Every single website starts with HTTP. Well, HTTP is the abbreviation for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is one of the significant factors when we talk about the internet. HTTP is used to load the resources like webs pages and connected devices in the network. In short, it is the communication medium between client and server.

Many times we try to access the webpage through a URL. However, due to this conflict in the server, it displays an error message like 404, 403, 500, 429, and much more. This article discusses how to fix 429 error code and all about HTTP status code 429 too many requests.

What is the HTTP 429 Error?

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HTTP 429 error is amongst the common error that internet users face frequently. This error message on the screen is not because of any technical issue.

Let’s understand the 429 error issue with an example. First, if any internet user tries to access the webpage very often in a short time, the server displays an error. Then, due to frequent calls to the web page’s internet server, the server triggers the 429 error.

However, if you want to troubleshoot and fix this error, there are many solutions. So, let’s discuss the step-by-step guide to fix error 429.

What Causes an Error 429?

We have already discussed that 429 error is not any technical conflict. Instead, it can cause many reasons, such as the client sending http too many requests to the server, API, or WordPress plugin.

This error 429 too many requests message is the response to the client application. Here server is informing with the help of an error message that we can not process your request. We must know that client in the HHTP is the admin site user, or it can be a hacker.

429 error is not any technical error, and the user’s activity has caused it. So, the server blocks the user’s IP address for a few minutes and tells the client to try after some time. However, it is one of the significant security-related activities that limit any suspicious behavior on the site. So, if you are meeting with Error 429, keep reading to know how to fix the 429 error!

How to Fix an HTTP 429 Error?

Troubleshooting the 429 too many requests error is vital in fixing the error. To prevent your website from generating an error message, the following steps will help you. Unfortunately, error 429 can be caused for many reasons, so we must follow the errors issue manually.

Change Your WordPress Default Login URL

There are chances that your site is facing the 429 error issue due to any suspicious behavior. Because hackers may be trying to access your site with several matches of the password, their too many attempts may lead to errors on site. One of the best solutions is to stop attackers by changing the login credentials.

Every WordPress site has its default login in the WP admin area. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the WordPress CMS, most people know where to access the password. And anyone can try to attack the site quickly. One of the ways to modify WP credentials is by using free plugins called WPS Hide Login that help you hide login details.

You need to install and activate the plugin through the WP area. Next, you must change the default URL name to secure the website. Also, remember, keep the extension unique, so it could not be known to anyone.

Disable the Really Simple SSL Plugin and Replace Your Inbound Links

Today you will find the SSL certificate on every other site. And everyone wants their entire site to be loaded in HTTPS rather than old HTTP protocol. But, most importantly, SSL positively affects SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

There are many ways to enable HTTPS on the site, and one of the ways is by the Really Simple SSL plugin. This WordPress plugin pushes your entire site to load in a more secure environment, such as HTTPS. And it does even take too many steps to enable the plugin in the WordPress site.

But, sometimes, when a plugin enforces the site, it can show the 429 error. It doesn’t mean there is a fault with the Simple SSL plugin. Even after manually implementing the HTTPS, internal linking is still a concern. As your website or webpage is filled with inbound links, you need to figure out how to replace them. Once you disable the plugin, you must have replaced the links with their HTTPS versions.

Now it’s time to install a new plugin through the WP dashboard called Search and Replace. This plugin will help you navigate all your internal links in their HTTPS versions.

If your site uses a non-www domain



It may be possible that your website database contains a WWW domain. And you can replace them with the recommended setting as given below.



If your site uses a www domain



If your domain has non-WWW links in the database, you can modify them with the given setting.



Once you followed the setting as per the instruction, now you have to select the dry run option. This option lets you know the count of the inbound links replaced. After the dry run option, you can notice the replaced links in real-time.

One more step you should consider after disabling the SSL plugin. You need to set up an HTTP redirect plugin to prevent further complications.

Implement Exponential Backoff

Another step in how to fix the error 429 status code is Implementing the Exponential Backoff. If the error message on the screen has not gone yet and you will have to wait longer, Implementing Exponential Backoff may help.

Implementing exponential backoff is the standard approach to deal with such conflict. In this method, the client generates the sequence of the retries progressive way with increasing time. Moreover, this method is proven to know about rate request acceptance once implemented.

Set Your Own Throttling Limit

Throttling Limit is the term given to the limit to send several application requests. In short, you set the limit for the user for sending the request. This way, once the set limit exceeds the user, the server fulfills the request with cached data.

This method is mainly used by third-party applications or programs to stop sites from generating excessive requests. However, throttling limit is one of the perfect choices to implement for yourself also. If you use this method for your website or application, you can restrict yourself from going out of the limit.

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Temporarily Deactivate All of Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress is all about plugins. And we often install one when it is necessary. However, active plugins can cause 429 too many requests errors. So, in that case, disabling the active plugins is the only way.

However, if you face an error problem and do not have access to the admin area, you need to access it via FTP.

  • Launch the FTP client and navigate to the public_html/wp-content/ directory.
  • Out of several folders, click on “Plugins.”
  • Right-click on the folder, and rename it with something also. Because with this step, WordPress won’t find the plugin folder.
  • Before reaccessing the site, create the empty folder with the plugin’s name.
  • Now try accessing the site; your 429 error will be resolved.
  • Now restore the folder to its original name.
  • If you are still facing the problem, repeat the step.
  • When you follow every plugin manually, you will discover a lousy plugin causing the error.

Switch to a Default WordPress Theme

If plugins are not responsible for your 429 error, it means the WordPress active theme is a problem. To know whether it is the case or not. You should disable your active plugin and try some default plugins.

This process is very similar to the disable plugin method. To disable active plugin, go to the public_html/wp-content/themes directory. And rename the theme folder as you did with the plugin folder.

If it again shows the error, you should repeat the step. However, before accessing the site, you should change the folder with the previous one. After following all steps, if your error issue has not been fixed, you should contact the developer.

Contact Your Host If You Still Can’t Resolve the Error

We have discussed the steps how to fix error 429 in depth. If your error message problem is still troubling you after following all the steps, else is the problem. You should contact the host of the server to fix error 429.

For instance, this http code 429 error is generated directly from the server, not from your site. Due to this possibility, contacting the host will be beneficial for you to get better advice. However, if that’s not the case, still they can offer a real solution rather advice. Moreover, consulting with the host server is the last option to fix the error.

How to Avoid an HTTP 429 Error

There is no other way to avoid the 429 error than to prevent the client from exceeding the request rate. Error 429 is caused due to too many requests sent to access the resource. Moreover, the server or API records the request made on the application, and it blocks the specific IP address.

One more thing we have discussed is that the error is not undoubtedly technical. It can be a way for the server to respond to the conflict due to requests. So, the only way to avoid it is by not sending too many requests. Also, if the error is from the server side, you can not do anything rather than contact them.

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Resolving the HTTP 429 Error

Error 429 is one of the common problems faced by every internet user. However, we can avoid that with little attention. To resolve the 429 error, you can follow the steps to fix the problem. We have stated everything in-depth to help you in every way we can.


HTTP 429 error is commonly found while accessing any webpage or resource. However, more than the error, it is one of the security measures to prevent the site from attackers. This error displays on the screen to the site admin, site user, or attacker due to exceeding request. In the article, we have discussed the following steps.

  • All about HTTP and its error 429.
  • Causes of the HTTP 429 error and steps to avoid them.
  • What are the best steps to fixing the error issue?

This article has tried to explain all possible ways to avoid and fix the 429 error. And still, you are facing trouble consulting the host server may help you. Therefore, we genuinely hope this article will benefit you in 429 errors.

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Why do I Get 429 too Many Requests?

You have tried to access the webpage too many times in the given period. Hence it will show 429 too many requests. And when you continuously send the request to the server, it shows a response 429 error. However, you can avoid it by not sending a request load. Also, you can try to access the webpage after some time. If you are getting many 429 errors, it is also possible that the error is generated from the server, not the client.

How do I Fix Error 429?

There are many ways to fix the 429 error. First, however, you should know what factor caused the 429 error. In the article, we have already started to fix the error, such as disabling plugins/ themes, implementing exponential backoff, and more. And if still your problem is not solved, try contacting the host server.

How do I Stop too Many Requests?

One of the ways to stop 429 errors is by setting a limit on the number of requests on the client. Also, you can follow the steps to fix error 420. Also, one of the ways is to temporarily disable plugins and themes to stop the error.


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