Are you one of those who want to disable RSS feeds and looking for easy and quick ways to do so? Well, you are not alone. Like you, many people are on the same stage but most of the time unable to find an accurate answer. So, do not worry; here we are sharing the quick tips to make your work more effortless.

Oh, wait! Have you ever wondered what’s the complete form of RSS is! Here you go; RSS(Really Simple Syndication). RSS is the easiest way to notify users about the new content update and always let them in the loop. However, RSS popularity has decreased with time, and all credit goes to social media accounts.

We will discuss all the parameters related to RSS feeds in the upcoming segment. So, stay tuned with us till the end.

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What is RSS Feed in WordPress?

RSS feed in WordPress helps readers know about fresh content without visiting your site. This way, you can share the latest news, updated blog posts, new blogs, or newly added content with RSS feed subscribers. Isn’t this great?

The Big plus point is that RSS feed syndicates the content automatically and results in massive traffic. Another thing is that WordPress comes with a built-in RSS feed, and according to your requirements, you can modify this feed later. You can view the RSS feed by simply typing Also, if you want to use more RSS feed features, you can install the RSS Feed plugin.

Why Turn Off the RSS Feed?

Every individual has different reasons to do so. For example, some businesses disable feed as they do not use the blogging portion. As a result, they do not need to update their visitors regarding posts or category feed.

Another reason these days, every business has a social media presence. Due to this, they update their audience about the latest news blogs through social media handles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. All of these lessen the value of the RSS feed. So, as a result, many businesses or individuals are finding ways to disable RSS feeds in wordpress.

But one thing to keep in mind is that if your social handles have a huge followers base, you can carelessly opt for the wordpress disable feed option. You need to think several times before deciding, as the RSS feed has many benefits if you do not. It helps to grow your subscriptions, visitors, and ultimately traffic. So, lastly, the decision is in your hand.

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Best Ways to Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress

This portion will encounter two ways to disable WordPress RSS Feeds. The first step is using a plugin, and the second is a manual method. As per your convenience, you can try any of these methods and get the answer “how to turn off RSS feeds.”

One thing to spotlight here is that you can only turn off the RSS feed using both methods as there is no sure shortcut to remove it from the website.

Let’s begin.

Disable RSS Feeds Using a Plugin

For this method, we are using a Disable Feeds plugin, through which we will disable the RSS feed.

So, check out the steps carefully.

Step 1 – Login to Admin Area

Login to the admin dashboard by typing your website URL followed by wp-admin

For example –

Step 2 – Install and Activate the Plugin

Once you reach the admin dashboard, you will see many options on your left side. So, here, search for plugins options. After clicking on the plugins, you’ll see the “add a new” option; click on it.

How To Disable Rss Feeds In Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Here search for Disable Feeds plugin in the search box. You’ll get many relevant results but scroll down until you get the plugin you are looking for! Once you get it, hit the Install Now button, and with the flow, activate the plugin.

How To Disable Rss Feeds In Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Step 3 – Jump on the Setting

After installing the plugin, you have to go to the Settings » Reading option. You will see this option in the left corner of the dashboard.

How To Disable Rss Feeds In Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

At the bottom of the page, you can see the Disable Feed Plugin option. By default, it is set on “redirect feed requests to corresponding HTML content.” That means if someone clicks on a category RSS feed, it will redirect the visitor to the category page.

However, you can also pick the 404 error, a second option. Finally, if your mind changes in the future, you can select the do not disable the post feed and comments feed option. Otherwise, the default option is the best.

Now, save the changes, and you successfully disable RSS feed WordPress.

Disable RSS Feeds Manually

Wait, you do not want an additional plugin? No worries! You can skip the first step and use this manual method. However, here you are making changes in the backend, so it is advisable to create a backup in the first place. Or you can take help from a developer as making changes in the theme’s source code can cause errors if steps are done incorrectly.

Now, let’s jump into the step-by-step guide of WordPress disabling RSS manually.

Note – Before proceeding with the below steps, you should log in into the C-panel and then follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Search for the File Manager Option

Once you enter the cPanel, search for the File Manager option. File Manager contains all the files related to your website. So, click on the File Manager and follow the next step.

How To Disable Rss Feeds In Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Step 2 – Locate the functions.php file.

Inside the File Manager option, search for the theme’s functions.php file. Now, go to the public_html >> wp-content. Here, you’ll get all the website’s content. Next, visit the theme folder and look for the theme folder you are presently using. Lastly, move your cursor to the functions.php file and right-click to select the Edit option.

How To Disable Rss Feeds In Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Step 3 – Edit the file.

Here, one pop-up window will appear along with a warning message to create a backup of your website in case something goes wrong—enough backup knowledge. Now, hit the Edit button, and you will get the file containing all the code.

How To Disable Rss Feeds In Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Now, you are only required to copy the below-mentioned code and paste it into the functions.php file.

[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]function turn_off_feed() {

wp_die( __(‘Our Feed is currently off,please visit our <a href=”‘. get_bloginfo(‘insert_url_here’) .'”>homepage</a>!’) );


add_action(‘do_feed’, ‘turn_off_feed’, 1);

add_action(‘do_feed_rdf’, ‘turn_off_feed’, 1);

add_action(‘do_feed_rss’, ‘turn_off_feed’, 1);

add_action(‘do_feed_rss2’, ‘turn_off_feed’, 1);

add_action(‘do_feed_atom’, ‘turn_off_feed’, 1);

add_action(‘do_feed_rss2_comments’, ‘turn_off_feed’, 1);

add_action(‘do_feed_atom_comments’, ‘turn_off_feed’, 1);[/ht_message]

Have you pasted the code? Now, it’s time to save the changes. You have manually disabled the RSS Feed by entering the code into the functions.php file. If you wish to have a default RSS feed, you can remove the code any time you want.

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It is always a good idea to go with a trend; a Similar concept goes for the RSS feed. However, if you do not want an RSS or default feed in your WordPress and want to disable it, the ways mentioned above will surely benefit you.

In our opinion, the first method is easy, quick, and does not require any coding knowledge. On the other hand, the second method is risky as it involves coding, so the first one is always recommendable from our side. However, if you have coding experience, the second method is undoubtedly for you.

With this, we are ending this article and assuming you’ve got the answer to your question “how to remove RSS feed WordPress.”


How do I Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress?

Follow the below steps, and you are done:

  • Install the Disable Feeds plugin
  • Go to the settings>>reading option from the left corner of the dashboard
  • Here, you’ll see the disable feed section.
  • The first option is selected by default, redirecting users to similar content.

As you’ve installed the Disable Feeds plugin, it will redirect all the users to a similar page or category when they ask for types of feeds. So, for example, if users ask for a category feed, it will redirect the user to the category page.

What is Meant by RSS Feed?

RSS feed is nothing but the way to keep your subscribers or readers updated with the latest happenings on your website. RSS feed contains the set of instructions that will be present on a website’s server and works when getting a request or subscription from an RSS reader. In addition, it notifies the readers about the latest blogs, articles, or any latest add-ups on the site.

What is an RSS Feed in Outlook?

Through RSS Feeds, you can always stay up to date with the latest happenings of your favorite website without visiting it. RSS Feed will tell you about the latest posts, blogs, or newly added pieces of content.

So, in Outlook, you can turn on the RSS Feed Synchronization, and this way, you will get all the subscribed feeds’ posts straight to your Outlook RSS Subscription folder.

How do I Shut Down RSS Feeds in Outlook?

Here are the steps you can follow to turn off the RSS Feeds in Outlook:

  • First, inside the File tab, click on the Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Now, enter the RSS Feeds tab and inside the feed name, go to the RSS Feed>Remove.
  • Here you have to confirm by saying “Yes.”


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