WordPress sites, mainly blogs, are ideal for a variety of reasons. First, they are simple to use, especially for non-technical users. This makes them a popular platform for website development. WordPress also allows you to publish your posts on social media sites such as Facebook. This will increase interaction, impressions, and traffic. This generally works well, allowing you to reach a broader audience via social media sharing. But, as is familiar with technology, slight faults can occur from time to time that you must address. For example, when you share your post on Facebook, one of these issues is that the erroneous thumbnail appears.

Assume you’re a blogger who recently shared an excellent piece on Facebook. In this post, you’re hoping for much interaction. You then realize that the thumbnail that appears isn’t the one you chose. Crisis? Not at all. This is a common complaint among WordPress users. This blog will explain why this problem happens and how to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress.

Why Facebook Might Not Pick up The Thumbnail Image

There are various reasons why Facebook may not display the featured image on your post correctly. One of the most typical causes is that you have too many photos in your og:Image tag, with your featured image being smaller than the others.

Many WordPress plugins, such as Rank Math, AIOSEO, and Yoast SEO, apply Open Graph (og) tags to your site to prevent the missing thumbnail issue.

Caching plugins, CDN conflicts, or a missing open graph meta tag for the thumbnail pictures are possible culprits. Unfortunately, there are no specific error messages given while using the debugging tool. Hence, it’s pretty difficult to figure out what’s causing the problem.

Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

For this blog, we’ll be concentrating on the issue of incorrect thumbnails. Now that we know the problem let’s talk about repairing it. The following are a few options for resolving the thumbnail problem with WordPress.

How to Choose Your Facebook Thumbnail with AIOSEO

Using the AIOSEO plugin is one approach to show the thumbnail you desire. It’s the most incredible WordPress SEO plugin available. Also, it makes it simple to optimize your content for search engines and social media sites.

We’ll show you how to achieve that with AIOSEO’s free edition. Then, check out AIOSEO pro if you want to unlock more SEO features and increase traffic to your site.

You must first install and activate AIOSEO. After installing the plugin, you may quickly alter the Facebook thumbnail while creating a post. Scroll down below the article editor to the AIOSEO Settings meta box and select the social option.

Guide To Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue In Wordpress 2022

You’ll see a “Picture Source” dropdown where you may choose the thumbnail image for Facebook if you scroll down a little. You can, for example, use your featured image or upload a custom image to replace it.
Guide To Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue In Wordpress 2022

Save your post after you’ve included your Facebook thumbnail image. Now the problem should be resolved in most circumstances.

This is how our post will appear:

Guide To Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue In Wordpress 2022

If this doesn’t work, ensure you’ve emptied your WordPress cache and used the Facebook debug tool provided later in the article to refresh the post.

How to Choose Your Facebook Thumbnail with Rank Math SEO Plugin

Each post or page can also have a custom Facebook thumbnail added using the Rank Math Plugin. So, simply put, you should install the Rank Math Plugin. Then, it’s time to include a Facebook thumbnail into whichever post you want after you’ve installed and enabled it.

Scroll down to the Rank Math Plugin meta box below the post editor and click the social option when drafting a post. You can find a button to add a thumbnail image for Facebook there.

Rank Math Og For Fb

The Facebook thumbnail for our article on how to start a blog looks like this:

Guide To Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue In Wordpress 2022

How to Use Facebook Debug Tool to Clear the Cache

If you’ve added the correct thumbnail, Facebook still doesn’t display it. Then the problem is likely due to caching. To begin, make sure that you have cleared the page cache in WordPress.

After that, you must use Facebook’s debug tool to clear the cache. The quickest way to troubleshoot Facebook thumbnail issues is to use the Facebook debug tool.

Copy and paste the URL of your WordPress article into the debugger tool.

Facebook Sharing Debugger

Then, click the Scrape Again option, and Facebook will refresh your post’s thumbnail. You may have to use the Scrape Again button twice.

How to Manually Upload your Thumbnail Image

One of the simplest methods is to upload your thumbnail image manually. Then, if you go to your Facebook profile and look at our photographs, you will see them again.

They align with our blog posts so that when we publish our blog post, we can simply see it there and place, or add, the image that we want to show. This ensures no complications, and you can do the same thing.

When you’re on your Facebook page and want to send a link or post a link, you may tease it with something like “Hey, see out list of 25 best……” or whatever your Facebook page is about.

It’s just one of those things where you’d like to include an image with that blog post, article, or anything you’re trying to direct folks to.

But, if someone else tries to share this image or an example by sharing a link from your Facebook page. It may redirect to your WordPress website. It will then display whatever your website says, such as “Hey, this is the image you are supposed to show.” As a result, it’s often preferable to use a plugin.


This is common logic. If none of the above methods work, it’s clear that you need to erase your Facebook cache immediately.

If you haven’t deleted your cache in a while, your Facebook account is likely to malfunction. Also, this could be one of the reasons why your post is being displayed with an inaccurate thumbnail.

Clear your browser cache plugin cache, and please notice that if you use a cache plugin on your website. Also, it is even more important to clear your cache frequently. After you’ve deleted your cache, your website and Facebook should start working again.

Suppose the image in question does not have open-ended OG tags. You should be able to log in, change, and upload your post. Also, Facebook should display the appropriate thumbnails to go with it.

These are some ways for resolving the issue of Facebook displaying the incorrect thumbnail in WP. However, if you come across this problem, you must address it straight away. This is because photos and videos can be crucial in marketing and traffic.

You may use a variety of plugins to ensure that your material, particularly your images and videos, is optimized. Also, these plugins can check to see if your media assets have the correct codes.

You may optimize everything and publish it to Facebook. Now it will display the appropriate thumbnails for your most recent post.


Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in resolving your WordPress thumbnail issue. Simply follow these procedures the next time you want to write a user review on Facebook. This will allow you to double-check that your thumbnail is correct. Also, you can make any necessary changes to the titles and meta descriptions.


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