Most people are tired of WordPress not sending emails. Email sending and receiving is one of the common issues among WordPress users. But, don’t worry about that; by using the following easy ways, you can fix the WordPress not sending email issues. Aren’t you excited?

Along with that, we get a standard question, why is the user’s contact plugin not sending the Email? Also, they are worried about why they are not getting the WordPress notifications?

So, without hesitation, you can go further to get all the relevant answers to the above questions here. This post will learn about fixing WordPress, not email delivering issues. Your websites can easily send emails more effectively than before and avoid spam folders. So, first, let’s discuss why you are not receiving emails from WordPress.

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Why you’re not Receiving Emails from WordPress?

Do you know? The emails can be missed if your WordPress hosting server is not arranged accurately to work with the PHP() mail function.

Besides that, your website mails may not get sent with casual side effects from efforts to decrease spam. That means these tools try to know that an email is coming from the location it claims it should be.

But, when your contact form plugin sends an email, it does not make it into the receiver’s spam folder or inbox. So we won’t suggest using WordPress to send your email newsletters to clients at this point. You can also take a look at the following points to understand more.

Emails are Being Sent but Going to Spam Folder

The most common reason for WordPress emails not sending is that emails go into the spam folders. You will soon understand this after getting a report that says WordPress isn’t sending emails. It means these emails are classified as spam emails.

You can ask to see spam folders for your emails on any device. Sometimes, the client will know that these emails from WordPress are spam because they are automated emails.

The Server Isn’t Configured Rightly

We have already cleared this above. Your server configuration can create a problem. If you do not configure your Server correctly, emails will not be sent.

Furthermore, when a web server isn’t made for sending emails, you should check your Server whether it is configured correctly or not. But, fortunately, you can see it and repair it if this is the reason for that problem.

How to Test Whether the Server is Sending Email

Install WordPress plugin to see and test the Server whether it delivers an email or not? Do you know? It is specifically designed to see whether the WordPress or SMTP server can send mails or not?

Follow the below steps to install a WordPress plugin developer.

  • Head over WordPress Dashboard.
  • You will get “Hover over the plugin section” on the left-hand side.
  • Now, you have to tap on the “Add New Plugin.”
  • After that, Search “Log and Check the Email” in the search bar option.
  • So, finally, you can install it.
  • After this process, you must activate this plugin.

After complete installation, you can open a plugin by going on the tools bar. Now you can put the email address to check and hit “send a test email.”

Image Showing Send Test Mail

After this, a confirmation message will appear like below.

Setting Up Email Using Codes

At this point, you can check your email inbox to see whether the test email is received or not. Also, make sure you do not forget to check your spam folder. If you don’t get an email yet, there might be a possibility that there is an issue with your web server. You can also check the compatibility issues with the plugin.

On this point, you can contact the plugin developer to sort your issues.

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Contact Form Plugin is Sending Spoof Emails

Your plugin may create a problem when you have run the test and your Server is arranged to send emails.

Sometimes, the clients identify the spoof emails sent by Popular contact form plugins. They look like spam emails, and clients keep them aside as suspicious.

What is the reason behind contact form emails that look like a spoof? They appeared from another email address than the one added to the Sender field with the email you received.

Thus, if your WordPress contact form is configured to occupy the Sender field with an email of the person filling out the form, but your Email is coming from WordPress, your email customer will be unsure of the Email and might mark it as a spoof email.

You can also deal with issues if the Email is delivered “From” and “To” to a similar email address. So, if your form plugin sends emails from your default email address and you have arranged to send them to the same address, a few email providers may not like it.

You will be the recipient of the notification email for contact forms. It means you can fix the problem by changing the settings in your contact form the plugin. Also, you can see if the emails are being met with.

Fix Affected Contact Form Plugins

We recommend the following if you deal with the contact form plugin issues.

  • Fix Contact form 7 not sending emails.
  • FIx Gravity form not sending emails.
  • Fix Ninja WordPress forms not sending Emails.
  • Fix Happy form not sending an email.
  • Fix Jetpack form not sending an email.
  • Fix Formidable form not sending an email.

You will meet with all the relevant information below in this article.

In the above section, we have seen why we were not receiving the emails from WordPress. So now, we are stopping WordPress emails from going to spam.

How to Stop WordPress Emails Going to Spam?

Sometimes, you see that WordPress emails will spam even after setting up WordPress Mail SMTP. It is commonly caused by the wrong DNS settings of your domain. So, if you want to stop these WordPress emails from going to spam, follow the article.

Whitelist the Email Address

People can ask the users to allow your emails by adding your email address to contacts if your Email is spam.

Furthermore, in Gmail, if you pass the Email to the inbox, the emails won’t transfer to spam. However, adding an address to contacts as well can be safest.

Use a Safer Email Address.

What about reviewing the address of the Email your website is delivering emails from? Well, it will be your admin email address by default. However, email providers may assume that it is spam if it is similar to info@, contact@, sales@, or more.

Try to change the email address to more professional looks. Ensure that any emails sent to existing email addresses are distracted from your lesson, so you don’t miss aunty replies. You can easily do this by making an alias for your emails.

Set up an Email Authentication

Look there if your domain name hasn’t been adequately authenticated for Email. It is one of the reasons your WordPress emails are going to spam, and proper authentication helps save your Email from spam.

After this, we will know about setting up SMTP in WordPress to send emails from the following.

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How to set up SMTP in WordPress to Send Email

You can get the help of a third-party SMTP provider if emails aren’t sent from your site at all. You can also link it with your site, which helps send the emails again. Therefore, we have included the following steps to set up SMTP in WordPress to send an email.

  • You need to install a plugin to move from PHP to WordPress SMTP settings.
  • Here, you can arrange your new configuration settings and add sender details.
  • You have to choose the mailer settings on this point.
  • Now you can set up the SMTP options.
  • The next step is to add your encryption.
  • Now, you can choose the authentication and provider credential.
  • Following that, you are all set to save and test.

In this way, you can set up SMTP in WordPress to send emails and take advantage of the SMTP mailing service. But, do you know about SMTP?

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. You can use it to send, receive, and reply to the outgoing emails between senders and receivers. In addition, SMTP helps transfer it from Server to Server when you send an email.

Besides that, it uses better authentication, which grows to high email deliverability. Also, WordPress offers the WP Mail SMTP plugin to organize the WordPress site, and it will send emails through SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function.

Installing the WP Mail SMTP Plugin

It would help if you had the WP Mail SMTP plugin installed on your site, whichever SMTP service you pick up. It helps to change WordPress from using the PHP mail() function and allows you to use the SMTP function.

So, first and foremost, you have to activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin after installation.

Now, you can configure the plugin settings by clicking on WP Mail SMTP in your WordPress dashboard.

Image Showing Wp Mail Smtp Settings

You have to begin with putting the name and email address you want your Email to come from. Please use the same email address you used for your SMTP mailing service.

Wp Mail Smtp Mail Setting

So, here you can opt to power emails to use the name and email address. WP Mail SMTP will now cancel the other plugin settings.

Following that, you can pick up the SMTP mailing service for your website. You can complete your set up WP Mail SMTP by making an account with Sendinblue.

So, after that, you have to go back to your WP Mail SMTP settings. If your Form Name and Email are not entered, do it first.

Now, leave the “Return-Path” checkbox raw because Sendinblue does not use it. Further, hit the Sendinblue for the mailer.

Image Showing Mailer

You have to find your API key by going into your Sendinblue account. You will meet with a link following the API key box. Hit it, and see that the account is opened now.

You can copy the v3 API key.

Image Showing Smtp &Amp; Api Settings

So, finally, you have set everything. The only remaining step is to test the Email to ensure everything is running correctly.

You should go to SMTP “Email Tab” and enter your email address to send an email, and it will default to your site admin email.

Now click on the “Send Email” option. Image Showing Test Mail Was Sent Successfully

You will get the message “Test HTML email was sent successfully!” So, check out your inbox to see if it has come.

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Sending WordPress Emails Using Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the best email service providers. Your high email deliverability issues can be solved because you can send many emails with high deliverability. Do you know you can send up to 300 emails per day through Sendinblue?

It could email from a contact form, details of a new user, password recovery emails.

In the first stage, you have to open the official website of Sendinblue and create an account. Then, you can click on “Sign up free” and set up your account.

After finishing that, you can see a dashboard of Sendinblue. You can be prompted to do so here if you haven’t finished your profile while setting up the stage.

Image Showing Sendinblue Dashboard

How to Configure Your Forms Plugin to Send Email Correctly

Sometimes, your server is configured correctly. But, you face issues with not sending form entries, which means you have to change the settings for the form.

So, how will you fix it with different plugin options available out there? How will you get those emails sent again?

For this, many people tried adding SMTP to their sites, to their Server sending emails, but those emails aren’t getting through. Therefore, we have the following section to give you an idea about how you can configure your forms plugin to send emails. With that, let’s see how to fix WordPress forms, not sending email issues.

Fix Contact Form 7 Not Sending Emails

First of all, let us add Contact Form 7, the best and oldest WordPress form plugin available for free. So, suppose you are facing any issues related to WordPress contact forms not sending emails. In that case, you should fix the affected contact form plugins.

Contact Form7
You can fix it by changing the email address to send emails by following those steps.

  • Open the WordPress Admin
  • Head over to Contact → Contact Forms

Image Showing Adding Contact Form

Further, you have already created a form. So, select it and open a Mail tab.

Image Showing Mail Setup

Ensure that the From field should have the admin’s email address and not the email address inserted in the form.

You don’t have to use a similar email address for the From and To fields; you can use the other email address from an existing one.

Now, you can save your changes. After that, you can test the things by finishing the form yourself. So, in this way, you can fix the Contact Form 7 not sending email problems.

Fix Gravity Forms not Sending Emails

Gravity Forms Logo
Gravity forms are amongst the most famous and reputed premium form plugins. There are fewer chances of problems with emails not sent from this plugin than Contact Form7, but if it does happen.

Fix Ninja Forms not Sending Emails

How To Fix Wordpress Not Sending Email Issue (2022) | Easy Guide
Ninja Forms come up with free as well as premium plans or versions. You can enjoy many add-on plugins available for the TI, and WordPress allows you to download it for free. Still, you are dealing with emails issue with Ninja forms; we suggest you use the SendWP plugin. The same team designs it.



SendWP has been created for your comfort, and you can get SMTP working on your running server. You can also use the plugins for free of cost.

Fix Happy Forms not Sending Smails

Happy Forms is also one of the best plugins with free and premium versions. You will get the help guide here, but it does not provide detailed information on what to do if your server emails are not sent.

How To Fix Wordpress Not Sending Email Issue (2022) | Easy Guide
Like Contact Forms 7, you can edit the email settings for a single form. But, first, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Head over to Happy Forms All forms.
  • Now, choose a format that you want to alter.
  • After that, you will get a customizer interface.

You can open the Email tab now to change the To & From addresses. It will help you with notifications and confirmations to ensure you don’t send spoof emails.

Setting Up Contact Form

After making changes, you can hit the Upload tab at the top and test your form.

Fix Jetpack Contact Form not Sending Emails

Jetpack plugin offers the basic but popular contact form. Jetpack has fewer options for configuration as compared to other plugins. But, the best part is that you can change the address of emails that are not sent to.

You may face the problem because it won’t use the form field in the email “To” or “From” field. You may also deal with issues if you send emails to and from the same address.

After adding a form, you will see the editing icon on top and a dropdown menu. You can change the address forms are sent to by using it, and you can also change the admin email address for your website if you are willing to alter the address forms are shipped from.

Setting Jetpack Form

Fix Formidable Forms not Sending Emails

Formidable also comes in the free and premium versions. In addition, you will get official documentation suggesting that you add SMTP to your website if you have issues sending emails from your contact forms.

How To Fix Wordpress Not Sending Email Issue (2022) | Easy Guide

But, are you afraid that if you have used that and still the things have not changed? This problem can occur because your emails can notice as spoof emails. It happens because emails are sent from an address that is not the actual sending address.

You can change the email setting by using the following short steps.

  • Go to Formidable Forms
  • Choose a form.
  • Now, hit the Setting tab.
  • You will get an Action & Notification tab at the side.
  • You can open the Email Notification meta box from here.

How To Fix Wordpress Not Sending Email Issue (2022) | Easy Guide

So, you can change the notification emails are sent from and to. You have to provide an admin email address because it will use it by default. After that, the setting screen will save the changes as per your choice. Therefore, you should fill in the correct information.

Besides that, if you have issues in sending WordPress emails, you can fix it by using the following alternatives.

Alternative Ways to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email

If you don’t like the Sendinblue option, we have the other options, including Gmail or G Suite, Office 365, and Amazon SES. These are stated as below.

Using Gmail or G Suite with WP Mail SMTP to Fix WordPress Emails

You know that you can send your emails using a Gmail or G Suite account. Right? Similarly, it is a truth that you don’t need to provide your login details when you are using the Wp Mail SMTP.

You can use Gmail or G Suite to set up WP Mail SMTP and, after that, hit the “Google” option for a mailer. Of course, you have to check the “Return-Path” box as well.

Now, it will ask you for a “Client ID” & “Client Secret.” You can get those details by creating a web application in a Google account. So, this way, you can also avoid your Gmail not sending emails in WordPress.

Besides that, it comes up with some drawbacks, and they are stated as follows.

  • You have to contact the web host provider to install the valid certification to get it running.
  • You have to complete the entire process again if you want to change the email address soon.

Using Office 365 / Outlook with WP Mail SMTP to fix WordPress emails

Most people use MS Office 365 or Outlook for their regular email account. But, a few people know that they can use that to send out emails using WordPress.

You have to set the WP Mail SMTP and tap on the “Other SMTP” option. You will get a form to fill out after this. By using the following settings, you can fill out that form.

SMTP Host:

Encryption: TLS

SMTP Port: 587

Auto TLS: (keep it switched on)

Authentication: (keep it switched on)

SMTP Username: Office 365 email address

SMTP Password: Office 365 password.

Besides that, it will store your password in plain text inside WordPress, which is the major problem you will meet here. Therefore, it is not secure, and the password will be shown in the admin account.

Using Amazon SES with WP Mail SMTP to fix WordPress emails

Amazon is a vast platform and comes up with an SES which will allow you to fix WordPress email issues.

By using Amazon, you can deliver 62,000 emails per month for free. However, it becomes difficult for beginners to set up, and as a result, you can see the other options. Still, for WordPress email SMTP service, many professionals use Amazon SES.

So, in the end, we would like to add that you use any mailer, but ensure that you use the “Test Email” tab. It will show you whether the emails have been successfully sent or not, and you can confirm it by checking your email inbox.

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Why is my WordPress email not working?

Sometimes you don’t understand why your WordPress email is not working or why do Woocommerce emails not sending. Such problems may occur because of the following reasons.

  • Maybe your primary SMTP server is not configured accordingly.
  • Perhaps you are dealing with a worse reputation on a shared server environment.
  • Perhaps the official mail servers are blocking your emails for some different reason.

The above are the primary three reasons for WordPress email not working.

How do I enable Email in WordPress?

You can follow the below steps to enable Email in WordPress.

  • Open the WordPress site and log in.
  • Tap on WP Mail SMTP Settings
  • Type email in From Email within Mail.
  • Type the Form Name you want to link.
  • Set Return-Path under Return Path.
  • Choose other SMTP in Mailer
  • Type full server name in the other SMTP. (SMTP host text box)
  • After this, you will have to choose from two configuration options like “Encryption” & “Without Encryption.”
  • Turn on Authentication.
  • Type email in SMTP username text box.
  • Type password in SMTP password text box.
  • Now you can save it.

Why am I not Receiving Emails from my Website?

In most cases, when the domain name in the recipient email address and domain name in the website are the same, the website hosting provider might assume that such emails should be sent locally. You will get these emails by changing your website host settings to the Remote Email server. Further, ensure that the local deliveries are not switched on.

Why is SMTP not sending emails?

The following are why the SMTP not sending emails issues occurs.

  • First, you should check your internet connections.
  • A common mistake we can see with the SMTP server as well. Thus, ensure that your SMTP server details and settings are proper.
  • Put up the correct usernames and passwords.
  • Make sure that your SMTP server connections are not poor. It may be a significant cause for SMTP not sending emails.
  • Sometimes, port 25 is used for the outgoing mail servers. But, in ISPs, it may block because of growing spam traffic. Therefore, you must look at the SMTP ports also.
  • Last but not least, you have to manage your antivirus or firewall settings to avoid the issues of SMTP not sending emails.


When you don’t have the proper WordPress hosting provider for the hosting email service, you get confused while selecting a hosting platform. However, you do not have to as many providers give email hostings such as GoDaddy and Bluehost.

But, sometimes, people complain about WordPress not sending emails. But, they don’t get the proper solutions to fix this. And we can’t ignore this problem because it is the most common issue we see nowadays. So, you can follow up on the guide to get your suitable solutions.

If you want to know what we have included in this article post, we have included solutions to email sending issues. Also, you can see the following points.

  • In the introductory part, we have mentioned which problem occurred during emails sendings.
  • You will get the reasons why you don’t receive emails from WordPress. This section develops the essential points that you should not miss.
  • Sometimes, we don’t get our required Email because it goes to spam. So, you can stop these emails from going to spam folders by using the tips under the “How to stop WordPress emails going to spam” section.
  • After this, you will see the information about setting up the SMTP in WordPress to send emails. Also, you will learn about SMTP and how you can install this.
  • We have a suggestion for Sendinblue to send the WordPress emails.
  • In the era of online technologies, a few people could not configure the form plugins to send emails correctly. Therefore, we have six points to help you out there, keeping that in mind.
  • If you don’t like them, we also included alternative ways of fixing WordPress email issues.
  • And in the last FAQ section, you find answers to some common questions, which you should not miss.

So, in this way, we have arranged this blog post to provide all the information related to WordPress, not sending email issues. We hope that you will get what you expect from this blog post.


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