Typography in WordPress is a frequently debated aspect of website design that is well worth your time. Finding the proper typeface can make or break a design, but it’s not always easy. There are many free and paid typefaces to pick from, but you’ll frequently have to sift through them to unearth a hidden treasure.

This article will explain how to use Typekit fonts in wordpress to enhance your typography in WordPress.

Why Should You Use Typekit Fonts?

Typekit in WordPress is a well-known font subscription model that can help you save money. It has a vast font library with over 1,000 fonts. In addition, Adobe Typekit for wordpress package contains some of the most beautiful typefaces on the internet.

Their free subscription offers you access to 230+ typefaces as well as the ability to utilize up to two font groups on one website. Other annual options range from $49.99 to $99.99.

You may easily apply these unique Typekit fonts to any webpage without slowing it down. In addition, the fonts are provided from Adobe’s CDN, which means they load much quicker than if you host them yourself.

Benefits of Using Custom Fonts on Your WordPress Site?

Customized fonts (also known as “non-system”) are fonts that are not pre-installed on our computers.

Only a few typefaces (such as Times New Roman and Arial) are available out of the box in WordPress; yet, there are numerous other font alternatives.

Using different fonts for your website isn’t required, but it is a terrific approach to distinguish your site from the competitors.

If you utilize the right font in the right location, your material will shine out and catch the readers’ interest.

If money is a concern, there are plenty of free fonts available online, and installing them in WordPress is simple. While Divi comes with a wide range of fonts, it will also work well with whatever other typefaces you want to use. Furthermore, adding additional font selections only takes a few minutes.

What Is Typekit and How To Use It?

It would help if you first established a Typekit wordpress profile. To do so, go to Typekit.com and compare the various plans.

You’ll have to decide the plan you want to join. The free plan allows you to create one website and access a limited number of typefaces. You might wish to start with the free plan to see how it works before upgrading. The upgrade offers you access to a broader font library and allows you to use them on more web pages.

Image Showing Plans Of Adobe Typekit Software

The next stage is to put together a kit. Typekit loads just the files and code required because the kit allows you to create a custom library of styles and settings for your webpage. First, add your site’s username and domain name, then click Continue to make your kit.

Image Showing Creating A Kit

Typekit will offer you a bit of a Code generator to upload to your site once you’ve finished filling out your data for your kit. To preserve this code, copy and paste it into a text editor like Notepad. Then, in the following section of this tutorial, we’ll add it to your website.

For the time being, you can begin selecting fonts. You can search the font library by categorization, weight, dimension, x-height, and other criteria.

Image Showing Font Library

When you find a font you like, click on it to view more information and examples. Then, select the Web Use: Add to Kit option on the right-hand side to add it to your web kit.

Image Showing Fonts Example

This will open a pop-up window to add the font you chose to the kit you just made.

Image Showing Adding A Kit

To save your modifications to your kit, select the Publish button.

Image Showing Publishing Of Kit

That’s it! Your typeface set is now complete and ready to use.

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How to Add Typekit Fonts for Typography in WordPress?

Typekit fonts may be installed in WordPress using one of two approaches, both of which require the JavaScript code you already saved.

Once you have it, you can use one of the two options listed below.

Should use Typekit Fonts Plugin for WordPress

Image Showing Typekit For Wordpress

This plugin is the easiest way to integrate your Typekit fonts for WordPress. You’ll be brought to a new page in which you can paste in the incorporated code for your kit and apply special CSS rules to display your fonts.

Image Showing Settings Typekit

You’ll need to use CSS to set up particular guidelines for your typefaces to show on your website, often using the font family and heading tags. Here’s an example of how we used a Typekit font to show our H2 headings:

In your header.php file, paste the Typekit Embed Code

If you don’t want to install extra extensions, you might regularly update your Typekit fonts in WordPress.

To do so, you’ll need to edit the header.php file in your active theme. Of course, before dealing with WordPress’ core files, make sure you’re using a child theme (so that your changes are saved when your theme is updated) and have a backup of your site in case something goes wrong.

The most basic way to edit your header.php file is to go to the WordPress Appearance page and select the Editor option. Once inside, go to the Templates area, seek the header.php file, select it, and look for the tags. After that, paste your Typekit embed code between them and save your page.

Image Showing Theme Editor Code

Yet, you can achieve the same result by connecting to your site via FTP, locating your theme’s folder, and modifying its header.php file with a specialist text editor.

In either case, you’ll need to change your style.css file to tell your browser when and how to show your new fonts. You can then do so by using the same methods as before to update your header.php file and meet the CSS code requirements stated in the previous section.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking the right font for your projects, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yet there are many tools to help you choose the correct font. For example, Typekit is an excellent method to add high-quality styles to your website quickly. But, it’s similar to keeping a box of needles in your cupboard, far away from the grass and ready to improve the look of your website


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