Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. It offers a wide range of community choices for individuals and companies and also the ability for users to find and interact with groups and others who have similar interests.

Individuals and business entrepreneurs have found these groups and communities incredibly beneficial. These groups have evolved into forums where users may debate various topics, and individuals can trade and purchase various items. Facebook has been effective in attracting both people and companies.

This post will discuss how you can embed a Facebook group feed in your wordpress.

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Why Should You Include Facebook Group Feed on Your WordPress Site?

Do you want to generate visitors to your website from Facebook without spending any money on Facebook ads? Then Facebook group feed is a convenient method to accomplish this.

They are intended to foster community, and with no work. As a result, you can cultivate a highly engaged audience around your brand and business.

Suppose you have just launched a blog or website then, you will have to work hard to persuade individuals to join your group. Sharing your Facebook group postings on your WordPress blog is a simple method to accomplish this.

This allows visitors who visit your website to learn more about your organization. Once they join, you will be able to advertise your company, and you will bring highly motivated people back to your website.

Let’s look at how to boost your Facebook group posts in WordPress quickly. Adding a Facebook group feed is incredibly simple; you may do it using one of the following methods:

Using the Facebook Page Plugin to Add Facebook Group Feeds

Facebook offers many customization choices for adding social networking functionality to your website. In addition, you may utilize code snippets with various development tools. One such tool is Page Plugin, and it allows you to add group feeds to your WordPress site. Again, this is a developer-friendly method, so it’s a fantastic choice if you’re familiar with coding and programming.

Configure and Personalize Your Facebook Group Feed

To embed Facebook feed to your website using the Page plugin. First, go to the plugin page in the Facebook developer community and paste the link to the Facebook group or page you wish to display on your website.

To obtain the link, access the group’s Facebook page and copy the URL; then, paste the URL in the text box for Facebook Page URL.

Similarly, depending on how you want to show the group feed on your website, you may include tabs, width, and height settings.

Give The Sizes To Fb Feed In Widgets Blog Sidebar

You may also use a smaller header, conceal the cover photo, adjust the width of the plugin container, and display your friends’ faces.

Once you’ve made your choices, you’ll get a live preview of the stream on your site. You may then make more modifications depending on the preview until you’re satisfied with your feed.

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Obtain the Group Feed Code for Your Website

Once you’ve finished configuring your group feed, click Get Code.

Get The Group Feed Code By Pasting The Fb Url &Amp; Mentioning Sizes

Under the JavaScript SDK tab, you should now be able to view two sets of code snippets for your group feed. Under the iFrame tab, you’ll also find a list of codes, including iFrame. These codes must be copied and pasted into your website.

Insert the Code into Your Website

Keep in mind that the theme files include compassionate information about your website. As a result, if you make an unintentional update or something goes wrong, you risk breaking your site.

Hence, before making any modifications, we recommend you completely back up your website and establish a child theme. After that, you must add the first JavaScript SDK code to your theme files.

Javascript Sdk

After copying the code, navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor in your WordPress dashboard. Then, on the right side of your screen, open the header.php file and paste the code immediately after the body tag opens, and update the file.

The scripts and theme files may change somewhat depending on the theme you’re using. But they should appear similar to the one below.

Pasting Code In Header.php In Theme Editor

Likewise, you must include the second code. Again, you may put it anywhere on your website to display the FaceBook group feed in this scenario.

Past The Codes Where You Want Keep The Feed

Please copy the code and paste it to the correct location using the code editor to put the FaceBook group feed.


You may also use the iFrame code. However, copying and pasting it into the theme files is unnecessary. Instead, please copy and paste it into your website’s code editor.

From Iframe Copy &Amp; Paste The Code In The Theme Editor

We used the text widget for this sample and added it to the right sidebar from Appearance > Widgets. Then, preview your site to see how it appears.

Preview Your Pasted Code In Sidebar Text

That concludes our discussion. This is how you use the official Facebook Page Plugin to add Facebook group feeds in wordpress.

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How to Insert Facebook Group Feed into WordPress

To integrate material from your Facebook group into a WordPress site. We will use the Smash Balloon Custom WordPress Facebook Feed Pro plugin. It is the finest Facebook plugin for WordPress. With this, you can publish Facebook material on your website easily, increasing engagement for your Facebook groups and pages. So to begin, add the Smash Balloon Facebook App to the Facebook group you wish to utilize.

How to Include the Smash Balloon App in a Facebook Group

You must first go to your Facebook group and select the ‘Settings’ button from the left-hand menu.

Go To Settings In Group Manager

To install an app, you must have admin access to the group. Suppose you are not the group’s owner or an administrator. Then please ask an admin to follow these steps.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Advanced Settings area. Again, it would be best to choose the ‘Apps’ pencil icon here.

Click On Apps In Advanced Settings

On the following screen, click on the ‘Add Apps’ button:

Click On Add Apps Buttons

Then, in the search field, type in ‘Smash Balloon.’ The Smash Balloon app should now be visible. To proceed, click on it.

Search For Smash Balloon And Click On The Plugin

A popup will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to add the Smash Balloon app to your Facebook group. To proceed, click the ‘Add’ button. You have successfully added the Smash Balloon app to your Facebook group.

Connecting WordPress to Your Facebook Group Feed

The Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin must then be installed and activated. After you’ve activated it, navigate to the Facebook Feed » Settings page in your WordPress dashboard. You only need to click the ‘Connect a Facebook account option, as shown in the picture below.

Connect A Facebook Account With Facebook Feed Plugin

Following that, you’ll get a popup asking whether you want to display a page or a group. Choose ‘Facebook Group’ from the selection menu and press the ‘Continue’ button.

Select Facebook Group In The Popup

Following that, you will get a popup inviting you to choose the Facebook group you wish to utilize or add. First, click on the name of your group and then on the ‘Use token for this Group’ option.

Select The Group &Amp; Click On Use Token For Group Button

After that, you’ll get a popup window with instructions on how to add the Smash Balloon app to your Facebook group. You have already done this, so click the ‘Done button.

Click On Done After Reading The Instructions

Before proceeding, be sure you click the ‘Save Settings’ option.

Adding Your Group’s Facebook Feed on Your Website

You may immediately integrate your group’s Facebook feed to your website. The ‘feed’ displays postings from your Facebook group in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro allows you to embed the content feed of your Facebook group into posts, pages, and even your sidebar.

It will incorporate the Facebook feed into a new page on our website. To accomplish this, navigate to Pages » Create New. Then, to add a new block, click the (+) button:

In Pages Click On Add Button &Amp; Select Custom Facebook Feed

Within the block editor, you will see the feed for your Facebook group. To see your page live on your site, preview or publish it.

Please remember that we have styled our group’s feed to make it seem better on our site. We’ll go over how to accomplish that in a bit.

Tip: Are there any images or posts that aren’t showing up in your feed? It implies that those users’ privacy settings have been configured to restrict applications from accessing part or all of their content.

If you’re using the classic editor, you may use the shortcode [custom-facebook-feed] to add your feed to your page. Then, insert it anywhere you want the postings from the group to display on your page:

Past The Short Code Where You Want The Post To Be Displayed

You can use the same shortcode to display the feed from your Facebook group in your sidebar or other widget-enabled location.

Navigate to Appearance » Widgets in your WordPress dashboard. Then, build a text widget in your sidebar and put the Custom Facebook Feed shortcode into it.

Go To Widgets Then In Sidebar Place Custom Facebook Feed Short Code

Customizing and Styling the Feed of Your Facebook Group

You might wish to change how your Facebook groups feed appears on your site. In your WordPress admin, navigate to Facebook Feed » Customize.

You may alter various options regarding how your feed layout will appear here. First, go to ‘Post Layout’ and choose ‘Half-width’ for the posts. This guarantees that the text for each post appears with the image. After making any changes, don’t forget to click the ‘Save Changes’ option.

In Facebook Feed Plugin Setting'S Post Layout Select Half-Width &Amp; Save Changes

We’ll also style the posts by selecting the ‘Style Posts’ option. For our postings, we’ll utilize the ‘Boxed’ style. You could also wish to add a box shadow and a rounded corner size of 10px:

In Style Post Select Boxed And Corner Size To 10

We added this style to our Facebook group feed in the screenshots above. Experiment with any additional styles you wish to attempt on your website.

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Overall, embed a Facebook feed on a website to allow people to follow discussions and visit the group from your site. Therefore, it may be a great approach to enhance interaction with your audience and drive traffic to your site.

We’ve shown you two ways to integrate Facebook group feeds to WordPress in this tutorial:

  • One is with the help of the official Facebook Page Plugin
  • Secondly, using Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

You can use the Facebook Page plugin if you are experienced with programming and feel comfortable modifying theme files.

Otherwise, you may utilize Smash Balloon to add group feeds with many customizing possibilities. We hope this article was helpful for you in learning about the Embed Facebook group in wordpress.


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