Finding the finest WordPress hosting company for your website isn’t as simple as it might be. For instance, your website’s security and health will depend on the hosting service that you choose to use. Selecting the right WordPress website hosting service for your needs will improve your SEO and boost sales.

However, how do you decide on the best WordPress hosting plan for your website? Many WordPress hosting options include Shared, Free VPS, dedicated, and hosted WordPress hosting.

You can browse through each service and run your tests. But, if you’re not sure about how to go about it is like a daunting job.

It’s possible to avoid the hassle and find the top hosting providers in this article. This article will go through an in-depth look at the best six WordPress hosting companies in 2022. We’ll also cover all you should learn about each hosting service to assist you in making an informed choice.

What do You Need for WordPress Hosting

You will be flabbergasted to hear that WP is relatively small, but it is also compatible with nearly every excellent web hosting company. The basic needs put up by WordPress are mentioned below:

  • PHP 7.4 or higher version
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher OR MariaDB 10.1 or higher
  • Support of HTTPS (SSL)

Because of its popularity, the finest web hosting companies offer 1-click installation. In addition, all WordPress Hosting companies included in this article provide complete support for WordPress.

Understanding Your WordPress Hosting Needs

As we discussed earlier, hosting services are accessible in many varieties. Such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed. Consider each of these choices to find out which solution is the best for you.

Free WordPress Hosting

Free web hosting is accessible, but almost everybody has some kind of catch. Usually, WordPress hosting is available in small groups and online forums. They’re handled by a person who distributes a tiny part of his server space to cover some income. You often have to put your banner adverts on the website. Some people may request that you include a text link in your site’s footer.

These people will sell the ad banner or text link to reimburse your space costs and pocket earnings. The most significant negative is that they are unreliable, except for ads. When this person stops supplying free service, you never know. You can always leave yourself hanging. If your website or business is serious, avoid hosting free WordPress at all costs.

Shared WordPress Hosting

The most popular WordPress hosting option that novices use is shared hosting. Unfortunately, it is the lowest and honest starting point for new users. Shared hosting is where a massive server with several sites is shared.

Hosting providers can offer the service at a more inexpensive rate by having many websites on the same server. The enormous trap we see with shared hosting between all suppliers. Including those we recommend). Nothing is endless. You still have constraints on usage, albeit it says unlimited. Suppose your website begins to receive a considerable server burden. It will push you to upgrade your account.

Unless they do so, the performance of other sites on the same server can be affected. Again, it returns to traditional wisdom. Your overhead cost will continue to climb as your firm expands.

The greatest solution for small companies and new bloggers is shared web hosting.

WordPress VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual computer that is a way of splitting a physical server into several servers per each customer’s requirements. It provides you almost as much control as a dedicated server, even if you share the server with a few other ones. It is also configurable to run various server software and has the privacy of a separate physical machine. Developers often use VPS to scale their websites, intermediate users, and media-sized bloggers. You must ensure that you get a managed VPS if you don’t have any technical experience.

This means that the hosting provider for WordPress manages all system upgrades. It is also ready to help you whenever needed.

For budding designers/developers, medium-sized companies, and large blogs, VPS hosting is the finest.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is a physical server that the hosting company can rent. This enables you to have complete control over the server and the operating system, hardware, and many more. If you are starting up, you do not need a dedicated server. Only then should you consider switching to a dedicated server once your site receives a large quantity of traffic. WPBeginner operates on a dedicated SiteGround server network. We recommend buying a managing, dedicated server if you do not hire a system administrator or have no experience with servers.

Hosting providers with dedicated managed servers use full-time system administrators to handle servers. They also provide server monitoring, telephone help, etc., with software updates. Most leading websites use dedicated server clusters.

For exceptionally high-traffic bloggers, WordPress Dedicated Server is the ideal choice.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Because of the enormous number of WordPress customers, some web hosting providers have opted to offer managed WordPress. You can only host WordPress-based sites on an account with one of these providers and nothing other than that. You do not have to worry about anything. The benefit of WordPress managed to host. They enhance your site’s efficiency, ensure your site is safe, and maintain frequent backups, especially if a particular plugin has a negative influence.

Hence, managed WP Hosting is a complicated fast hosting WP with high-end personnel help with plenty of experience.

While that all sounds wonderful. But, plans are usually on the costlier end for managed WordPress hosting. For example, it is $29/month for a personal account with a major WordPress hosting service. This gives you about 25,000 visitors per month. Then, you will be charged $99/ month for the next level, permitted by many domains. This is not a person who starts a blog.

Managed WP hosting is excellent for established bloggers who can justify their income for expenses. But, the technical aspect of things is for folks with no skills/time. So, for managed WordPress hosting, we recommend WP Engine.

Now that you know all your hosting alternatives for WordPress, it’s time for you to decide. Both of them provide fantastic service and support to the WordPress hosting firms. We give them a perfect rating of five out of five stars. See the list of finest providers for web hosting.

Best Web Hosting Services for WordPress

1. Hostinger Review

Hostinger Logo
Hostinger provides optimal hosting for $1.99 per month for WordPress. It even contains the core set of tools and resources to get a WordPress site off the floor and look professional.

All are easy to set up, even when hosting or using WordPress is your first time.

To get the greatest price, a four-year contract is needed. There is little commitment. But the price tag at these low rates, which stands for the remaining four years, is still much below one year.

Free E-mail, domain, CDN, and free SSL certificates are also available. These are pretty simple to enable.

With barely any work on your part, your site will be faster and safer.

The entry-level plan of Hostinger is not for developers and similar people that need to put much stress on their website. You will receive 30 GB of stock, two databases, and weekly backups.

The lack of daily safeguards may not work for some consumers. But a weekly backup is a comfortable assurance plan if you do not always want to update your site.

Of course, there is no white-glove client service at a low price. But it is nonetheless available round the clock. As a result, customers tend to examine the help of Hostinger very well, even if the answer times are slower than with a managed plan.

In the platform, there will upsell, but there will be no catch. Hostingers have not lowered expenses where they count, which is a valid value.

The promise for uptime is 99.9 percent, and the website speed is excellent for up to 10,000 visitors every month. However, this is more than enough to concern if you are only beginning.

And the Hostinger has optimized the experience of WordPress. For example, the LightSpeed cache speeds up your site and works fine with the most popular computers. In addition, Hostinger gives a handy set of tools to make the Website seem professional to improve performance.

There is a far larger renewal rate than the initial rate, but it depends on how high you offer a discount. Don’t be swept by the price jump. The entire charge is like other WordPress shared hosting services.

Hostinger is an excellent choice if you seek a cheap hosting package for WordPress. This is an all-out plan that encompasses all your bases and performs well.

For 30 days, you may register and try Hostinger at no risk.

2. Bluehost Review

Bluehost Logo
Bluehost is a leader in the field of web hosting. Especially for WordPress blogs, with more than 2 million sites throughout the globe. It’s one of the few web hosting services that WordPress officially recommends.

Bluehost is an excellent way for everyone to create a new website from scratch. If you register for hosting for one year, you get a free domain name, and a one-click install is made for WordPress.

A domain name usually costs $10-15 but saves your money. Instead of registering a domain and downloading WordPress, you can do everything in a single step.

Furthermore, the cost of hosting WordPress is about the same.

Bluehost’s WordPress hosting begins at only $2.95/month. To make the best deal, you must sign a contract for 3 years. I recommend locking the best discount for as long as possible when you always need hosting.

It’s pretty straightforward to get everything set up. I’ve been going through the complete process of starting a WordPress blog in my post.

Trust me if I tell you that you don’t need specific abilities immediately to start blogging.

It is quite simple to navigate your new WordPress table. But if you have questions, you may access Bluehost support. Representatives can be found by phone or live chat on any day.

Many of the best elements are baked into the service. For example, a free CDN is always active to enhance performance and protection and a free SSL certificate. To gain faster speed and safer transmission, you don’t have to configure any of this.

It’s simple enough to use the free WordPress themes to choose your preferred layout. Also, if you want to pay a few dollars, there are many great choices through the Bluehost WordPress store.

Other remarkable Bluehost highlights include:

  • WordPress updates automatically
  • 50 GB storage for unlimited traffic
  • 200 dollars in free marketing loans (Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising)
  • Set your login credentials for WordPress securely

All this includes Bluehost Basic web hosting WordPress. 50 GB of storage is a lot for an entry-level subscription. More than double the amount of other plans you get.

There are no arbitrary traffic constraints. But, you can upgrade to a higher level plan if your site begins to harm other sites on the server.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Bluehost Price

Plus and Choice Plus subscriptions allow you to create as many places as you like. Whereas Basic only limits you to one.

There will also be unlimited storage and increased server resources with higher-level plans. This comes within reasonable limitations of use, of course.

Bluehost has launched a managed WordPress hosting option known as WP Pro. It starts with a three-year agreement at $14.99/month. Compared with other managed plans, the introductory fee is attractive. But, that WP Pro has space for growth.

I recommend WP Engine if you want managed WordPress hosting. It costs around the same as the WP Pro from Bluehost (when the starting price is over) and delivers much more.

But you shouldn’t worry about managed hosting if this is your first site. With the WordPress shared hosting, you will be okay. Bluehost gets you configured at an affordable price for all you need.

3. WP Engine Review

Wp Engine Logo
WP Engine is the original WordPress-managed hosting provider. It still leads the package with concierge service and excellent support. The organization has also created a platform with exclusive tools to help you reach the next level in your WordPress site.

WP Engine is excessively killed when you only have a little site or blog online. This is an excellent alternative for customers with:

  • online shops
  • webpages
  • complex WordPress hosting requirements

WP Engine enables you to achieve high-performance websites without developer or maintenance stress.

Without working yourself, you will unlock:

  • rapid flammable speed
  • exceptional uptime
  • best-in-class security

WP Engine maintains the WP Core and PHP up to date besides improving the IT environment. Hence, the business monitors and blocks attacks and keep your websites safe and quick.

WP Engine’s customer service record is remarkable. Apart from WordPress, the company hosts nothing. So you will always have a person who knows the platform internally and outside and addresses essential issues daily.

You have more time to concentrate on constructing a beautiful site and taking care of the WP Engine. Each hosting plan includes 36 premium StudioPress themes.

This would cost hundreds of dollars. But you can experiment and customize these vital topics as you choose.

Some other features are:

  • WP updates automatically
  • CDN Free
  • Geo-target Content Free SSL Certificate
  • Automatic free migration of WordPress
  • Environments for development, development, and manufacturing

There are no different dev/stage environments on the other handled WP host. This is an advantage for developers in WordPress since it resolves some of the troublesome challenges related to single-click stages.

The hosting begins with a one-year contract at $25 per month. You can also register at a time for one month. This is not allowed by other hosting companies – and this is only $30 per month.

It usually costs a little more, but here’s a discount to read my blog at the price I provide you.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Pricing for WP Engine

While WP Engine isn’t inexpensive, no rates or hidden charges are available.

The Startup Plan operates on one site and has 10 GB of storage and a bandwidth of 50 GB. Suppose each month is handling some 25,000 visitors. Upgrading to plans for growth or size will allow you to develop more sites and host more traffic.

This is the price of the WP Engine managed hosting system for WordPress. Although two more plan groups follow the start-up format, growth, and scale. The following are:

  • Hosting Plus Managed: $28.33/month beginning
  • Secure hosting: $44.17 per month starting

Managed Hosting Plus comprises upgrades and testing for automated plugins. In addition, the flexibility to roll back changes if needed and controls are fine-grained over which plugins are updated.

Secure hosting comes included with:

  • An advanced firewall for the web application
  • Extra hackers’ security.

This is meaningful for huge online shops and other sites that provide sensitive information to visitors.

Most individuals have everything they need as a baseline WP Engine plan. So this is my highest suggestion for WordPress management.

Make WP Engine your first and final WordPress hosting stop managed. Register today for a year and get free for two months.

4. SiteGround Review

Siteground Logo
You have a managed WordPress hosting plan to get the best possible customer service. It is a more significant order than standard plans, but you get help that does not include anything else. It is more expensive than standard plans.

I propose looking out SiteGround for customers who want professional support. But who are not prepared to undertake a cost management plan.

The company offers WordPress hosting. But, it encompassed the grey between WP shared and managed to host options. In essence, you can receive many advantages of managed WP Hosting at share-like pricing.

SiteGround is WordPress officially approved and receives amazing reviews constantly. Unfortunately, you do not receive two Stevie Customer Service Awards by accident.

A platform supports all your WordPress hosting solutions. SiteGround is ready to help from supporting migrations to debugging plugins. Customer service is always available via telephone, live chat, and tickets.

SiteGround supports updates, security, and cache setup. It retains your site quickly, besides offering firm support.

Some characteristics are:

  • A strong WP start-up and automated WP installation kit
  • Building free website
  • Migration of Free WP
  • Managed server and application-level security and updated Performance for WordPress websites optimized
  • Certificates for Free SSL
  • Free e-mail accounts unlimited

SiteGround offers a low start-up rate that rises after renovation for all plans.

At the reduced price, you won’t find a more functional WordPress hosting option with as much support as the StartUp plan of SiteGround. However, once the offer has passed, the pricing remains competitive. Also, many consumers remain confident in maintaining customer service.

The GrowBig and GoGeek plans can hold their own with other managed WordPress hosting plans. You’re going to get a place to set up your site, backups on demand, caching improvements, and plenty more resources.

The higher-level plans are an excellent steal during the discount time. But, after the offer is over, I would give WP Engine the clear edge.

So if you are not prepared to spring the trigger on a premium-managed hosting plan for WordPress but still want the background legacy of your provider, SiteGround StartUp is an excellent thing.

The organization offers a 30-day money return guarantee.

5. Cloudways Review

Cloudways Logo
You must have noticed that many suppliers started shopping for WordPress Hosting after quite a while. So it may be a parade with the same options with small pricing, management, and other different options.

But, Cloudways does everything differently, which could help you. This service finds a unique balance between customizing the user and managing the WP hosting without strain.

It begins right from the bat with something new. From five of the leading platforms, you select the cloud server infrastructure you want:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Web Services of Amazon
  • Vultr Linode Google Cloud
  • Each data center offers at least eight centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. With some even having options in Africa, Australia, and South America.

When it comes to adapting your Cloudways package, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Every infrastructure option has four prefixed pricing packages. But following registration, you may alter or reassign resources (for free).

Also, all schemes are paid monthly for the price on your behalf. So only the funds you are using may be paid, and you can make schemes changes easily. There is also an option for hourly charges. It can be helpful for super short-term projects and testing.

There are several options to refine your hosting experience as per your comfort level with server management. This includes:

  • Backups with one click on request
  • Auto backups
  • Stop the application force with one click.
  • Cache configuration Varnish
  • Modifies the web app root
  • Process Manager Supervisord
  • WP-CLI control of work and programming of WordPress Cron
  • Deep optimized features, powerful security, and experienced help on WP websites are provided.

The prices vary based on your chosen server infrastructure, resources, and premium options.

As you can see, with no commitment, you may start for $10 a month. This gives you greater storage and bandwidth than many other WordPress basic hosting plans from other providers. It also offers you an extra-finite control level of hosting experience.

Cloudways are not for novices. But you get many benefits from this provider if you know enough to handle servicing and upkeep on the server.

Get it all the way you want it without getting a personalization bill that punishes you — starting with Cloudways for free.

6. DreamHost Review

Dreamhost Logo
It is one of the few hosting providers recommended by WordPress together with SiteGround and Bluehost. DreamHost offers competitive month-to-month pricing, unlike the two other providers.

This is particularly enticing for those who do not want to sign a long term to receive a fair price. You can also use the WordPress Starter plan at $4.99 a month. But, DreamHost does offer savings with longer commitments. No contract or long-term undertaking.

It maintains your first day of spending because, for the first year, a free domain name is supplied. Thus, saving an extra ten to fifteen dollars there.

It also features your domain’s privacy, which prevents the public recording of your data. Unfortunately, every year with other hosts, it can cost as much as $15.

The name will be free for Bluehost, but you don’t have all the tools to assist you in constructing your website. DreamHost provides a comprehensive website builder.

Build fast with over 200 starting sites designed for restaurants, immobilization, style, Web design, and more. Then, to add content and finishing touches, use the easy drawer/drop builder.

DreamHost maintains all WordPress and security upgrades and automated daily backups.

This is notorious for shared hosting WordPress and saves you the costs of using a plugin such as JetPack to backup your site.

You get, too:

  • Store 50 GB
  • Bandwidth unmetered
  • 24/7 ticket assistance for Free SSL certificate
  • Support for live chat
  • Access to Developer
  • Automatic free migration of WordPress

DreamHost offers a variety of choices. For example, the company offers DreamPress, a management solution, and WP hosting on a virtual private server besides being cheap.

The management hosting solution by DreamPress is an affordable contract-free choice. They allow users to make a few hundred dollars subscribe to a typical plan.

The VPS plan for WordPress also works well for customers who need more resources and server control than a common plan can.

All DreamHost plans are competitive in price, but nothing is worrying. The enterprise has a promise of 100% uptime. Also, if your website goes down suddenly, DreamHost pays you for your pains.

Moreover, the money-back promise is incredible for 97 days. No other server would allow you to sample its service risk-free as much time. The kind of service that DreamHost offers is reliable and only a couple of bucks down. Begin with DreamHost now.

7. Nexcess Review

Nexcess Logo
Nexcess has a unique price and schedule structure that makes it possible for managed hosting companies. Unfortunately, this cannot justify the expenditure needed to get WP Engine.

Plans start as low as 19$ per month without a commitment or 12.67$ per month for one year.

Nexcess manages the hosting of WordPress. One of my preferred characteristics is that every service function is included in all plans.

You need to upgrade to receive website and on-demand backups with SiteGround. But, it is a cost-effective managed hosting option. With Nexcess, you can go from plan to plan, but you must never enhance your hosting capacity to plan.

Nexcess is onerous maintenance by updating the plugin and backup for 30 days. You only receive plugin updates with a managed hosting platform for WP Engine. At the same time, it is standard for Nexcess.

Some of the other advantages you get from WordPress hosting hosted by Nexcess:

  • Unlimited e-mail accounts Free CDN Free SSL certificate
  • IThemes Security Pro 24/7/365 phone, live chat, and e-mail support visual regression testing

I would also want to highlight the generous hosting resources. With the Nexcess entry-level scheme Spark. 15 GB of the stocking is excellent for the price, and the 2 TB bandwidth is unconvinced.

Nexcess ensures a tonne of laborious maintenance via plugin updates and 30-day backups. You only receive Plugin updates with the Managed Hosting Plus plan of WP Engine. But, its standard includes Nexcess.

This is 4-5 times the band’s breadth, provided with other cost-effective WordPress hosting plans.

And Nexcess will scale the site up for 24 hours if it requires more resources than your plan can allow. So this is time for a random traffic rise without a problem to face a positive trend or weather.

It has very flexible pricing for small companies looking for top performance and companies that demand perfection.

You will not receive all WordPress tools that come with WP Engine. But you will receive severe hosting resources and a WordPress-focused platform. So don’t worry with Nexcess about speed, safety, or uptime.

Get ready today for less than $13 per month with Nexcess hosting. The Spark plan is free to test the platform safely. The program is free of charge.

Each plan provides each function. So it is only necessary to consider the number of websites you want and the resources you need.

Spark fits on one website and comes with everything I have said to date. It is suitable for five sites, increasing bandwidth to 3 TB and 40 GB of storage. The next plan, the developer, operates in other places and offers more storage and bandwidth.

In told, there are seven possible plans. Whether you have a website or hundreds of them, Nexcess gives you a hosting option managed by WordPress.

If you want managed WordPress hosting at a low price, Nexcess Spark is your choice. And you can adhere to the company as you progress.

8. A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting
Many ISPs offer “free migrations,” so you may move your WordPress site from your former location. It means that a plugin that automates you can use a great deal of the procedure.

Not too bad, but A2 Hosting has an entire staff of people who are committed to switching.

The result is a stress-free and easy move. Also, your website has fast servers, top customer care personnel, and a fantastic price.

A2 will work whether you want a shared, WordPress-optimized hosting or a more hands-off managed service. The migration of the account is, either way, free, although a large number of options are available.

When we look at shared hosting plans, how much is included is noteworthy:

  • Storage of 100 GB
  • Certificates for Free SSL
  • Hair and Virus Scanning, Ecommerce, Cloudflare free compatible CDN
  • E-mail accounts Unlimited
  • Support for tickets 24/7/365 e-mail, live chat, phone

Oh yeah, I’m talking about the A2 hosting plan Basic Shared WP. The 100 GB storage is far more than other plans are available. And free e-mail unlimited? You usually have no hosting plans for more than a few free accounts.

Hence A2 is an enticing choice if you wish to shift your site to a more feature and resource-rich platform but do not want to commit to managed hosting.

For one site, the main plan is good. Modernization for more sites and resources continues to be cost-effective.

The performance improvement is one of the advantages of updating to Turbo Boost or Turbo Max. You will have up to nine times the amount of A2 Turbo server traffic and up to 20 times the speed of your website.

A2 WordPress managed to host at $10.99/month on a commitment for three years. But the price of renewals leaves solutions such as WP Engine above.

A2’s WordPress hosting is not as convenient as WP Engine or Nexcess’s plans.

You don’t receive a free domain name too. But you’ve already crossed that bridge if you’re trying to migrate your site. There is absolutely no reason to stay with a hosting provider. A2 freezes the transition to most of $2,49/month.

Call today and board with a quality host. A2 Call today.

9. Hostgator Review

Hostgator Logo
HostGator hosts more than 10 million domains around the globe Which makes it one of the most popular web hosting companies on the market.

Also, HostGator offers specialist options for hosting WordPress, including “WordPress Hosting,” like Bluehost.

It is the ideal option for high-traffic websites requiring speedier loads. In addition, it should make your site speedier for mobile consumers, in particular, in different areas.

Your last average load time of 12 months is an incredible 267 ms and 99.97%. They had only three short hours of total yearly downtime with 18 outages.

Every plan has unlimited bandwidth, storage, e-mail accounts, and free movement of sites.

You may get support from HostGator via the telephone and live chat even better. Your customer support is friendly and quick, 24/7.

While the initial pricing is among the cheapest, they start at $5.95/ month (if you register with a 36-month plan). But, the renewal charges are more expensive at $9.95/month.

A 45-day cash refund guarantee is provided for HostGator.

PROS: Good load time, trustworthy, WP install with one click, 1 transfer free site.

CONS: More cost for renovation.

10. GreenGreeks Review

Greengeeks Logo
GreenGeeks’ hosting for WordPress customers is fast, secure, and expandable. Their handle originates from the fact that a friendlier approach to hosting websites has been used.

All your planning features

  • WordPress free SSL
  • free CDN
  • unlimited e-mail accounts
  • unlimited satellite bandwidth

When you sign up, the option of choosing between the USA, Canada, and Europe is available from several server locations. In addition, transfers of WordPress sites are free.

They have 24/7 live chat, e-mail, telephone, and many WordPress tutorials and instructions from the support side. They are also supported. Usually, your support is fast and accurate.

The results from GreenGeek in particular speed (465 ms) are good, and uptime is solid. But our tracking has gone down for 20 days during the holiday season in December. This is why our recorded uptime for this year shows only 94.08%. But their average previous year has been 99.95% and 110 failures for a total of 4 hours and 24 minutes.

The only drawback is the renewal fees. The lowest $2.95/month plan is $9.95/month renewable. Your money-back guarantee is 30 days. But your refund would be deducted by 13.95 $ for a cost for the domain name registration if you took your ‘free’ domain name offer.

11. Inmotion Review

Inmotion Hosting Logo
InMotion Hosting is another WordPress provider situated in the United States. Its infrastructure hosts over 1.2 million domains. InMotion Hosting is beneficial for WordPress users for several reasons. First, each package includes free SSL, CDNs, and unlimited bandwidth and e-mail accounts. The only thing they restrict is the number of sites and disc space you can have.

You have a quick and confident live chat 24/7 and US telephone help. Furthermore, the transfer of sites is free, and you may use their website builder BoldGrid pre-installed.

One of the disadvantages of InMotion Hosting is that instant access is not available. This implies delays and problems when you check your new account if you are an international user.

They have mediocre yet reliable numbers of uptime and speed. For example, the average uptime and speed in the last 12 months is 99.93 percent.

InMotion Hosting features many WordPress plans from $4.99/month, with a 3-year contract, renewed by $7.99/month to most $17.99. They are also one of the few hosts offering WordPress dedicated solutions. One thing that distinguishes InMotion Hosting is its 90-day cash-back guarantee.

PROS: Reliable, quick, friendly client service.

CONS: No immediate activation could be preferable for folks outside the US.

12. Site5 Review

Site5 Logo
Site5 is not the cheapest common hosting option for WordPress. They claim to be the most acceptable alternative for designers and developers and provide:

  • a configurable control panel
  • good customer support
  • and stable hosting

Site5 offers free Cloudflare CDN, 24/7 live chat, and transfer sites the same way as other hosting services (s). They also offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. Also, note that Site5 has no option for the lowest hosting scheme for WordPress between data centers. The defaults are set to America (central).

Their “real” average lifetime was 99,99% and average speed of 545 ms during the last year. So it’s not as quick as Hostinger or A2, but it exceeds most during uptime.

Site5 is somewhat costly. Your lowest schedule costs $8.34 for 24 months.

The good news is but that Site5 has a 45-day cash refund guarantee.

PROS: Great uptime, OK speed.

CONS: High cost, little choice for data centers.

13. Ipage Review

Ipage Logo
iPage has the primary aim, from registration to customer support, to guarantee a great experience. In addition, two WordPress plans have been developed on iPage. Both schemes have a free domain name for one year and a free SSL certificate with one-click WordPress installation. In addition, there is unlimited bandwidth and storage.

But, iPage does not provide CDN. Hence you cannot move data centers (the USA only), and there are no free site transfers. This is because IPage does not provide a free site.

iPage offers live chat and telephone support 24/7 and include a knowledge base.

They are not as excellent as most other web hosts in WordPress (99.80%) and load time (922 ms), and there are generals without performance.

For 1/12/24/36 months, the cheapest plan costs $3.75. Packs are renewed monthly and annually at $9.49 a month. The plan renews at a rate of $8.49 and plans renovations at a value of $7.49 a month. Backups cost $1.00/month, and Google Suite e-mail accounts are $6 a month.

All programs include a 30-day cash-back guarantee.

PROS: Good functionality.

CONS: Data Center cannot be changed too quickly and uptime, no free transfer to the website.

14. Flywheel Review

Flywheel Logo
A flywheel is a desirable option for customers who do not want to spend too much on the management of WordPress hosting.

Feature-wise, Flywheel features nothing, and you can also expect amazing performance. The $13 per month plan may host one WordPress site, and up to 5,000 visits are handled per month (20GB of bandwidth). Five GB of disc space and free migration of site are also available. The servers are running in Google Cloud.

Flywheel focuses on the “managed” capabilities and gives you things like:

  • daily backups
  • multisite support
  • staging (quite handy if you want to test new stuff in public before you roll out)
  • SFTP
  • free SSL certificate

You will also take care of your WordPress updates through the main Flywheel panel instead of allowing you to tamper from the wp-admin.

The easy use of the Flywheel platform and the user panel is outstanding. Of course, you need to be a pro server to conduct basic modifications or set that or that. However, everything is clear and straightforward to navigate.

Installing WordPress

This cannot be easier. There are many ways to install WordPress. First, you can migrate your existing website (free of charge) from your existing host. Then construct a new website in several clicks from the Dashboard. Or use a Local by Flywheel tool (on your PC and Mac) to build a website locally to send it to your Flywheel Live.

Support to customers

Live chat is 24 hours a day. Whenever you like, you can also provide support tickets. Flywheel only accepts WordPress websites. Hence you may expect the WordPress support team to find out about it.

There is a comprehensive knowledge base with many valuable articles on your hosting WordPress platform to make it easier.

15. Kinsta Review

Kinsta Hosting Logo
Kinsta is a WordPress boutique hosting company focusing on best managed wordpress hosting settings. But, “shop” does not mean that they cannot handle the load.

Kinsta has the full power behind it on Google Cloud. You are using Google’s infrastructure and making it easier to access and use. Kinsta does not use the conventional cPanel user interface. But instead provides users with a unique panel to focus on what’s important and hide everything else.

Kinsta handles all server-management-related duties for you because this host is “managed.”

Installing WordPress

You can tell Kinsta to install WordPress on your hosting account while setting up your account. Then, tick one box is all you have to do.

Support to customers

Chat and ticket support are provided by Kinsta 24/7. The officials know WordPress and can help with whatever you could fight with.

Furthermore, the lack of dealing with cPanel reduces the number of times you first need to contact support.

16. GoDaddy

Godaddy Logo
Here we went to the whole package. Despite their worse repute than the Stellar UI, GoDaddy’s registration went smoothly.

This mood extended into the backdrop, a modern and easy take on cPanel – the easiest to manage.

Installing WordPress

A snip with the built-in installer was WordPress installation.

Support to customers

GoDaddy was the sole provider of WordPress hosting on our list. Hence we had to establish a regular subdomain. Unfortunately, we did not support temporary URLs.

We first tried our chat service, with wait times of over 40 minutes reported. So we hit the telephones instead. (For example, you can easily access chat with Bluehost if GoDaddy vs. Bluehost is compared.) This was followed by a chat support ticket which required removal from the registrar of a minor DNS snafu.

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17. Scala Hosting

ScalaHosting can be deceptive to host WordPress. Several companies offer WP optimization on their servers. But what else do you get from them?

Scala Hosting ensures their servers improve the performance of your WordPress site. But also provides all plans with a lot of beneficial features.

It begins with the free migration of websites that not all providers offer. And it is not only one website. But the specialists at Scala will take care free of charge of as many websites as you need.

You will conduct migration and check it before you point the site to your new servers. In this method, your sites are not in disconnection anyway.

Also, in all Scala WordPress, hosting plans are security features widespread. You will receive:

  • a dedicated firewall on your behalf
  • a brute force attack blocker and bespoke security rules
  • malware scans
  • eradication
  • automated upgrades that prevent vulnerability

Also in all their plans:

  • It kept seven restore points every day for one week
  • Network for free distribution of content
  • Analysis and tools for free SEO

You can unlock more useful capabilities by upgrading the plans above Scala’s WP Mini basic level (one website, 20 GB storage). That’s the following:

  • WP Start: limitless websites, 50 GB of storage, double WP Mini CPU power
  • WP Advanced: limitless sites, storage at 100 GB, four times the power of CPU of WP Mini

In such plans, you receive managed support. This will help you with everything from plugin difficulties to debugging with the support of the Scala team.

If you choose WP Advanced, you will also get a free domain. Nor, like most providers, only one year. You receive a free year of your domain every year you pay in advance. This is a perfect bonus. This is very good.

Scala cost is also quite competitive on this list with other providers and the hosting room for WordPress:

  • WP Mini: three-year commitments for $3.95/month, two years for $4.95
  • WP Start: $5.95 for three years, $7.95 for two years for three-year commitments
  • WP Advanced: 3 years of commitment $ 9.95/month, two years $ 10.95.

You may start one of those three options for 99 cents with a free trial month. This is an excellent alternative if you wet your feet before taking the full dive into WordPress hosting!

Try to host Scala or get in touch with your representative to learn more about you. Scala Hosting should be close to the top of your selection if you look for worrying-free WordPress hosting for a competitive price.

Choosing the best WordPress hosting

You now know a few good web hosting possibilities — but what’s the best for you and your company?

The top aspects we made when we made this list are shown below. When you select a web hosting service provider, use them to influence your decision.

Note: We did not include speed and uptime in our list purposely. Both should be obvious while looking for a good provider of all sorts of web hosting.

Instead, we looked at some essential considerations, but they are no less vital. We think about them only outside the bat.

Multisite vs. Single-Site Hosting

If you want to host several websites, every provider on our list offers different possibilities. So, all sites you intend to host must be supported by the providers.

The pricing and features that you get with each package also must be considered.

For instance, if you want to manage several websites, WPEngine offers some amazing bundles. Their prices begin at $44.25 per month for multisite hosting, including three sites. Also, 125 GB of bandwidth and 15 GB of storage each month.

It’s up to their growth plan, which is $86.25 a month—jumping pretty much.

But, you end up with 10 websites with more bandwidth and storage in this bundle.

If you are seeking multisite solutions, Kinsta is undoubtedly another fantastic alternative. They also have good packages. So you can quickly upgrade your service if you receive more customers who need websites.

You can only get unlimited websites at $5.45 a month with services like Bluehost. But that includes a catch: it will be entirely unmanaged.

Thus it is not provided with the customer service level and automatic maintenance you would receive with the managed hosting.

Helpful customer support

You want your site to run as smoothly as possible, particularly when you make money from it. But, if something goes wrong, then you want someone at your corner to get you out of the jam. Especially as you are going through your site or when you experience a security breach or cyber assault.

This is why solid customer support is vital when choosing a WordPress host.

WPEngine is one of the most popular WordPress customer service teams. Your website staff is available 24/7/365 to help you with any concerns you may have.

The compromise, of course, is that they’re a WordPress-managed host. Unfortunately, this suggests that they are going to be more expensive.

But, this price tag does provide an excellent hosting service. It also has a support team to assist you in optimizing your website and lead it through any downtime.

WP experts are the help desk and support personnel of a managed WordPress site. You know your site and the plugins you use. They are optimized for you—not a standard host with all sorts of apps hosted by clients.

Additionally, management hosts have established their business models around service provision. As opposed to cheaper hosts who may not have invested in customer support. Or may even deliberately offer “unsustainable tech support.”

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting

Not to imply that unmanaged options do not provide amazing support for customers. For example, hosts such as Bluehost support all your needs 24 hours a day and 7 times a month. But, they probably don’t know your site or a WordPress host.

In particular, they might be helpful when your hosting provider moves or upgrades from another. So that brings us to our next thought.

This is one of the most effective options to choose from this list for a WordPress web host.

From your customer support, security and price determine everything.

Let’s first pass via the usual hosting of WordPress. A conventional Web host is available, and this host makes WordPress simple to install. So you have a host, it installs WordPress, which is it.

This is called unmanaged hosting WordPress—and most hosting WordPress operates like that. First, you will get the basic WordPress version. It is the same version you would have after a single click installs installed WordPress on a server you owned.

Managed to host WordPress adds a bit of thing, and you get a lot more.

Instead of having a fundamental host with installed WordPress, everything is based on WordPress. The infrastructure of the hosting is adapted to WordPress. Usually, WordPress adapts to make it better for the hosting business.

Your site will be faster, safer, and better since the hosting crew is WP-specialized.

The negative is that WordPress-managed hosting is more costly. You get greater value. Thus the price is more. It makes sense.

Headache-Free Site Migration

Hosting WordPress usually upgrades the existing common hosting solutions.

As such, if you read this, you will probably migrate your website to a new web host.

A reputable host helps you to move your website between web hosts effectively. This could mean that they will assign you a dedicated technician. Or have a customer support team to lead you through the procedure yourself.

Some people could even charge you a little more to move to your website. This we usually think is worth the fee altogether.

Look at the hosting providers’ information on website migration while researching. For example, SiteGround has a free migratory tool that you may use to host your website.

Another WPEngine offers a plugin for migrating. The plugin takes care of the complex work for you once the plugin has been downloaded.

If you like to move your website, Flywheel offers specialists at your disposal. In addition, they’re migrating teams, so you don’t have to take over the entire process.

Suppose you want to transfer your website from another host. First, make sure that you examine what the hosting provider of WP offers to transfer your website. In this respect, you’ll want as much support as you can.


You should select a hosting package designed for WP if you run a WordPress website.

What’s the best plan? It depends on what you want. The preceding choices are the ideal location to start your search. They are here, only to recap:

Hosting – the most convenient hosting solution for WordPress

Bluehost – It provides the best hosting service for new blogs in WordPress Bluehost

WP Engine – the best WordPress hosting management solution

SiteGround – The best way to host WordPress is inexpensive

WordPress – WordPress is the best hosting to customize the WordPress

DreamHost – The lowest day you spend on hosting WordPress

Nexcess – It Is the greatest way to make WordPress budget-friendly

A2 Hosting – the best way to host a current site A2

We recommend Bluehost for new websites. The hosting includes a free domain name and is particularly inviting for first-time visitors as it gives your best month-to-month prices if you don’t want to sign a long commitment to get up and running. You can set up one of the quickest WordPress hosting systems for a bit of money and no commitment.

Hostinger is another attractive choice for cheap guests. There will be a lengthy contract you will have to sign up to receive the greatest pricing. But I trust that there is no cheaper option. At less than $2 a month, I mean 99.9% uptime for 10,000 visits.

WP Engine is the clear global winner in managed WordPress hosting options. But, unfortunately, no more tools and customer support are available on a platform.

But you don’t want Cloudways to search further if you want managed-level support and complete control over your resources and setup. Their customization and management combination is unique that no one else can match.

Take a look at Nexcess if the price of a managed plan such as WP Engine puts you away. The hosting plan, Spark, handled on the introductory level is reasonable. It also has more servers than any other plan I have been looking at.

SiteGround is another good “lite” hosting provider. The entry-level package, StartUp, is an appropriate midway point between WordPress hosting that is shared and managed. With a managed plan, but at a price like shared hosting. You will receive some of the vital characteristics.

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