What do you prefer for online marketing? Of course, most people will say that they will do online marketing through social media. But, do you know the most effective way for online marketing is email marketing. This article will provide you a complete guide on how to use MailChimp with WordPress.

Fortunately, we have the best email marketing provider MailChimp. Small business owners can also increase their activities by using MailChimp with WordPress.

Besides that, you can see that most business owners are maintaining consistency and positive communications. So, MailChimp is one of the best tools to help them out there.

Mailchimp is most known among other email marketing providers. We will discuss the importance of Mailchimp and WordPress in this guide to Using MailChimp and wordPress integration in this blog. Along with that, you will see their potential uses and advantages. Also, we will see how to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress And the stepwise solutions to the difficulties you could face while using it.

What is MailChimp?

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Mailchimp is one of the best platforms for marketing automation and email marketing services. It is an all-inclusive marketing platform for small-sized businesses.

MailChimp is the first email marketing platform founded in 2001 in Atlanta, United States? Nowadays, MailChimp is one of the favorite email marketing tools in the market.

Furthermore, MailChimp helps to manage clients, customers, and other parties. It also helps to connect with your customers and grow your business. Many companies use MailChimp to run their email campaigns. Along with that, you can make custom email templates and manage the mailing list with MailChimp. Isn’t that great? Let’s know more about it from the following.

How does MailChimp work?

You will get many marketing services for email marketing. But, if you ask an email marketing service provider, he will suggest MailChimp. The starters can use MailChimp as a free email marketing tool if their list is less than 2,000 subscribers or 10,000 emails a month.

To be clear, you can make, send, and manage the newsletters with MailChimp, and then you can manage your subscribers, list, and CRM.

In addition to this, MailChimp helps you send thousands of emails to people in one go, and the limit is only an email list. So it is different from your Gmail and outlook. The newsletters can be separated and personalized in email lists or segments to relate to clients. Besides, you can do marketing automation, make drip campaigns, and email autoresponders.

Besides statistics and reporting, MailChimp provides you with a few reports. These are called email campaign reports, automation reports, landing page reports, and ad reports. You can create an action button block in your email or page that links to a file or website link.

So, let’s find out how to create a MailChimp account.

How to Create a MailChimp account

First of all, let us clarify that creating a MailChimp account is not like solving a math problem, and it is much easier than that. And you will understand why we are saying by creating an account. So, if you want to make your MailChimp account without any issues, you can follow the below steps.

  • Go to the official website of MailChimp and start making it.
  • You can fill in your email, username, and password and click on the Sign-Up button.

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

  • After that, you will get a confirmation email message.

Now you can set up your MailChimp account by using the following steps.

  • First, you have to open the MailChimp account activation email and click on Activate Account. Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide
  • You have to click on “I’m not a Robot” to start. Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Now, this is a time for the sign-up process. When you log in for the first time, MailChimp will ask for your required information, and they use it to give content related to you and your company’s needs.

You have to give them a name, email address, firm questions, website URL, and physical address. Then, you can finish the process, log into your new MailChimp account, and start using it. So, after these simple steps, you can start sending marketing emails to the clients.

But, why we should use MailChimp for WordPress sites is the biggest question here. You will see many email marketing services available in the market. So, we have the following information related to this.

Why use MailChimp for WordPress sites?

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing software that helps you make subscriber lists, ongoing campaigns, and more. Also, it comes with many features such as A/B testing, Advanced Analytics, and email list segmentation.

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

You can also manage effective email marketing campaigns through this. Also, you can use the contact forms to connect with MailChimp, and it will help you send automated follow-up emails to control your contact forms in one place.

Furthermore, you will get a user-friendly interface that helps to build beautiful emails to provide information to your clients. Do you know the best part of MailChimp? It offers 24/7 efficient customer support. What else do you need?

Why should you create an email list?

As you know that an email list is a specific name and email address list of people to whom you send the updates and promotional messages.

So, you will get many reasons to create an email list. But, an important reason is that it is a great way to connect with your audiences, and if you see social media, you never know when the policies will change.

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Another best reason is that it’s an excellent way to fill a communication gap with anyone who is not a frequent social media user. Similarly, it is beneficial when you have many clients. Still, they don’t use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Therefore, if you make an email list, it would be better to keep them up-to-date about your products and services.

We would like to add that many users use WordPress sites for different tasks, and many of them want to connect MailChimp with WordPress. But, they don’t know how to integrate MailChimp to WordPress. So, we have the following information regarding this in this article.

How to connect MailChimp to WordPress

You have to set up everything before you start the MailChimp WordPress integration. After that, you can connect the two systems. So, let’s dive into the following steps.

Sign in for MailChimp Account

First, you need to go on MailChimp and create an account. After giving your initial information, you can access the email address you used to confirm your account.

After activation of an account, you can fill out a few short forms to help MailChimp make your account. You can start by giving some optional information on your firm or business activities.

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

After filling out the forms, you can now choose a Mailchimp plan suitable for you. Usually, the free account is more than enough for small businesses as you can send upto 2K emails per campaign.

If you are done, click on “Complete.” Everyone knows that the use of Social Media is of immense value if you are doing it right. So, now you can connect your media accounts to MailChimp. It will help you to share campaigns directly in the account setup process.

Create an email list

So, after completing the above process, you have successfully completed your MailChimp Account setup. Now you can add your email list. While processing, if you do not select an existing list, you can get started with uploading a file with your contact list through “Import Your Contacts.” You can also make a list manually by choosing the “Add a Contact” options and filling in each entry by hand.

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Add the MailChimp WordPress plugin.

Mailchimp for WordPress Plugin makes a smooth process while you can use MailChimp on WordPress site without extra tools. Once you have installed and activated the plugin on your site, you can go to the “MailChimp Settings” options in the WordPress dashboard. You can also link your MailChimp account to your site using an API Key. In this way, you can access your lists and forms from your website.

Generate an API Key

An API key is a key for making connections with other services and your Mailchimp account. So, here are the usual steps that you have to follow for generating an API key.

  • To find your API key, go to the “MailChimp for WordPress” option on the WordPress site. Later on, you will find the “API Key Field” below. Now, you have to click on the “Get your API Key here.”
  • Following that, you will be redirected to the MailChimp website. After redirection, select an option of “Create a Key,” then you can copy the code created by Mailchimp.
  • After that, you can return to your WordPress website, paste code at the API key field, and click on “Save Changes.”
  • You can access previous forms and lists on your dashboard. Likewise, you can create new forms by going on “MC4WP.”
  • After finishing the process, you can add your forms on pages, posts, or widgets using shortcodes.

Create the MailChimp Form

So, the next step is to create the MailChimp Form. So, follow the below information.

  • Active your WordPress Forms MailChimp Add-Ons and once it is functional, go to WPForms Add New to make a new form.
  • You can name your form and select the Newsletter Sign-up Form template on your setup screen.
  • Now you will get a simple Newsletter sign-up form created by the WordPress Form.
  • Also, if you want, you can add additional fields by dragging them from the left panel to the right panel.
  • Now, it is time to tap on the field to make changes. You can also reorganize the order on your Mailchimp subscription form by clicking on a form and dragging it.

Keep in mind that the GDPR agreement field is one of the essential form fields to adding your MailChimp sign-up form.

Furthermore, the form fields help you make GDPR compliant forms by providing site visitors a straightforward way to agree to keep their personal information.

By using the following steps, you can use the GDPR form field.

WordPress Forms Settings and now hit on GDPR enhancements checkbox.

Following that, you can access the GDPR enhancement features WPForms has available to you. It will help to obey GDPR easier.

You can also disable the user cookies, user details that involve IP address, and User-Agent data. You can ingress the GDPR form field for your WordPress forms.

After completing this, click on Save to save it as it is.

Add MailChimp Form to the WordPress site.

You can add and make sign-up forms simply after installing the MailChimp plugin on your site. You can also make it manually on the MailChimp website.

Add a popup sign-up

By using MailChimp, you can make many types of email opt-in forms. For example, use the following easy step to add a popup form to your website.

Go to lists → sign-up forms → subscriber popup inside Mailchimp.

Further, you can choose a design to customize your popups with formatting or display options. Then you can select the email fields you would like to include, like name, email address, and many more. Finally, you can make the changes by using the preview options.

After finishing, go with the “Generated Code” at the downside of the popup form editor. You can make a code, highlight it, and then copy it.

Now, you can come to the WordPress dashboard and add the code to your website’s HTML. It preserves changes of being blacked out when your theme is updated.

Add an Inline Sign-up

An inline sign-up helps you to gather subscriber emails without disturbing the user experience. Navigate towards Lists Sign-up Forms Embedded Forms inside MailChimp’s to start the process.

You will meet the four design options to build your inline sign-up forms. They are known as classic, horizontal, naked, and super slim. You choose any style you like, but the flat (horizontal) is most preferred.

After customizing the form, hit the “Generate Code.” Copy that and go back to WordPress, then go to the relevant post or page. After that, you need to choose the custom HTML block in the block editor and paste it into your code.

Add a Sidebar Sign-up

It is a similar process to add sidebar sign-up.

You can go to the options Lists → Sign-up Forms → Embedded Forms inside MailChimp.

Now, you can pick up a design you want to use. After this, you are all set to customize the form.

And after the completion, you can copy that code at the downside of the page.

You can easily add this code to your sidebar using the WordPress customizer. You can see the alternative option below.

  • Go to the appearance → widgets in WordPress.
  • Select the custom HTML widget.
  • Drag it to the sidebar.

Besides, you can paste the HTML code into the Content Field, then hit on Save. It will help to display on your side.

Style your MailChimp Sign-up Forms

The form will take over the style of your website’s sheet, whereas MailChimp will help you to make a custom style for every sign-up form. However, it means you need to make more twists down the line. You will get two options for doing the same. You can either go with code in the changes or take the help of Mailchimp for WordPress Plugin.

Besides that, you can create and add new sign-up forms to your site with the other options. Only a single form you can make by using a free plugin version. However, the premium MailChimp Add-Ons helps you to make many forms.

Now, follow the steps to style your forms.

Head on to MailChimp for WordPress → Form inside WordPress.

Now, it is the time to make changes in every form, field, content, and appearance. After saving your changes, they will be applying them to any instances of the form on your site.

The above information is all about how to add MailChimp to WordPress. So now, most people are curious to grow their MailChimp email list. Such people can see the following tips.

Tips to Grow your MailChimp email list fast

If you don’t want to lose your subscribers, customers, and sales, you should promote your email list to your website visitors. And for this, you always need the best tips to grow your email list fast. Right?

Likewise, we have the following tips if you started a startup and want to scale up your business fast. Also, by using the exact directions, you can turn your visitors into subscribers. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the sea of tips.

Multiple Sign-Up forms

Add many sign-up forms on the sidebar of the website. So, your users can join up. When a user sees many sign-up forms, the subscription chances increase. It helps to grow your business fanbase, resulting in a profit.

Use Gamification to win the subscribers.

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Gamification on the forms is fun for gaining the visitor’s attention. Visitors find joy while filling out the form, and they’ll most likely be attracted to the business. Visitors give their email in exchange for a chance to play a game. As a result, you will gain more emails. Isn’t this the best idea for building email lists?

Create lead magnets

Creating lead magnets is an excellent concept to develop leads for your business. You can provide rewards in exchange for their emails. For example, you can give them a coupon code, trial, subscription, samples, email newsletter, free consultations, Etc.

Integrate &Amp; Use Mailchimp With Wordpress (2022) An Easy Guide

Use Targeted Audience and Personalization

When you display the correct email sign-up forms at the right time to the right users, you will get new subscribers.

For example, you can offer a welcome message to the clients from social media or attract them by giving a discount offer to shoppers who leave their carts.

Track your conversions

Tracking your conversions is a superb way to grow your MailChimp list fast. You will get many ways to track your conversions; MonsterInsights is one of them. It is one of the best google analytics plugins in the market.

Monsterinsights helps you grow your email list and tells you about suitable forms. In addition, conversion rate tracking is beneficial in making data-driven decisions. As a result, you can see growth in your marketing strategies and business.

Setting up an automatic newsletter with MailChimp.

An automatic newsletter helps you send instant emails related to site updates to subscribers. You can send the complete information to everyone on your list.

You need your website RSS feed URL to start after that; follow the below steps one by one.

  • Head over to campaigns
  • Click on “Create campaigns.”
  • Now, Create an Email.
  • Select Automated inside MailChimp.
  • Now, you can choose Share blog posts.
  • After that, you can name the campaign as per your choice & hit on Begin.

Following that, you need to enter the RSS feed URL, choose a sending time, and arrange any options as per the need.

Ensure that you don’t forget to select the Recipients and make essential Setup changes. After going through all this, you can choose your Template and Design options. Now you are ready after clicking on the “Confirm” button.

Besides, people can set up an automatic email and newsletter with MailChimp. They will see that they are publishing the new blog post every time, and the subscribers can get an email weekly or monthly. So, you should follow the below steps to set up an automatic newsletter with MailChimp.

  • First of all, you should set the MailChimp Account
  • You have to make your list then.
  • Now you can make an RSS campaign in MailChimp.

While producing RSS campaign designs, you will find other options for setting RSS feed and sending timings. First, select a suitable sending time gap for your business, and you can choose weekly or monthly.

  • After this, you can change the subscriber to whom you send your newsletters.
  • You need to select the email subject, preview text, and form name.
  • Soon after this, you can choose a template to design the newsletter.
  • So, you are ready to create a newsletter now.
  • At this point, you can preview your email.
  • After generating, you can send that email to yourself. You can test that email now.
  • So, after this, you are ready to ship you’re automating MailChimp email newsletter to your subscribers.

How do I get your first email subscriber?

Gaining subscribers may be a difficult job. But, don’t worry about that. Getting a first email subscriber is a vast topic, and it includes many things to discuss. But, here, we will guide you through the basics to get the first email subscriber.

First, you should provide a reason to join your mass email list. Then, you can inform the people about what they will get after entering the email list. Finally, attract the audience by providing a free guide, discount code, workshop, free consultations, and any other type of value to make it worthwhile.

To get your first email subscriber, you can also look up the following points.

  • You can generate leads and subscribers by providing free products.
  • If you want to spend some money to get a subscriber, you should go with the online ads. It will help attract the audience, and spending on ads becomes costly but practical.
  • To grow your business activities, you can take the help of social media. And you what? Today, most companies use these marketing strategies to enhance their business.
  • The other method to promote yourself is known as Podcast. You can reach many people by using the Podcast. But, it would help if you got a fit podcast to find possible leads.
  • Blog creation is another best way to get your subscribers. You can make excellent blogs and post them to target your audiences.
  • Besides that, the most important thing is the reward. Every person loves to get a return gift. So, you offer them a bonus in return.

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Can I Use MailChimp with WordPress?

Of course, you can When it comes to the question of How to use MailChimp with WordPress. Mailchimp and WordPress integration allows visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. The WordPress and Mailchimp plugin helps you increase the MailChimp list. Besides that, it supports writing different types of newsletters using many methods. You can create an opt-in form for interacting with readers. Connecting Mailchimp with WordPress is very easy and takes less time.

Where do I put my MailChimp code in WordPress?

You will get a snippet code that changes functions in MailChimp for the WordPress plugin. You will need to add a code to your website, and it will help you use it. You will also find the file like functions.php of your active theme. So, copy and paste into your theme file, functions.php.

How do I create a MailChimp newsletter in WordPress?

You can follow the following steps to get a MailChimp newsletter in WordPress.

  • First and foremost, you should create an RSS campaign inside MailChimp. Then, after login into the MailChimp account, you will find it on the campaign page.
  • You have to create an email by selecting the create campaign options.
  • You have to choose the share blog update to generate an automation email category.
  • Soon after this, you will be asked to add a subscriber list to your newsletter.
  • After that, you can name a campaign and choose a newsletter.
  • So, it is time to make an RSS feed URL and pick up a time for the URL.
  • You can choose the repetition you want to send newsletters and emails.
  • You can also adjust templates and resize the RSS feed images.

How do I link my website with MailChimp?

Get down to know about how to link your website with MailChimp.

  • Create a MailChimp account if you don’t have one initially.
  • After login, go on to the integration icon; click on it.
  • You will see the manage button; click on it.
  • After clicking on the manage button, you can search and select a platform that you want to connect to your MailChimp account.
  • Further, you will find other editing options.


By reading this post, you can enhance your email marketing strategies. People can increase business activities on their terms by using MailChimp, all-inclusive marketing, automation, and email platform. Besides, readers will learn about making an email list and adding the MailChimp and WordPress form plugin.

Do you know how this blog will help you? For that, you need to get down and read the following points.

  • The introductory part will tell why it is essential to use MailChimp with WordPress integrations.
  • After that, if you are not familiar with MailChimp, we have short and practical information on Mailchimp.
  • This way, you will get to know how MailChimp works.
  • We know the curiosity to make a MailChimp account touches the sky. Therefore, we will guide you on creating a MailChimp account.
  • Besides that, most users do not like another website for their online works except WordPress. Hence, we can show you why MailChimp is crucial for WordPress sites.
  • Along with that, everyone knows how important it is to create an email list. But, still, you don’t see why you should make an email list, then we have some reasons for it.
  • Connecting a MailChimp to WordPress is another issue that people face. But, don’t worry, we have the easy steps to join them.
  • Sometimes, people don’t get a chance to increase their email list. As a result, they reach up to the limited clients only. So, by using the tips to grow your MailChimp email list fast, you can enhance the business activities. We have mentioned those tips in this blog post.
  • After making an email list, your goal becomes to get email subscribers. Right? So, you will know-how will grow your email subscribers on this post.

In the end, we would like to add that you will get your doubts solved in the FAQ section by reading them. So, we hope you will find what you are looking for in this blog.


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