Can you embed a tweet in WordPress directly? Twitter is one of the best, largest, and most famous social media platforms available today. People like celebrities, athletes, musicians, authors, politicians, and locals use Twitter.

However, Twitter provides a short space to post any content. People want to get details about that particular topic. Isn’t that right?

Along with that, most websites examine tweets exclusively and use them for their blogs and headlines after verification. It makes the tweets more elegant while permitting your customers to get into a whole conversation for more details.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to embed a tweet on WordPress?

Why Embed Tweets in WordPress?

In most cases, a single tweet or many tweets are used as an information source. Perhaps it may be helpful proof, or it may be the article’s main aim. On the other hand, copying and pasting an actual tweet will be less acceptable than showcasing an embedded tweet.

For example, it becomes smashing news for video game bloggers if they know a new version of a particular game is coming. Also, they want the full details of this upcoming game and their source of information. At this point, embedding their tweets would do that and help to gain more originality.

The above example can work on any topic, and showing public tweets from the source is great for your users. Like the above example, a few cases also support the tweeter as they earned some followers.

How to Embed a Tweet in WordPress?

WordPress comes with an in-built capacity to manage Twitter as an oEmbed function. The functions help adjust themselves while pasting tweets into posts and pages as an embed tweet in WordPress. You have to copy the embed share from Twitter then paste it into WordPress.

This step-by-step guide comes with both Gutenberg and the Classic editor. You don’t need extra plugins or embed code to complete this job, and Twitter comes with an embed link for each tweet which simplifies copying and pasting.

So, let’s start this guide and embed a tweet in WordPress from the following steps.

Step 1: Get the Embed Link

For the first, you should get an embed link. Every original tweet provides a link, which you can use for your comfort. So go on Twitter and copy the Tweet URL you want to embed.

You will get the downward arrow on the top of the right-hand side of the Tweet. Tap on this, and choose the option of embed tweet.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

The window will come, and the embed link will be bold. If you want to see what the tweet will look like, you can choose the preview option. Now, copy the embed link and get back on your WordPress website to paste it.

Step 2: Add the Block to WordPress

After the above step, you must paste the link in the appropriate block with Gutenberg. You can paste a link under the page or post. Open an existing page or post, or you can make a fresh one.

Tap on the “Add Block”

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

You have to type Twitter into the address bar and choose the Twitter block.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Step 3: Paste the Twitter URL

You have to paste your tweet URL, which you have copied in the above steps into the block. Now tap on the “Embed.”

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Here WordPress will help you to place the actual Tweet into the editor. But, first, ensure that the block is placed in the proper location and save the changes.

Step 4: Publish or Update the Post or Page

Now, you can see the automatic Tweet moderation on your website.

The above simple steps are enough to embed actual tweets in WordPress. After this, we should go through the following embed Tweets in WordPress classic editor.

How to Embed Tweets in WordPress Classic Editor

A few of you do not use Gutenberg. So, we have full information about adding embed Tweets in WordPress classic editor. But, some people doubt the classic editor supports embedding tweets or not? So, we would like to tell them that it supports embedding tweets with easy steps.

People can start with any existing or fresh page/post. After this, you must click on the “Text Editor” inside the page or post.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Visit where you want the tweet to come and paste the embed link. Then, when you return to your visual editor, you will see only a part of it, and it will appear as an original Tweet on the live page.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Preview or view the live page after this to see how it looks.

It is time to thank god because you have successfully embed a Tweet in WordPress. Using these steps, you can embed as many Tweets as you want anywhere on the page or post in WordPress.

Besides that, if you want to add automatic embed latest tweets in your WordPress, you should continue your reading.

How to automatically embed the latest Tweets in WordPress

WordPress helps you to manually embed tweets in your blog, post, or articles, and you can add only one at a time.

How will it be if you show the latest Tweets from your account? We hope that this will be the best choice for you.

And this is the time for Smash Balloon Custom Twitter Feeds to allow. First, it helps embed a Twitter feed in WordPress with beautiful layouts and customization options.

After installation, you have to activate the Smash Balloon Custom Twitter Feeds plugin for adding Twitter feed to WordPress.

You can go with a Custom Twitter Feeds Pro if you are an expert. Otherwise, you can rely on a free version of the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin. We have used the pro version below because it comes with more features.

After activating Custom Twitter Feed, you have to go to the Twitter Feeds License page and type your license key. You will get these details on your account on the Smash Balloon site.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Further, you must tap on the “Activate License” and then hit the “Save Changes.”

After that, you can visit Twitter Feeds Configure and tap on the blue button to connect with your account on a social network site, Twitter.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

It will join you to the Twitter website, and you have to log in there first. After logging in, click on the “Authorize App.”

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Soon after this, it will turn you to your site, where you will get the Access Token and Access Token Secret and then save your changes. With that, let’s move on to Customizing Twitter Feed in WordPress.

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Customizing Your Twitter Feed in WordPress

Smash Balloon Twitter Feed helps to show Twitter Feeds in many layouts with many customization options. Go to the Twitter feeds Click on Customize to get your first option set to show your feed. Then, you will get the quick links at the top side to negotiate the part you want to customize. But, be careful to embed Twitter Feed in WordPress.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Start your customizing Twitter lists from the layout sections. You can choose from many options, including list, carousel, and masonry styles.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

It also allows you to show and hide the items like header, Twitter links, reply, retweet actions, and much more. Finally, if you have finished the customization, you should tap on the Save Changes button to keep your settings.

After this, you will see the applied changes are made on the Twitter feed page.

WordPress allows you to embed third-party services in your blogs or posts. It includes YouTube videos, individual tweets, and other social network posts. It needs a method called oEmbed that helps to add the third-party website URL. Also, WordPress will ask for an embed code from them.

Furthermore, if you are using the classic editor, you must copy and paste the shortcode [custom-twitter-feed] at the place you want your feed to be in your post.

Apart from this, you can add your Tweets by using shortcode or the Twitter Feed widget in your sidebar or footer. Visit AppearanceWidgets and pull the Twitter widget WordPress to wherever you want.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

In this way, you can customize your Twitter Feed WordPress. Now, a few propel makes many Twitter feeds in WordPress. But, how they do it is the question of many users. So, let’s find out from the below section of this article.

Creating multiple Twitter Feeds in WordPress

What will you do if you show more than one Twitter Feeds on one page or post? By using the shortcodes, you can do this in the following easy ways.

Go to the Twitter feeds Twitter feeds and choose the “Display your Feed” option.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

Here, you will get many shortcode examples to use. For example, you may use a shortcode like [custom-Twitter-feeds-screenname=optimizer num=6] to show six recent tweets from OptinMonster.

You can replace your ‘screenname” with any Twitter name you will use if you want. After this, choose a number you want in the ‘num=6’ option to show the Tweet numbers.

Further, the WordPress block editor has an in-built Twitter embed block that helps to include Tweets in your posts and pages. And by using the shortcode block, you can add your post and select the shortcode widget.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

As shown in the above pictures, you can add the shortcode under the block settings and keep your post or page.

How To Embed A Tweet In Wordpress? Easy Guide (2022)

If you want to customize your post, you can use a post editor. After this, you can publish or save posts and go to your sites to see them working.

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How do I embed a Tweet into my blog?

Follow the below steps to embed tweets into your blog.

  • Tap on the ⌄ icon on the Tweet.
  • Go with “Embed Tweet”
  • It will take you to, and you can customize the look of the embedded tweet through “set customization options.”
  • If you Tweet in reply to another Twitter thread, you can see it on “Hide Conversation” to keep out of sight the original Tweet.
  • If your needs are fulfilled from the embedded Tweet, copy the code given by them.
  • Now, paste it into your blog section.

In this way, you will get a Twitter embed Tweet on your blog.

How do I embed a Twitter video on my website?

You have to click on the three dots (…) in a Tweet section and choose “Embed Video” to embed a Twitter video on your website. Following that, you will get the generated HTML or Custom CSS markups on your site to show a video-focused embed.

How do I embed a Tweet in WordPress Elementor?

Go to the pages >> All Page. Choose a page which you want to insert a Twitter Feed. Next, go to Elementor Search Box and Hunt the EA Twitter Feed. Here you can drag and drop the element under the elementor editor.

How do I embed a Tweet in WordPress?

You will see the downward arrow on the right side of the tweet. Click it and go further with the embed tweet option. You can see our blog for more details.


Nowadays, embedding Tweets in WordPress has become a trend. As a result, many bloggers, video makers, and others embed their tweets in WordPress. But why do they embed the tweets in WordPress?

It helps them to link and show Tweets from any Twitter account, and you can customize the impression. Therefore, our team has developed this blog on “How to embed a Twitter in WordPress easily?” You should see the following points included in this blog for your comfort.

  • You will know Why embed Tweets in WordPress?
  • Once you understand that, you will learn to embed a Tweet in WordPress.
  • WordPress classic editor users can see how to embed a Tweet in WordPress classic editor.
  • Soon after this, you automatically know how to embed the latest tweets in WordPress.
  • You will learn about customizing your Twitter Feed in WordPress after that.
  • And last but not least, we are creating many Twitter feeds in the WordPress section.

Along with that, you will find short information on a few random questions in the FAQ sections. So, we hope this article will prove helpful, and you will learn to embed Twitter in your WordPress.


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