans & Pricing

  • The Essential plan starts from $4 for a month.
  • Thye Business plans start from $0.50 per month.

You should go with this if you want a free domain, email marketing, and social media integration.


Mozello Web Builder Logo
Do you know the entrepreneurs, bloggers, and activists from all over the world are creating their sites on Mozello? It is because, Mozello offers an all-in-one solution for web designing, domain registrations, web hostings, Etc. Also, you can create multilingual sites that too for free by using Mozello. So, let’s understand more about Mozello from the following features.

Other Exciting Features

  • Mozello accepts online payments.
  • You can get the product catalog on this platform.
  • Mozello provides a secure shopping cart.
  • Customers can get quick responses.


  • It’s an integrated eCommerce platform
  • Online store management
  • Supports many languages
  • Blogging option

Image Showing Mozello Homepage


  • The drag and drop option do not exist.

Plans & Pricing

  • Premium is starting at $8 for a month.
  • Premium Plus is now at $18.

Despite this, you can use the free version with lower features. So, if you need an all-inclusive solution for your enterprise, take a look at this.

Which is the Best WordPress Alternative By Experts?

Most people feel that only WordPress is the best website creator in the market. But, if you are looking for the best out of best WordPress alternatives, we will suggest Web.com.

Besides that, you can also choose HubSpot & Wix alternatives for your small enterprises.

If you don’t like these three suggestions, look at this article to know more alternatives.


What can I use instead of WordPress?

WordPress is mainly used to create a website, and it comes with a wide range of themes, plugins, and more. But, because it does not meet all the requirements, we search for alternatives. However, there are many platforms that you can use instead of WordPress. And the most favorite and most reliable platform is Google’s product, Blogspot.

Is Google Expres is better than WordPress?

Before moving forward, understand what google express is.

Google Express is known as an online shopping site like Amazon & Flipkart! But, due to some updates, Google Express is now famous as Google Shopping. In addition, it comes with the “Buy with Google” option.

Similarly, WordPress fans will take a side of WordPress, and Google Express fans stand with Google Express. So, both come with their features and importance. And it depends on the users.

Which blog site is best for earning money?

WordPress is commonly famous for being the best blogging site for earning money. It is because there are no restrictions on anything. Therefore, you can do whatever you want. It is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use platform for users.

However, you can choose other alternatives from the present market if you are not satisfied with WordPress. The most usable choice is Blogspot.


WordPress is used by many as their ideal choice. The scalability, flexibility, and extensions are impressive, and even beginners can operate it with less knowledge about it.

Even so, most people have their reasons to leave WordPress and go with the other alternatives. So, we have researched and found the best WordPress alternatives in this article.

Therefore, follow this article to know more about its pros and cons, features, plans and prices, and much more. You can choose one of them accordingly but go through the terms and other conditions before going to any conclusion. We hope you can bring out the best for yourself from this blog.


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