Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters

Podcasts are simple audio or video messages that are delivered in an episodic format via a feed. So, in a nutshell, it’s an internet radio show. It may sound hard and technical. But with the correct platform and tools, you can start podcasting right now.

Podcast listenership increased by more than 20% in the previous several years. So there has perhaps never been a better time to get on board the podcasting bandwagon. And, while you’ll be dealing with a slew of creative difficulties between now and launch. You’ll also need to think about the technical side of things. Such as how you’ll offer podcasts on your website.

The WP community has responded by creating many podcast plugins to start a podcast right on your website. But, in keeping with WordPress history, the market is bursting with possibilities. This makes it tough to choose the best decision for your specific needs.

This article has compiled a list of the Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for both new and experienced podcasters.

Why should you start a Podcast?

Did you know that there are approximately 700,000 active podcasts in over 100 languages right now? Podcasts are an excellent method to attract new listeners and establish a following.

They’re low-cost to begin with and can be built quickly and easily. In addition, a podcast can help you advertise your business and your skills.

You may also generate leads to monetize your podcasts if you have a strong relationship with your listeners. It also helps you discover new subjects and viewers and reach out to a global audience.

How Do I Begin Podcasting on WordPress?

Famous podcasters such as Tim Ferris, Lewis Howes, Michael Hyatt, and others use WP. This is because WordPress is simple to use and incredibly adaptable. It also has thousands of outstanding layouts and plugins.

If you want to start a podcast and create a website, you’ll need to buy a domain name and WordPress hosting first.

We recommend Bluehost. Because it is one of the largest hosting businesses in the world. It is also an official WordPress recommended hosting provider. Furthermore, they are offering our users a 60% discount with a free domain.

23 Best WordPress Podcasting Plugins

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list of podcast plugins compatible with all the best podcast file hosting providers, including Podbean, BuzzSprout, Blubrry, Libsyn, and others.

Not only can you use these plugins to add a podcast audio player to your site. But you can also use them to:

  • Organize podcast episodes
  • Post episodes to iTunes
  • Distribute affiliate links
  • Track podcast downloads

Let’s have a look at our favorite WordPress podcasting plugins now.

1. Powerpress

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

PowerPress is a robust WP podcasting plugin that makes it easy to manage your podcast files.

It generates RSS feeds for your Podcast that are compatible with iTunes and Google Play. It also has a simple interface to enter all the necessary information to submit your Podcast to iTunes.

Using a stunning HTML5 player, you can add your podcast episodes to your WordPress site. It also has built-in subscriber tools to help you grow your podcast audience. But, most vital, it comes with the support of thousands of podcasters who have tried it out before.

It also integrates with some of the greatest Podcast hosting providers, such as Blubrry.

2. Fusebox

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

The Smart Podccast Player, one of the greatest podcast player plugins on the market, is available from Fusebox. It uses a stunning mobile-friendly player to automatically show your podcast episodes.

It has a well-designed HTML5 player that provides a better user experience. In addition, you have the option of adding a mega player that loops through all episodes or a single episode player.

With a light or dark theme, you can pick your colors. In addition, it includes features like social sharing, a download button, speed control, timestamps, and more.

The Fusebox Transcript plugin is also included. It allows you to show podcast notes and transcripts for each episode in a stylish way. For example, users can open a transcript in a new tab, download it as a PDF, and your episode pages will rank higher in search results.

3. Simple podcast press

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Simple Podcast Press makes adding a gorgeous podcast player to your WordPress website a breeze.

Simply enter your Podcast’s iTunes URL, and it will build a page for each episode. It also pulls metadata, photos, and notes from the server and puts them on each page, with the player at the top.

It includes:

  • Customizable buttons
  • Clickable timestamps
  • Social sharing buttons
  • A URL shortener

The plugin is compatible with any podcasting service and also aids in the growth of your email list.

4. Seriously Simple Podcasting

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Many new podcasters only want to get started without investing in dedicated podcast hosting or a media player. But, that is something that the Seriously Simple Podcast Player can help you with. It allows you to manage and post your podcast episodes to your WordPress site directly.

It creates a podcast feed that’s compatible with iTunes, Google Play, and various other platforms. The plugin also includes shortcodes and widgets. They make displaying podcast episodes on your website a breeze.

5. Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds allows you to display YouTube videos on your WordPress website in an attractive manner. It’s the ideal companion plugin for podcasters who use YouTube to host their video podcasts.

Smash Balloon’s YouTube feed also enables live streams. This allows podcasters to live stream each episode on YouTube and publish it on their WordPress website.

The plugin supports many styles and layouts. For example, you can use the masonry grid, list, or carousel to display your most recent video podcast episodes.

6. Podlove Podcast Publisher

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Podlove Podcast Publisher is a product of Podlove. It is a user-driven online community dedicated to raising podcasting standards. In addition, it tries to provide cutting-edge solutions for podcasting challenges not yet addressed.

Podlove Podcast Publisher makes managing your Podcast from your WordPress site a breeze. It provides highly compatible Podcast feeds as well as fine-grained control over them. It supports:

  • Multi-format feeds
  • Various audio and video codecs
  • An upgraded HTML5 player
  • Chapters support
  • Download analytics
  • Customizable templates

The best aspect is that you will become a member of a vibrant community. You can ask questions and get answers from developers and other users in their forums.

7. Sermon Manager

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Sermon Manager is the most effective WordPress sermon management plugin. This plugin contains all the functionality a religious organization will need. It was created primarily for churches giving online sermons via their podcasts.

It has full-featured iTunes podcasting compatibility. It also has speakers, series, themes, books, and service types.

It’ll work with any podcast hosting service. In addition, you can use it to raise money with your WordPress donation plugin.

8. Libsyn Podcasting Plugin

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

This plugin connects your WP site to your Libsyn account. It is a popular podcast hosting service. It makes it simple to produce podcast episodes, store them as draughts, and schedule them in WordPress.

You’ll be able to upload your podcast files straight to Libsyn from WordPress. This means they won’t take up any space on your WordPress hosting server. You may also use your WordPress media library to add files.

All your media and Podcast feeds will continue to be hosted with Libsyn. In addition, your podcast subscribers will be able to download episodes into their podcast apps and provide readers. Even if your website goes down.

9. Podcast Importer Secondline

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Secondline’s Podcast Importer is a useful tool for podcasters who want to transfer their show into a new WordPress website.

All you’ll need is the URL to your existing podcast feed. The plugin is compatible with all Podcast hosting services. It is also compatible with all podcasting tools. Such as PowerPress, and can even import podcasts from an iTunes feed URL.

If you’re already using a plugin like PowerPress, you can choose “Podcast” as your post type during the import. You can also organize episodes as podcasts by importing them as blog articles.

10. As Heard On

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

You can use As Heard On to show different podcasts where you’ve been interviewed. This allows you to highlight other podcasters on your website, gain social proof, and be featured on more podcasts. It’s simple to add the podcasts you want to highlight with the plugin. You can include a podcast title, hostname, thumbnail, episode URL, and description, among other things.

You’ll have to hunt down album covers for the podcasts you want to show and manually upload the photos. After you’ve uploaded a few podcasts, you may use a sidebar widget, a blog post, or any other page on your site to show them.

11. MonsterInsights

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

For WordPress users, MonsterInsights is the greatest Google Analytics plugin. It helps you determine where your users come from, what they do, and how long they spend on your site.

It also has a link tracking option that can help you determine which episodes are the most popular. It also includes a Google Optimize plugin. This tool allows you to do content experiments such as A/B testing to determine what works best for your website.

12. OptinMonster

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

The greatest conversion optimization software on the market is OptinMonster. It enables you to convert visitors to subscribers and clients on your website.

Lightbox popups, floating banners, slide-in popups, countdown timers, and other features are included.

You may integrate it with your email marketing solution to expand your email list, grow your social media following, and grow your email list.

13. WPForms

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

User engagement contributes to the conversion of more visitors and the development of a stronger community. WPForms is the finest WordPress contact form builder plugin. It is great for creating stunning forms for your website without having to write any code.

You can use it to add a contact form, do surveys, accept money, and generate email subscription forms, among other things. It is a must-have for any podcaster’s toolset due to its ease of use and powerful capabilities.

WPForms is also available in a free edition for WPBeginner users.

14. Pretty Links

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

The greatest WordPress URL shortener plugin is Pretty Links. It allows you to publish branded short URLs in your podcast episodes, transcripts, and descriptions.

You may also manage all your affiliate links from a single dashboard. You can use these shareable URLs in email campaigns, podcasts, social media posts, and on your website.

15. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Over 2 million websites use AIOSEO, a popular WordPress SEO plugin.

It aids in the optimization of your website for it to rank higher in search engines.

Aside from all the necessary on-page SEO tools. It also includes a video sitemap and other valuable tools for podcasters looking to improve their search rankings.

16. Blubrry PowerPress

The greatest WordPress podcast plugin you can get your hands on is PowerPress by blubrry. It has excellent functionality and an easy-to-use UI. You may quickly add a podcast to your WordPress site using its gorgeous yet powerful HTML 5 player.

You can also use PowerPress to build RSS feeds for your podcasts on iTunes and Google Play. You may also quickly manage all your podcast files, including adding any information needed to publish your Podcast and organizing them by episode.

PowerPress also has the following outstanding features:

  • Media movement and import are unrestricted.
  • Find out how many people listen to podcasts.
  • FTP and online upload options are available.
  • Get free email assistance.
  • Overage storage with no faults.
  • Audio and video podcasts can be embedded on your WordPress site.
  • SEO tools are included to help you improve your Podcast’s ranking.
  • ID3 tagging allows you to add artwork, a title, and details to your Podcast.

PowerPress has five different pricing options. They start at $12 per month and include 100MB of storage.

17. Buzzsprout Podcasting

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

It is a premium plugin that provides a complete solution for all your podcasting needs.

It’s a website where you can make fantastic podcasts and promote them through various directories. Your podcasts will be listed on Apple, Spotify, Castro, Alexa, and many other platforms via Buzzsprout.

It’s also very user-friendly, with powerful capabilities such as:

  • Optimize your podcasts as they are uploaded automatically.
  • Podcasts are added to popular directories.
  • Make use of a URL shortener.
  • With shortcodes, you may embed your Podcast anywhere on your website.
  • Get a head start on your podcast statistics.
  • For your website, a lovely podcast player is available.

Buzzsprout has a free 90-day account that allows you to post 2 hours of podcasts. Premium plans start at $12 per month and include three hours of audio upload each month.

18. Smart Podcast Player

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Smart Podcast Player is a basic but effective podcasting solution. It also allows you to collect email addresses from your listeners. It includes a web-based audio player with download, share, and subscribe options. They are elegantly designed and customizable.

You can use the Smart Track Player to highlight a particular podcast episode, song, sound snippet, or even your whole collection. This facilitates binge-listening and keeps listeners on your site for more extended periods.

Like OptinMonster’s floating bar optin, Smart Podcast Player offers a Sticky Player that stays visible at the top or bottom of your page. Wherever your visitor scrolls on the website, the Sticky Player remains displayed. It promotes your most recent podcast episode.


  • The Smart Track player has a built-in mobile player. So it will look fantastic on any device your listener is using.
  • You can use the speed control tool to add many playback speeds.
  • Current versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer are all compatible.
  • The Smart Track player allows users to download podcast tracks directly.

The monthly fee starts at $8.09 per month.

19. RafflePress

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

RafflePress is the most excellent plugin available for WordPress. It makes it easy to expand your audience from your site with competitions and gifts.

You can refer podcast listeners to the contests on your site with RafflePress. This will help you create wonderful and responsive donations to build your Podcast and increase website traffic.

Also, RafflePress incorporates your favorite email marketing tool so that your email list can be enlarged.


  • With the drag and drop builder, you can create attractive online prizes in minutes.
  • To increase podcast listeners, boost engagement, and increase traffic. Use a pre-built viral giveaway template.
  • To boost your Podcast’s growth. Use the viral sharing (refer-a-friend) option to automate word-of-mouth promotion.

RafflePress is a free plugin. However, you can upgrade it for a more comprehensive set of capabilities for only $49 per year.

20. iTunes Podcast Review Manager

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

iTunes Podcast Review Manager is a WordPress plugin. It allows you to import international podcast reviews from iTunes. It’s beneficial to podcasters with popular podcasts on iTunes who wish to market them more to reach a larger audience. Including your podcast reviews acts as a recommendation for your work.

Once you’ve installed the plugin on your WordPress site. It will check for new podcast reviews every four hours and display them on a table on your site. After that, you’ll have to wait for the next automatic check or verify if the review feeds for some countries are unavailable.

21. Amazon Polly for WordPress

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Amazon Polly for WordPress is a free WordPress plugin. It allows you to use Amazon Polly to convert text into speech. Amazon Polly is a service that converts text into natural-sounding speech.

You may create an audio stream for your text-based content and insert it into posts using this plugin. Including audio besides written content improves the accessibility of your postings.

It allows you to publish your posts as podcasts directly from your site and distribute them to listeners via podcast directories.

22. Compact WP Audio Player

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Compact WP Audio Player is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add an audio player to your site. To use this plugin to add audio files to WordPress, you must first upload them to an upload place. You can then embed the audio files into your WordPress articles and pages using a shortcode. It will display your audio files alongside a little media player by the plugin.

The plugin supports MP3 and OGG audio files. It lets you set the autoplay option, loop, and other options. The audio player is entirely responsive. So it works on a variety of devices and is compatible with all major browsers.

23. Spreaker Shortcode

23 Best Wordpress Plugins For Podcasters In 2021

Spreaker is a famous podcasting site. Here you can listen to the most popular podcasts across the world as well as make your own. With the Spreaker Shortcode plugin, you can now embed your Spreaker Podcast on your WordPress site.

You can use the plugin to import any Spreaker episode, show, or user into WordPress. Using shortcode options, the plugin allows you to add Spreaker podcasts with a lot of customization.

With the rise in popularity of podcasting, it’s comforting to know that WordPress, as always, has you covered. But, each of the plugins listed above will serve you in many ways, so choose wisely.

We hope this article for the best WordPress plugins for podcasters was helpful.


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