Do you wish to use the WordPress quotation plugin to share motivational quotes with your visitors? You can do that by simply showing Random Quotes in WordPress Sidebar. Renowned personalities have made many inspirational, motivational, and just phrases throughout the history of humankind.

These statements might help people get through hard times, while others can inspire them to achieve greatness. Using the WordPress Quotes Collection plugin in WordPress, you may share your favorite random quotes.

We can display quotes in your sidebar with this plugin. Then, by pressing a button, visitors can rotate through them.

If you have three quotes labeled quote 1, 2, and 3 and are now showing quote 1, when the visitor pushes the button, quote ‘2’ will appear. The rest of the process is simple once you’ve set up a self-hosted WordPress website.

Even if your website focuses primarily on your unique content, there’s nothing wrong with using external content to give variety. For example, including quotations on your website is a simple approach to providing extra value to your viewers by bringing in an outside perspective.

A random quotations section can be fun-filled as it can have an educational approach to engage visitors while supplementing your usual content.

Fortunately, displaying random quotes in WordPress sidebar in blog posts is a breeze. Using the Quotes Collection plugin, this popular post will show you how to accomplish so. But, before we get into that, let’s talk about why quotations are a significant addition to your website!

Why do you need a display quote on Your WordPress Website?

You may choose to display quotes on your website that may or may not look appropriate based on your website theme. There’s a quotation for practically any situation, and if there isn’t one, you can always make one. You can manually enter any quote and author with the plugin, but don’t overdo it.

For example, if you’re publishing the famous Quote of Albert Einstein that says,, “A person who never makes a mistake tries nothing new,” don’t put your name or the wrong person’s name as the author. You may harm your website’s credibility because of this.

Keep in mind that there are many quotes whose creator is unknown. Sometimes, it’s better to leave the author’s name blank. Make sure the quotes are appropriate for the tone of your website.

Use a motivational quote, for example, if your website is attempting to motivate visitors.

Today, I’ll show you how to use the Quotes Collection plugin to add quotes to your WordPress sidebar. You may use this plugin to add numerous Quotes to your sidebars.

You can set 29 as the default number of quotes, but you can alter it to suit your needs. This plugin is simple to use, and you can implement it quickly.

Let’s inspect the plugin before we install it on your site.

Quotes Collection

Quotes Collection Plugin Logo
Install and activate the Quotes Collection WordPress plugin to collect your favorite quotes quickly. You can manage and display your favorite quotes on your WordPress website. It’s a necessary and powerful plugin with much functionality. Among the most important are:

  • An interface that is both reliable and simple to use
  • Content and quotation widget in the sidebar
  • Compatible with Gutenberg blocks (adds two blocks)
  • Shortcodes
  • Functions of the template
  • Import/Exportability
  • Localization

Quotes Collection is an easy-to-use plugin that makes displaying quotes on your website a breeze. Add quotations to a sidebar or use shortcuts to insert them in the current post or page after creating a quote library. You can focus on a list of quotes listed under an author or tag using the shortcodes, which provide a range of display possibilities. You may also set up your quotes section to display a random entry each time anyone views the page.


  • Includes an easy-to-use robust admin interface.
  • Allows you to create and manage a quotation collection.
  • There are four shortcode possibilities and a Random Quote sidebar widget.
  • You now have a tool that will allow you to display all of your favorite quotes throughout your WordPress site. So let’s get the plugin up and operate as a group.

Steps to Show Random Quotes in WordPress Sidebar

Let us look into the 7 steps to add random Quotes in WordPress Sidebar.

Plugin Installation & Activation

Begin by going to the left-hand admin panel, clicking on Plugins, and selecting the Add New option.

Image Showing Click On Add New In Plugins

You need to enter “Quotes Collection” in the relevant search box. It will bring up a list of additional plugins that you might find helpful.

Image Showing Search For Quotes Collection In Search Section

Scroll down until you see the Quotes Collection plugin, then click the “Install Now” button to activate it.

Image Showing Click On Install Now To Install Quotes Collection Plugin

Go to the Plugin Preferences Page

You need to click Quote Collection on the left-hand admin panel, then advanced options on the left-side menu area of the dashboard. It will take you to the main configuration page. After you’ve activated the day plugin, you’ll notice that this option is now available.

Image Showing Go To Quotes Collection &Amp; Click On Options

Configuration of the Plugin’s Settings

You can rotate the quotes as per your choice. You can name the button to change the Quote. There is also an option that allows you to choose quotes dynamically. If your website’s cache plugin is interfering, you may need to check this box.

After pressing the button, if you see the same Quotes, you need to check this. Return to update this after you’ve finished setting up the rest of the plugin. Finally, you need to click the “Update Options” to save the changes you have made.

Image Showing Change Options In Plugin &Amp; Click On Update Options

Select the Add New Tab Option

Select the Add New tab from the drop-down menu. Here’s where you’ll put the Quotes. Because everything is input manually, double-check the Quote and ensure you spell the name accurately. Otherwise, it will save the Quote as a draught unless you choose the Public checkbox.

Click the “Add Quote” button once you’ve input the Quote and author. Rep this step as needed to get as many quotations as you want.

Image Showing Add Quotes You Wanted To Display And Click On Add Quote

Go Through all the Quotes

Select “All Quotes” from the drop-down menu. Here you can see all the quotes you’ve made. Click the right option if you need to Edit or Delete the Quote.

Image Showing Editing Or Deletion Of The Quotes Added

Navigate to the Dashboard’s Widgets Section

It’s now time to put your quotes on show. First, choose Widgets from the Appearance menu on the left-hand admin menu panel.

Image Showing Click On Appearance &Amp; Select Widgets

Shift the Widget to the Location You Want

Drag and drop the Random Quotes in WordPress sidebar widget. You can drag them to a new location if you don’t want them on your sidebar. You can rename it from Random Quote to “Quotes of the Week” or random quote of the day. Select “Save” from the drop-down menu.

Image Showing Add Random Quotes To Sidebar Widget &Amp; Click On Save

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Available Shortcodes

All quotes with the author’s name, Albert Einstein, will show up using the following shortcode. Replace Albert Einstein with your favorite author:

[quotcoll author=" Albert Einstein"]

The following shortcode options will display all quotes that contain the tag Motivational. Substitute a tag of your choice for Motivational. If you want to use multiple tags, use a comma to separate them:

[quotcoll tags="Motivational"]

‘Visit the plugin’s page for a complete list of shortcodes.’

Kudos! You have effectively incorporated quotes into your website. If you have many websites, you can move Quotes between them using the Importing and Exporting tabs. However, keep an eye out for mistakes; you don’t want to ruin someone’s favorite Quote by accident.

Import & Export Quotes From Different WordPress Websites

You will have the Import/export functionality built-in into the Quotes collection. It allows you to export and download quotes from one website and then import them into another.

To download your collection of quotes as a file, you need to go to Quotes Collection » Export.

Image Showing Go To Export Section In Plugin &Amp; Click On Export

On WordPress, a site where you wish to import the quotes, you must install the plugin. To upload and add quotations from your export file, you need to go to Quotes Collection » Import.

Image Showing Go To Import In Plugin Options &Amp; Click On Import Button

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Where Can I Find Useful Quotes?

You’ve undoubtedly understood that to benefit from Quote rotation, and you need to add a bunch of quotes. So, unless you’re a motivational speaker, you’ll need a source for these quotes.

The good news is that quotation compilation abounds on the internet.

For example, BrainyQuote is a fantastic resource for notable quotes from prominent people and writers. There are many quotes to choose from, and you can sort them by topic or author to get what you’re searching for.

It’s also worth noting that you might want to conduct a more targeted search to match the theme of your website.

As an example, suppose you run a video game blog. Then, quotes from video game characters, developers, or even Twitch and YouTube streamers would make sense.

A simple Google search for video game quotes yields a slew of hits.

Is it Necessary to Provide Credit to Website From Which I Got a Quote?

Not in the way you might imagine. Assume you’re showing the well-known Quote, “It’s-a me, Mario!” Most quotes will end with the name of the person who said it. Here, that would be “-Mario,” and that would suffice.

You could wish to put the website instead of the individual if you’re getting a quote directly from a website or blog.

Encourage Your Visitors to Return.

Visitors can come to a website for a variety of reasons. Even if you’ve just introduced a new piece of content, refresh feature, product, or service, visitors may return for something different.

A motivational or inspirational quote statement might assist someone in getting through a hard day. If your website has nice quotes, your viewers will appreciate it.

These quotes will fit right in if you write blogs on life events. You can also choose to display Quotes from your material. It will make you look better as a content provider if you place your quotes next to well-known people like Albert Einstein.

Just be sure you don’t credit the wrong individual.

Why Should You Include Random Quotes in WordPress Site?

Including quotes on your website is one of those minor details that can help it stand out. Quotes from well-known and influential people may entertain as well as be educational, and they’re a fantastic way to supplement your site’s content without having to create it yourself.

Other reasons to include a quotations section on your website are:

You can use inspiring quotations about your area or topic to get people excited about the regular information on your website.

Using experts to back up your claims might help you gain credibility and authority.

Humorous quotes give a light-hearted element to your website, making it more appealing to visitors.

You can use original quotes to disseminate your thoughts if you like.

Creating random quotes in WordPress sidebar section is one of our favorite methods to add quotations to a website. This strategy quietly underscores the importance of users returning to your site frequently, as a new quote will surface each time they do. Plus, all you need is a straightforward plugin to add random quotes to your website.

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Including your favorite quotes on your WordPress site can help make it more personable and offer visitors a better understanding of who you are and what your site is all about. It can also serve as a softening influence for site visitors, as there’s a significant possibility they’ll like some phrases shown.

That’s all there stands; we hope this custom post type has taught you how to display random quotes in WordPress sidebar.

I hope this lesson showed how simple it is to include random quotes in WordPress blog. The entire process is easy and quick when using a smooth, simple-to-use plugin like Quotes Collection.

Quotes are a fun and easy way to spice up your website and add value to your visitors. A section of random quotes takes your content to the next level. It unravels additional insights and gives impetus to your credibility. In addition, the quotation selection might motivate and enthuse your readers about your profession or issue.

Adding random quotes in WordPress sidebar in the website’s pages is simple and the best WordPress plugins.

To Sum it Up:

  • Install the Quotes Collection plugin and set it up.
  • Create a library of Quotes.
  • As a sidebar widget, show off your random quotes.
  • You can use Shortcodes to place quotes anywhere on your site.


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