Including a click to call button in WordPress is an excellent approach to make it simple for leads to contact you. When potential consumers hit the button on their mobile devices while exploring your website, they will be able to call you right away. You can make the contact process considerably easy this way.

This article will effortlessly teach you to add a click to call now button wordpressMany small business websites rely on customers contacting them for quotes, pre-sale information, or customer service. As a result, we advise all website owners to include a contact form.

Nevertheless, depending on the sector, specific consumers may require immediate assistance. For example, as global mobile web traffic grows, many consumers find it easier to just tap-to-call and acquire their required data.

If you’re starting, we recommend looking into a professional business phone service so you can do call forwarding, share numbers with employees and answer calls from anywhere using your cell phone (instead of a landline).

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How to Make a Click To Call Button in WordPress?

Step 1: Get the WP Call Button Plugin for Free and Install it

Wp Call Button Plugin Logo

Step 2: Locate and open the WP Call Button Extension Settings.

You’ll want to customize the settings when you’ve installed the plugin on the WordPress website. To access the WP Call Button settings, navigate to the WordPress dashboard’s left-hand panel and select Settings » WP Call Button.

Image Showing Setting Wp Call Button Plugin

It’s also the most frequent click to call button in WordPress due to its high conversion rate.

Step 3: Type in your company’s phone number.

Then, input your business contact number, which it will use to receive calls from your website users.

Image Showing Adding Phone Number

The WP Call Button plugin uses the smartphone number field, which allows you to select your country and automatically add the country code in the correct format.

If you don’t already have a business phone number, Nextiva can help you get one. You control how calls are forwarded to destinations such as mobile phones rather than landlines.

Step 4: Changing the Button’s Text

After that, you can edit the text of the call button to anything you like. For example, edit the default text “Call Us” by clicking inside the text field.

Image Showing Adding Call Button Text

A button in the Full-width mode (the only one that displays text) will allow you to edit the Click To Call icon text. In the next phase, we’ll discuss button placement.

Step 5: Select a Button Location

Now, choose the optimal location for your call button on your page. There are four options.

On the other hand, full-width buttons get the most clicks and help you generate more web leads.

Image Showing Setting Call Button Position

Step 6: You Can Change the Button’s Color

It will change the color of the phone conversation link button soon. Use a color that fits your business WordPress theme or one of your company’s brand colors.

Image Showing Setting Up Call Button Color

Step 7: Select the Visibility of the Call Button

Decide about wherever you want your call button to appear. It’s common to put it on every page of your website. Thus that’s the default. However, you can choose to show and hide it on specific pages or posts.

Image Showing Setting Up Call Button Visibility

Step 8: Save Your Work

Once you’ve finished configuring the options to your liking, hit the green Save Changes button on the bottom left of the screen.

Image Showing Click On Save Changes

Step 9: Push the Button

Once you’ve configured all of the WordPress Call Button options, scroll to the top of the screen and press the green switch sign to enable your WordPress Choose To Call button.

Image Showing Setting Up Sticky Call Button

Step 10: Make a Call to Action Icon that is Static (Optional).

You can also include a static call button in your WordPress contact page, about page, or any other post/page on your site.

A static Click To Call button WordPress will remain visible even if the user scrolls away, which is not always visible.

Make a new page or post in WordPress and click the addition symbol to add your static Click To Call button. Next, add the WP Call Button block.

Image Showing Publishing Wp Call Button

You can modify the font size and the color of the fixed button backdrop and font in the block editor on the right.

Image Showing Setting Up Call Button Color

Then, click the blue Publish button in the top right corner to make your page or post live. The static icon will then appear on your website.

Image Showing Click On Publish Button

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There is another method to add a Click to Call Button in WordPress

Method 2: In WordPress, manually add a “Click to Call” button. This solution allows you to manually add call-to-action buttons and links to your WordPress website from anywhere.

The simplest way to include a clickable mobile number on your site is to do so as follows:

<–This URL is compatible with Android and iPhone. It will be accessible to laptop users; however, clicking it will result in an error –>

<a href="tel:+15555551212">+1 (555) 555-1212</a>

<a href="tel:15555551212">Call Me</a>

On smartphones, these links will launch the phone app. In addition, Mac users will open the link in Facetime, while Windows 10 users will open it in Skype.

Next to the click to call text link, you may use the click to call button html to add an image or an icon. But, first, let’s look at how to accomplish this.

To begin, go to Media > Add New and upload the image you wish to utilize. Then, to continue, click the ‘Edit’ link after you’ve uploaded the picture.

Image Showing Uploading New Media

This will take you to the edit multimedia screen, where you must copy the URL for the file.

You can now modify the post, page, or custom HTML widget where you want the click to call phone icon to appear. In addition, you can now add the phone icon image wrapped inside the tel: link to the edit area.

<ahref="tel:+15555551212"><img src="" alt="Call us" /></a>

Go to your website and look for the click to call link with the image you uploaded when you’re finished. You can further customize this by adding more text before or after the link and styling it with custom CSS.

Select the Visibility of the Call Button

Adding a Call-to-Action Page to Your WordPress Main Navigation

You could also include the click-to-call link to any WordPress navigation bar.

Navigate to the Appearance » Menus page and select the custom links option in the right column. You can now enter the phone number in the link area in the format:


Then, after adding the words, you would like to display, click the ‘Add to menu’ option.

Image Showing Editing Menus

Next, go to your website and check out your click to call link in action.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can have a click to call button. All you have to do is add a Plugin to your site. The button will only appear if a user visits your site from a mobile device using this method.

Because many people browse websites and do other things on their phones, click to call is still a simple but effective way to increase your conversion rate.


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