If you have come so far without using WordPress, this could be the right time to make a change. The reasons are numerous. WordPress is a free, open source content management system that is very flexible and easy to use. It also has the support of a large community of users.

There is an almost infinite amount of plugins and themes available. Thus, there is virtually no limitation on the types of websites that you can create. The demo content of most available themes, such as those described here, can be imported.

Just select a theme. Afterwards, you can rest assured that the layout and theme structure of your website will match those of the demo.

Remember to use one or more of these world-class WP themes! They will definitely help you to create your own world class websites in 2018.



Hestia is a one-page design theme that adheres to the principles of Google Material Design. This allows website designers and website owners to tailor Hestia to virtually any niche, website goal or screen size in perfect harmony. Hestia is particularly suitable for creative agencies and startups, as well as small shops and businesses.

You can easily build a shop in Hestia with WooCommerce. It is compatible with most popular plugins, including bbPress, Photo Gallery, Travel Map, Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, and Flat Parallax Slider, to name a few.

SEO Optimization integrated be properly indexed, so it can be found by the major search engines. Your content has something to do with this, of course, but it’s useful when the theme itself is created with SEO in mind.

Hestia is free. Premium versions are available, but it would be more than worthwhile to test the free version. It can actually be everything you need.


Enfold is a best-rated best-seller of ThemeForest, and as such is well known in WordPress web design circles. The wide variety of Enfold demos is particularly noteworthy. These demos contain not only images for which you are likely to find uses, but also a license to use them.

You’ll find demos featuring small and large niches, travel niches, and demos for blogs, weddings, and more. construction, at the consultation.

Enfold is extremely easy to work with. Demos can be installed in one click, page building is easy, and no coding is necessary on your part. Once you have started Enfold, you will soon discover how much time you can save during your website building adventures, and if you encounter a small bump on the road, you will also discover that a significant amount of support can take a any other meaning. ] Porto – WordPress Theme + Ultimate Ecommerce “/>

Porto has been around for several years, during which time it has enjoyed growing popularity; and for a good reason. For many, Porto has been seen as simply a better choice for designing new websites. The authors kept abreast of the latest trends in website design and coding best practices; which gives the best solution for you.

Porto is highly optimized, very fast and compatible with tons of WP plugins. There are a lot of demos to choose from, ranging from classic site demos, to a pager, and shop demos. The best way to see what Porto offers, is to visit the website and see the main demo, of which there are 18 variations.

You will love what you see, and you will leave understanding why Porto (happy) TheGem – High Performance Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme “/>

TheGem is a versatile, responsive and powerful WordPress theme with a modern creative design to suit a multitude of creative uses for building websites. This is a best seller on ThemeForest, it has a 5 star rating, and with over 14,000 sales last year alone, it’s a best-selling WordPress creative theme. Since TheGem has too many awesome features to list here, visit their website and see them for yourself. You will be impressed.

 Houzez - Highly Customizable Real Estate Wordpress Theme

Building a website that has all the features of a real estate agency, would normally be a daunting task. Not so much with Houzez. It’s all here to start, and all you need to do is tweak things to your customer’s taste.

 Uncode - Creative Multi-Use Wordpress Theme

The characteristics of the starting theme are often reflected in the final product; One reason why Uncode, a pixel-perfect theme with great attention to detail and performance, should be helpful. The massive options of Uncode, as well as advanced adaptive grid and image systems, make you the master. If you like “sleek and stylish”, you will surely love what this WP theme has to offer.

 The Core

The Core is a premium multi-purpose WordPress theme that is well-equipped to handle virtually any task you might require of it. With over 20 pre-built websites, a visual page builder, and an impressive assortment of predefined layouts, The Core claims to have the best WP theme design in the business. Purchase hosting from one of The Core’s partners, and you get theme, theme installation, and import demo for free

 Grimag - Ad &Amp; Wordpress Theme Adsense Optimized Magazine

If you are an AdSense user or you have considered using AdSense in your marketing campaigns, Grimag, the AD Magazine optimized WordPress theme, is for you. In addition to being ready for AdSense, Grimag is bbPress, BuddyPress and ready for translation. This powerful publishing solution is an ideal solution for anyone looking for the best monetization results from their online publishing efforts.

 Movedo - We'Re Moving Your World

This high-end, multi-purpose WordPress theme will take you to websites you’ve never seen before, and you may not want to to go back there. MOVEDO was designed with Awesomeness in mind, with features such as dynamic movement in columns, super-crunchy moldable typography, and the ability to manipulate header elements up to the point of view. that they appear “right”.

 Anariel - Wordpress Fashion Blog Theme

This modern and chic WP Fashion theme is made for a fashion blogger who prefers a minimalist design approach, and who wants to create a modern blog with lots of # 39; option. Anariel is responsive, and comes with 6 built-in demos that you can install with one click. If you are a fashion designer, you must absolutely have a theme that fits your need for a fashion blog. Anariel does exactly that.

 Real Homes - Real Estate Wordpress Theme

Real Homes is a hand-crafted WordPress theme for real estate websites with over 4.7 out of 5 from 950+ real-life buyers. Its popularity (more than 15,500 buyers), as well as its many features, are worth considering, but if you dig deeper, you will find that what buyers and users appreciate, that’s what it’s all about. is its flexibility.

in so many different ways; including comparisons. Real Homes can also be used by those who are interested or responsible for property management.


Leadinjection is a WordPress landing page theme great for traders, business owners, affiliates and other professionals who need to launch landing pages in a few minutes. Leadinjection is easy to install and customize. A favorite feature is the Lead Modal Popup, a lead capture pop-up window that pops up on your website to your specifications, can not be blocked and draws attention to itself, providing you with a real marketing benefit.


There is more than a small variety to choose from in this list of the best WP themes for 2018. We have no doubt that you have discovered this now.

What is the beauty of such a list? It includes many multipurpose themes for a wide variety of web construction projects. However, it is not that.

There are also these more specialized themes. They are itching that you wanted to scratch but have not found ways to do it.


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